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Free research essays on topics related to: educational psychology

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  • Affolding In Education - 2,053 words
    ... ating such authentic simulations appears to limit its capacity to accommodate this. Even more ill-structured academic areas such as History and Philosophy require a level of context, even if that context is the academic one requiring the implementation of a culturally specific methodology and use of language. It is here, perhaps, that a Social Constructivist approach may be particularly useful. It could be argued that the use of the Web is best suited to that of a communications medium for collaborative approaches to learning rather than as a "24 hour a day glorified whiteboard" (Archee & Duin, 1995). Such a use would involve a high level of social rather than physical interaction; an as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computers in education, distance education, education students, social interaction, collaborative learning
  • Athletics In Elementary - 1,041 words
    Nearly every child, at one point or another in its young and impressionable life, has participated in athletics. Beneath the purity of athletics and recreation, however, lies an overwhelming attitude, such as the win-at-all cost coaches and overbearing parents that have turned this innocent recreational activity into a nightmarish hell for some young participants. It has left many wondering if youth athletics is a helpful or a harmful stage in a childs life. Conventional wisdom tells us that the greatest reward obtained by sport participation is how it enhances ones growth physically. A valid point, yes, but that cannot be the only reason. In a recent survey conducted by Sean Slade in the Ma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: athletics, elementary, self esteem, educational psychology, conventional
  • Metacognition - 2,279 words
    ... s, that university students have a higher metacognitive awareness and are far more able to self-regulate. Transcript of Researcher's Questions and Michael's Responses Researcher (R): For my university studies in Education., I'm doing some research on study skills. There are no right or wrong answers and the data will remain completely confidential. You can stop the interview at any time if you choose. I'm also going to record the interview so that I can write up your exact words, okay? R: Do you want to sign this consent form for me? R: Okay, now you're eighteen and in Year 12 is that right? R: The first thing I want you to do is think about an exam that you have had recently. [pause] Ca ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: new orleans, american educational research, study skills, eighteen, remembering
  • Counseling And Educational Psychlogy - 737 words
    .COUNSELING AND EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY The Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology offers Master's Degree Programs in Counseling and Educational Psychology and Doctoral Degree Programs in Educational Psychology and Counseling Psychology. Degrees offered Master of Arts (Plan A only), Master of Education (Plan B only), Doctor of Philosophy. Specializations Counseling: Community and School Counseling Psychology Educational Psychology. The objectives of the master's in counseling program are to increase students' knowledge of human development, personality, psychopathology, psychological research, and ethical and legal issues; increase students' skills in individual, group, and famil ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: counseling, counseling center, counseling program, educational psychology, family counseling, school counseling
  • Basic Psycology - 1,066 words
    Alajouanine, T. :* Aphasia and artistic realization. Brain. 1948 71:229-241. Alvin, J. :* Music Therapy. London: John Baker 1966 Amato, I. : Muscle melodies and brain refrains: Turning bioelectric signals into music. Sciences News. April 1989 135:202-203. Arnheim, R. :* New essays on the psychology of art. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1986 Baer, T., Gore, J. C., Gracco, L.C., & Nye, P. W. (1991). Analysis of vocal tract shape and dimensions using magnetic resonance imaging: Vowels. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 90(2), 799-828. Bamberger, J.S. :* Cognitive issues in the develoment of musically gifted children. In: Sternberg, R. and Davis, J.E., Con ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: basic books, psycology, problem solving, nuclear medicine, adulthood
  • Basic Psycology - 1,096 words
    ... w York: Basic Books. 1985 Gardner, H. : Multiple intelligences: The theory of practice. New York: Basic Books. 1993 Gardner, H. : Problem solving in the arts. J of Aesth Educ. 1971 5:93-114. Gardner, H., and Winner, E. : Artistry and aphasia. In: acquired aphasia. Sarno, M.e. New York: Academic Press. 1981 361-384. Gates, A.I., and Taylor, G.A. : The acquisition of motor control in writing by pre-school children. Teach Col Rec. (19230 24:459-469. Gazzaniga, M.S., and LeDoux, J.E. : The integrated mind. New York: Plenum Press. 1978 Georgopoulos, A.P., J. Ashe, N. Smyrnis, and M. Taira. 1992. Motor cortex and the coding of force. Science 256:1692-1695. Georgopoulos, A.P., J. Lurito, M. Pet ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: basic books, psycology, experimental psychology, problem solving, conference
  • Understanding Learning - 1,006 words
    On my journey to a better understanding of how learning theories have shown themselves in my life, I realized that I have had more experience with them than I had first thought. I dont see myself as being changed dramatically by any one learning experience, but I do realize that my desire to learn has increased as I have been introduced to a variety of teaching methods. In short, I could not pick one theory that I could relate most of my learning experiences to. Therefore, as I looked through our textbook, I tried to remember if and how any of these theories played a role in my educational development so far. As we have studied, most learning theories can be placed into one of two groups: co ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cognitive learning, learning experience, learning theories, learning theory, social learning, social learning theory
