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  • Investigacion De Mercados - 1,511 words
    ... e saber cuales son las estrategias mercadologicas que utilizan los encuestados y si conocen nuevas formas de mercadear sus productos. Segn los encuestados, el mejor medio de comercializacion es el contacto directo con el cliente por medio de tiendas de distribucion. Pregunta 20- Esta es una de las preguntas mas importantes y el objetivo de esta es saber la apertura de los comerciantes a tratar con nuevos proveedores, en este caso seria con la Asociacin de Artesanos de Chalatenango. Todos los negocios entrevistados mostraron interes en establecer contacto con nuevos proveedores, como primordial plantearon la ampliacion de variedad de productos. Pregunta 21- Esta pregunta tiene como objeti ...
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  • Five Pillars - 500 words
    Yo escogi la musica de Ricky Martin y su trabajo de los cuatros anos pasados. Ricky Martin nacio en San Juan, Puerto Rico donde su familia viva todavia. Su cumpleanos es el viente cuatro de deciembre, en el ano milnoveciento setenta y uno. Cuando era nino, cantaba en coros y actuaba en comerciales. Cuando tenia doce anos cantaba en el grupo llamo "Menudo" de 1984-1989. Tambien, Ricky Martin actuaba en el culebron, "General Hospital." Despues del culebron, el actuaba en el musical de Broadway, "Les Miserable." Entonces, hacia su primero disco llamaba "Ricky Martin." Este disco era solamente canciones latinos y solamente en espanol. Ricky Martin hacia tres otros discos pero su primero disco de ...
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  • How To Tame - 1,104 words
    How to tame Gloria Anazuldas How to tame a wild tongue Reading Gloria Anazuldas How to tame a wild tongue was like playing a jigsaw puzzle. The ideas were all scattered aimlessly throughout the entire essay. It was up to the reader to find them and piece them together into a powerful and insightful essay. Her essay was filled with jargons, foreign words and strange organizations. It was very difficult to comprehend and follow at first. However, I then realize that it would take an unconventional mean of reading to comprehend this unconventional text. Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel said Robert Layden. If this was true, my life is no more than just a tr ...
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  • Overcrowding America By Immigration - 1,626 words
    ... n, the Federal Reserve Chairman, said that the large amount of workers created by high immigration have helped tremendously to the nations prosperity (Masci 571). The immigrants who come in with low levels of education are taking the jobs American do not want such as washing dishes in a restaurant or driving a taxi, and they work for less money, so the business can make more. Celia Munoz, vice president for policy at the National Council of La Raza, the nations largest Latino advocacy group said, I dont think people realize how many important jobs are done by immigrants and what would happen if they all went away (qtd. in Masci 573). Immigration also helps businesses by constantly havin ...
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  • The Importance Of Good-byes - 1,274 words
    Your father shot himself; those are the words so engraved in my mind that every time I remember them, I hear my mothers voice as she said them to me that late night in July. I was 14 years old in the summer of 1989 when my father shot himself in the head. My parents had been divorced for about five years and been separated because of problems they had for much longer than I can recall. My father had remarried a former housekeeper with one child of her own and four of his; this was not a man who believed in the vows of marriage he had once uttered to my very young mother at the age of 15 in front of a judge in a courthouse. My life as a child was one filled with love from my parents, my four ...
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