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Free research essays on topics related to: economic value

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  • Incas - 454 words
    The vast Inca empire, with its advanced culture and powerful armies, spanned most of the Andes along South America's western coast at the time of Spanish conquest in the early 16th century. The Incas had a very clear social structure. The ruler, Sapa Inca, and his wives, the Coyas, had supreme control over the empire. The High Priest and the Army Commander in Chief were next. Then came the Four Apus, the regional army commanders. Next came temple priests, architects, administrators and army generals. Next were artisans, musicians, army captains and the quipucamayoc, the Incan "accountants." At the bottom were sorcerers, farmers, herding families and conscripts. WHO THE INCAS WERE The 16th-ce ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: inca empire, economic value, labor force, spanish conquest, realm
  • Lance Inc 1995 Analysis - 1,692 words
    There are some trouble spots for Lance Inc., which is the bad news. The good news is that all of them can be fixed with some time and effort. Lance, once referred to as the largest snack food manufacturer in the U.S. bye Forbes saw some decreases in many areas of the company in fiscal year 1994. The company has shown might in the past. The might that is speak of is seen when looking at the competition that Lance goes to war with everyday in the supermarket and convenience stores. Lance puts its products up against the mighty conglomerates such as Frito-Lay owned by PepsiCo, Borden, Nabisco, and Eagle. Lance has long been a family oriented business, and remains that today. Lance has presented ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lance, food industry, advertising campaign, peanut butter, generating
  • Management Of The Blms Public Lands System - 984 words
    Management of the BLM's Public Lands System The government has control of over one-third of the nation's land, and 398 million acres of that is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM 6). This land hold a wide diversity of resources, from timber, and grazing lands found on the surface to a mass of oil, natural gas, and minerals laying below the earth. The history of these lands is hardly a dull story, because it is the story of the taming of the "Wild West". Should the BLM though, still be controlling these lands under the same laws that where put in affect to establish the Western Frontier. I feel that a radical reevaluation of these laws needs to take place, in order to adapt them ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: land management, management, materials management, people management, public land
  • Niton - 2,169 words
    Aguilar, S. and R. Condit. In press. Uso de arboles natios por una communidad de campesinos en Panama. Biotropica. Appanah, S. and G. Weinland. 1993. A Preliminary Analysis of the 50-hectare Pasoh Demography Plot: I. Dipterocarpaceae. Research Pamphlet No. 112. Kepong, Malaysia: Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. Appanah, S., A.H. Gentry, and J.V. LaFrankie. 1993. Liana diversity and species richness of Malayan rain forests. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 6(2): 116-123. Ashton, P.S. 1998. A global network of plots for understanding tree species diversity in tropical forests. Pp. 47-62 in F. Dallmeier and J.A. Comisky (eds). Forest Biodiversity Research, Monitoring and Modeling: Conce ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: concerned scientists, tropical rainforest, costa rica, predict, colorado
  • Sin Taxes - 1,157 words
    ... h' is the strongest. However decreases in tax revenues are not the only reason that private sector gambling is on the rise. For the many areas in the United States that are experiencing extremely poor economic conditions, legalized gambling is very attractive. The incredible destitution of Indian reservations has prompted many to push measures through that would allow them to build bingo halls and casinos on reservation properties to create jobs. (Indian Gaming, incidentally, took in approximately 15.2 billion in 1992.) The article 'Mixed Blessing For America's Ethiopia' describes the experiences of Tunica County Mississippi with legalized gambling. Census takers in 1980 found that Jesse ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: taxes, american tradition, los angeles, policy makers, america
  • History - 1,123 words
    -job analysis-the gathering of information about a specific job and determining the principal elements involved in performing it. -job description-on outline of the information obtained from the job analysis, which describes the content and essential requirements of a specific job or position. -job specification-a detailed record of the minimum job requirements explained in relation to the job factors. -work measurement and setting work standards-the procedure for determining the time required to complete each job or task and for setting up criteria by which the degree of work performance may be measured. -job analysis is fundamental to the prepararion of job descriptions and job specificati ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: data analysis, salary increase, quantitative method, outline, classified
  • Marriage And Divorce - 659 words
    Marriage is a bond of love between a man and a woman. Traditional marriage today is not the same as 100 years ago due to the fact that life spans have changed and women are not economically dependent on their husbands. However, traditional marriage in today's society is incapable of binding a couple in a lifetime of love and equality. This will be proved by the change in the economic value, divorce, and love. The economic value between men and women has changed drastically. Over the years females are proving they are smarter and more capable than males of doing anything they want and better. "50 years ago the majority of women were dependent on their husbands to work and support them." Women ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: divorce, traditional marriage, main point, romantic love, rarely
