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  • Registered Nursing - 1,305 words
    The practice of nursing by a registered nurse is defined as the process of diagnosing human responses to actual or potential health problems, providing supportive and restorative care, health counseling and teaching, case finding and referral, collaborating the implementation of the total health care regimen and executing the medical regimen under the direction of a licensed physician or dentist. Advanced nursing practice is defined as the performance of advanced level nursing practice activities which, by virtue of post-basic education and experience, are appropriate to and may be performed by an advanced practice registered nurse. The advanced practice registered nurse performs acts of dia ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nursing, nursing home, nursing practice, registered nurse, telephone number
  • Title Xi - 1,726 words
    Twenty-five years have passed, but the celebration is no victory party. For all the progress women have made, they are still far behind the men on the playing field. A vast number of colleges and universities are still not in compliance with Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination at any educational institution that receives Federal funds. Title IX applies to all educational programs, although it has become the standard-bearer for women's athletics. The following words lie at the heart of what is perhaps the most controversial and most important rules in all college athletics- Title IX states, "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: title ix, men and women, physical education, educational program, brenda
  • Effects Of Media On People - 1,511 words
    ... gger all the time." Not only was radio initially disapproved of, the vaudeville community actually ordered its acts to stay off the air under penalty of contract cancellation. Musical, concert, and operatic managers also shunned radio fearing that "songs plugged too strongly over the air would lose their sales value," Billboard reported on March 1, 1930. Eventually, however, both vaudeville and the rest of the industry came to recognize radio as a way of stimulating sales. By 1930, Billboard was reporting that "sheet music and record dealers now consider radio a boon to their business, rather than a detriment." The magazine's initial radio coverage, a one-eighth-page section called Radio ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: new york, software applications, united states, beaches, boon
  • Microsofts Business Paper - 745 words
    In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen created a company called Microsoft; in 1981 Microsoft became a corporation. Microsofts purpose has been to originate software for the personal computer in the workplace, educational institution, and household. Microsofts resourceful products and advertising have made it the worlds chief software provider. Some of its resources include operating systems for personal computers, server applications for client-server environments, trade and consumer productivity applications, interactive media programs, and Internet platform and development tools. Microsoft also markets online services, personal computer books, and input devices, and it investigates and acquires ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business world, doing business, good business, microsoft corporation, microsoft internet explorer
  • Mandatory Drug Testing - 1,880 words
    It has become all too common for governmental institutions across the nation to pass rules saying that certain people are subject to random drug testing. The central question that is raised deals with the righteousness of being subjected to testing even when there is no overwhelming warrant. Under the protection of the unreasonable search and seizures, including bodily searches, in the fourth amendment of the constitution, certain people, such as students and welfare recipients, to name a few, feel that their rights as citizens and human beings are being violated when they have to submit to mandatory drug tests, but on the other side there are those who believe that if someone is willing to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: drug, drug test, drug testing, drug trafficking, mandatory, mandatory drug testing, testing
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  • Hazing - 1,082 words
    According to the California Hazing Law, hazing includes any method of initiation or pre-initiation into a student organization or any pastime or amusement engaged in with respect to such an organization which causes, or is likely to cause, bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm, to any student or other person attending any school, community college, college, university or other educational institution in this state; but the term hazing does not include customary athletic events or other similar contests or competition. No student, or other person in attendance at any public, private, parochial, or military school, community coll ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hazing, new york, york state, emergency room, misdemeanor
  • Management - 1,203 words
    Before answering the question of what mangers do, we need to distinguish between management and administration. A widely accepted distinction, and the one that this book employs, is that administrators establish fundamental patterns of operation and goals for an organization, white managers primarily carry out the directions of the administrators. In the profit sector, the board of directors is empowered to establish the overall direction of an organization (as administrators), while the officers of the company (from the president down) are the managers. Very often the top/senior officials of the company also are members of the board of directors; hence, outsiders. and lower-level employees ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fundamentals of management, general management, management, management activities, management program, management training