  • Understanding Learning - 1,065 words
    ... it is encoded (this means that memory traces are made). Then, the information can be stored in the memory and later retrieved. The three memory components are sensory register, Short-term memory, and long-term memory. Our sensory registers are like a video camera, they pick up information as it is happening. Short-term memory can be likened to the cable that carries the information from the camera to the video tape. Our short-term memory can hold only a limited amount of information for a limited amount of time. The last of the components, long-term memory, can be compared to the video tape. The video tape stores the information picked up by the camera, and carried by the cable, for an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: learning theory, observational learning, social learning, social learning theory, long term memory
  • George Washingtons Imapact On Black Relations - 1,478 words
    ... waggon-horse with them (Pete Maslowski 2-6). During this time it is obvious that Washington feels that slaves are not worthy to serve in his Army. Was his turning point during the colonial period a real turning point or was it just a brief cover? At the end of the war Washington did make a small attempt to send back slaves who were run away's and enlisted in the Army. Washington also objected to British plans to take slaves with them who had served in the British army, Washington told them that the articles of peace prohibited them from taking slaves back with them to Britain. In a farewell address Washington resigned as commander-in-chief and states, "The policies of the states shall a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: black people, george washington, constitutional convention, educational psychology, village
  • Multicultural Education Means Mediocre Education - 1,217 words
    ... ot a right. After eighth grade the academic students should attend Academic High Schools and the remaining thirty-percent (in the inner cities, this percentage would probably be higher) should attend Vocational High Schools. 3) From grades 9-11 those students in the Vocational High Schools should have the opportunity to earn admission (or re-admission) into the Academic High School on the basis of standardized test performance, subject matter test performance, individual initiative and teacher recommendations. But those students should be aware that they could lose their privilege of an academic education and be transferred permanently to the Vocational High School should they return to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: multicultural, multicultural education, vocational education, academic performance, o. henry
  • Columbine-type Students Are In Most American High Schools - 1,476 words
    Dont kid yourself. Theres trouble in paradise that escapes the vision of folks wearing rose-colored glasses. Im not a contemporary Chicken Little running around screaming The sky is falling! And Im not a little boy crying out Wolf! I am a former English teacher with thirty-four years classroom experience. Ive taught through wars, recessions, political assassinations and public anti-war protests. Ive seen and broken-up hundreds of bloody student fights. Ive been threatened by enraged students and by their irate parents. Been there; done that! Columbine-type students attend most high and middle schools across the country. They attend Hammonton High, Hammonton Middle, Edgewood, Oakcrest and eve ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american community, columbine high, columbine high school, middle school, most american, most high
  • Fighting And School Violence Should Not Be Tolerated - 1,339 words
    When you are a middle or high school public school teacher, events happen instantaneously, and you have to be equal to the task of confronting the challenge of an unexpected situation face to face. You never know when or where school violence will erupt; a teacher only knows that it inevitably will. Teachers not only must be wary of being inadvertently injured by enraged students fighting in the hallway or the cafeteria, a peer might even wind-up becoming a threat to ones physical safety. I recall one particular eighth grade Washington trip. As usual, I was chaperoning one hundred twenty eighth graders on the Hammonton Middle Schools annual class DC trip. We had just arrived back at the Mt. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: public school, school discipline, school students, school teacher, school violence, tolerated
  • The Problems With American Democracy - 1,781 words
    ... esty and unemployed welfare recipients will be able to achieve their political goals by manipulating local, state and national elected officials on policies and issues that incidentally favor them. And then radical ACLU lawyers and liberal activist judges are eager to distort the idea of freedom of speech to encompass lewdness, utterances of obscenities and vulgarities in public, nudity, hate speech, college professors voicing anarchy, insurrection, rebellion and class-warfare revolution and the dissolution of Christian holidays and symbols associated with Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patricks Day, St. Valentines Day and Easter. In its original context Freedom of Speech simply ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american culture, american democracy, american democratic, american dream, american education, american free
  • Computers And Children's Learning - 1,376 words
    ... is practice can also find support at a theoretical level. Vygotsky (1978) argues that all higher psychological functions (e.g. perception, voluntary attention) have social origins. Specifically, he claims that adults and more capable peers mediate a child's experience. Many of the successful problem solving training studies have been influenced by the Vygotskyan notion of guided learning within a learner's zone of proximal development - a distance between what a child can do working alone and what he or she can accomplish with aid. An important implication from Vygotsky's argument is that within a computer learning environment, there needs to be an increase of interaction between the tea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: based learning, children's, collaborative learning, computer games, computer software, computers, learning environment
  • Role Of Parenting - 1,515 words
    Role of Parental Motivational Practices in Childrens Academic Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement (Gottfried) Article Summary I chose to write my journal article research paper on the role of parents in childrens academic motivation and achievement. The article relates the parents role and at home practices, and the effect of these practices on the childs performance and motivation. In the longitudinal study of children ages 9 and 10, two types of motivational practices were assessed: Parental motivational practices that encourage pleasure in the learning process, curiosity, persistence, and task endogeny are positively related to childrens academic intrinsic motivation and achievement. (Go ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: parenting, single parenting, extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation, reinforcement
  • Research Paper: The Benefits Of Homework - 1,465 words
    The Objective: Through comprehensive research I have read and studied many conflicting viewpoints about the importance and benefits of homework. I hope that with this paper I will explore why homework has been under scrutiny. I also want to show how researchers were vital in determining effective methods for improving student achievement. At the forefront of those studies was Professor Harris Cooper. Due to Coopers studies a new understanding of why homework is important and how homework can and should be assigned came about. His ideas, influenced and motivated by others research, help promote the adoption of homework policies. This paper also discusses the positive and negative effects home ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: educational research, homework, research paper, academic achievement, fourth edition
  • Direct Instruction - 1,077 words
    Direct Instruction The efficient way for teachers to teach students is to present information, skills, or concept of Direct Instruction. Direct Instruction refers to a rigorously developed, highly scripted method for teaching that is fast-paced and provides constant interaction between students and the teacher. (Effective Teaching Methods) Direct Instruction is a research basic module used to help students to set clear goals and understand them. The student will have a clear and concise explanation of the subject. Engelmanns theory of Direct Instruction is research base; this model of instruction is within a large more generic category of teaching directed instruction. In the essay, I will e ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: direct instruction, instruction, world wide, teaching students, lecture
  • Behaviorism - 1,209 words
    John B. Watson founded behaviorism in 1913. The theory of behaviorism concentrates on the study of overt behaviors that can be observed and measured (Hothersal, 2004). It views the mind as a "black box" in the sense that response to stimulus can be observed quantitatively.. Some key players in the development of the behaviorist theory were Pavlov, Watson, Thorndike and Skinner. For most people, the name "Pavlov" rings a bell. He is best known for his work in classical conditioning. Pavlov's most famous experiment involved food, a dog and a bell. Edward Thorndike did research in animal behavior before becoming interested in human psychology. He set out to apply "the methods of exact science" ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: behaviorism, positive reinforcement, american psychologist, negative reinforcement, accomplish
  • Childrens Literature And The Holocaust - 1,046 words
    ... clared writing fiction about the Holocaust is impossible and immoral: The arguments about the immorality of creating fiction about the Holocaust are related to concerns about exploiting the victims and survivors, as well as the fear of being cooped by the act of describing evil. There are concerns that imaginative works about the Holocaust, as opposed to factual texts such as autobiographies or histories, will somehow subvert the truth of what actually happened (Walter 40). However, unlike first hand witnessing and history books, novels are the best way to relay information about something as complex as the Holocaust. As discussed in Juvenile Picture Books About the Holocaust: Extending ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: help children, holocaust, holocaust survivor, south african, jewish people
  • Virtual Reality Learning Environments - 1,267 words
    ... n control? "i fear of denied access: Whether VR is a wonderful or a terrible place, everyone should have the right to be there; who gets in and how? "i fear of abandonment: what if VR is so compelling that people don'it want to come out, who will mind reality? If I don'it get virtual, will I be left all alone? Fear of the technology may be both the most subtle and the most important challenge to public acceptance of VR as a suitable medium for children. Once we acknowledge this fear, we can address it rationally. Of course, fear is not rational, it is emotional and not easily assuaged. However, I will suggest three approaches to reducing VR technophobia: 3.1. Education: We need first to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: learning environment, learning outcomes, virtual, virtual reality, virtual worlds

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