  • Booker T. Washington - 967 words
    Following the smoke of Confederate and Union gunfire emerged the self-reliant and awe-inspiring Booker Taliaferro Washington. As a distinguished black educator, a commanding broker, and an ethical as well as economical constructionist, he stepped up to the podium of civil reform with authority. Life was not easy for young Booker T; from the moment of his delivery on April 5, 1856, he was clamped into bondage. Toiling in the backbreaking salt furnace from the age of ten with his father, whilst partially attending school in Malden, West Virginia was a demanding schedule, which was only alleviated by his acceptance to the Hampton Institute, a school set up by whites to edify newly freed slaves ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: booker, booker t washington, booker t. washington, crow laws, men and women
  • Art And Technology - 1,500 words
    Advances in technology over the years have brought about a phenomenon caused by the fusion of computers and art. The commercial and entertainment industries have been transformed and overtaken by the vast use and demand for computer art. From web design and layout to special effects and animation, the use of computers for art and the skills needed to produce such things are in high demand. Currently one of the most popular uses of computer art is through web design for the Internet. Whether it is for personal use, non-profit organizations, government programs, or commercial use, Web pages are popping up everywhere. So to best understand this development in computer art, especially in Web des ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: web design, science foundation, national science, computer, backbone
  • Law And Anti-discrimination - 1,430 words
    This paper will discuss disability discrimination and the legislative and non-legislative tools used to combat it. The major piece of federal legislation, the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) will be examined in considerable detail, and an attempt will be made to analyze its strengths and weakness, with reference to various opinions put forward by individuals and organizations concerned with its implementation. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the compliance of the Act. The issues that have been subject to public debate will be discussed, including arguments for and against compliance processes that have been suggested by governmental bodies. A comparison will be made between meas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: disabled people, commonwealth parliament, educational institution, people's, governmental
  • Changes In Medicine - 998 words
    ... that he was influenced by the renaissance but on the other his style of research and technique probably dates back to the days of Aristotle and Galen. C) Elizabeth acted as a pioneer because she was the first woman in England to be allowed to become a physicion. She inspired every woman aspiring to learn medicine after her. Elizabeths actions brought womens education forward by 50 years. Elizabeths father Newson Garrett had 12 children and he owned a pawnshop, which in 1850 became very successful and he had earned enough money for his children to go to boarding school. This was quite good for the time as there were not many secondary schools for women. When Elizabeth finished her educati ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: florence nightingale, crimean war, boarding school, resilience, receiving
  • Orwells "such, Such Were The Joys....": Alienation And Other Such Joy - 1,659 words
    George Orwell expresses a feeling of alienation throughout 'Such, Such Were the Joys....' He casts himself as a misfit, unable to understand his peers, the authorities placed over him, and the laws that govern his existence. Orwell writes, "The good and the possible never seemed to coincide" (37). Though he shows his ability to enumerate what is "good," he resigns himself to a predestined state; uncertain of where exactly he fits in society, his attitude is irreconcilable with what he knows society expects of him. Orwell's childhood understanding of society forces him into only one possible direction, failure. This essay is the maturing Orwell's response to childhood subjugation, a subtle ex ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alienation, george orwell, educational institution, different kinds, pages
  • Youth Unemployment And Crime - 1,957 words
    Opinions such as those found in the Smith Family Youth Unemployment Report (2003) which hypothesize that juvenile crime is directly connected to the high rates of youth unemployment in Australia cannot be neither accepted nor critiqued until there is a clear understanding of what the terms "Youth Unemployment" and "Juvenile Crime" mean in the context of this essay. In this essay youth unemployment is generally taken to include the entire 15-24 age cohort - not just 15-19 year old teenagers - who are no longer at school or university and who are without a job. I have chosen to include 20-24 year olds under the banner of "Youth", as it gives a fairer picture of the performance of all young peo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crime prevention, crime rate, juvenile crime, property crime, unemployment, unemployment rate

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