  • Scramble For Africa - 1,312 words
    ... he matter was settled amicably, the nations decided that they might as well get as much as they could to simply stop others. Thus both national rivalry and economic factors played major roles in the partition of Western Africa, turning it into a Scramble. The initial situation in East Africa was similar to that in the West, with business men rather than the British government, ostensibly leading the expansion. A major influence being the British East Africa Company, set up by a Sir William Mckinnon. The purpose being to develop trade in the aforementioned region. It has been suggested that the British government only offered their support in retaliation to the German's offering support t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, east africa, western africa, orange free state, british imperialism
  • A11 - 1,840 words
    "People do not die if there is flood, but people die if there is no flood," goes a local saying in Sirajganj District. One farmer in Simla village in the Brahmaputra floodplain told researchers, "If there is no flood there will be no crop, the soil will turn into a desert." According to the peasants interviewed, they feel a much bigger threat from what scientists call 'lateral river erosion'. Whereas the land is always there after a few days when the flood recedes, nothing is left when your household and land have been carried away by a shifting river. While most floods follow heavy rain, or rapid, widespread melting of deep snow, flood forecasters also have to worry about several other fact ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: usa today, ohio valley, carried away, mississippi
  • Free Women Of Petersburg - 552 words
    The Free Women of Petersburg, Status and Culture in a Southern Town, 1784-1861, was written by Suzanne Lebsock in 1984 and won the Bancroft Prize in 1985. Lebsock focuses on Petersburg, Virginia between 1784 and 1860 to recount the status of women in society, and how that status changed. She also examines the views of women during that time. The author did extensive research of Petersburg local records to obtain a comprehensive study of the female culture during the antebellum years. Lesbock discusses the institution of marriage in great detail. The author found that women married for economic reasons as well as romantic feelings. In years past, marriage was based on economic value. By the e ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: men and women, nineteenth century, common law, value systems, receipt
  • Griswold V Connecticut - 1,291 words
    ... ouraging for both mother and child. Pregnant teenagers are more likely than women who delay childbearing to experience maternal illness, miscarriage, stillbirth, and Teen mothers are less likely to graduate from high school and more likely than their peers who delay childbearing to live in poverty and to rely on welfare (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 1998). The children of teenage mothers are often born at low birth weight, experience health and developmental problems, and are frequently poor, abused, and/or neglected (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 1998). Teenage pregnancy poses a substantial financial burden to society, estimated at $7 billion annually in lost tax revenues, public assistance, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: connecticut, griswold, health care, foster care, pill
  • Karl Marx And Communism - 1,173 words
    ... o the Critique of Political Economy. Marx's "political isolation" ended when he joined the International Working Men's Association. Although he was neither the founder nor the leader of this organization, he "became its leading spirit" and as the corresponding secretary for Germany, he attended all meetings. Marx's distinction as a political figure really came in 1870 with the Paris Commune. He became an international figure and his name "became synonymous throughout Europe with the revolutionary spirit symbolized by the Paris Commune." An opposition to Marx developed under the leadership of a Russian revolutionist, Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin. Bakunin was a famed orator whose speeches ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communism, karl, karl marx, marx, jean paul sartre
  • The Role Of The Family - 1,459 words
    Family systems, like biological organisms, evolve with time and circumstance. It seems readily evident from an examination of the nature and role of the family in the developing world that form may indeed follow function. Many sociological studies conducted in recent years have indicated that the nuclear family is found at both the primitive and modern stages of economic evolution. The nuclear family predominated in early societies with subsistence hunting and gathering economies where food supplies were uncertain, and still predominates in modern industrial societies where the marketplace requires the geographical mobility of small, nuclear systems. This pattern of family roles in society, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: family planning, family structure, marriage and family, nuclear family, traditional family
  • The Matrix - 4,268 words
    Reality Bytes: A journey through perceptions of reality in 'The Matrix' and the technological world. The idea for this dissertation arose from the culmination of a number of thoughts that have interested me for some time. The question of 'reality' has always intrigued me. I perceived it as tangible and exact but at the same time intensely vulnerable. I saw the frailties of 'reality' exposed by the many differing ways it can be perceived. These differences of perception can be attributed to factors such as age, sex, colour, nationality, religion, political views, all of which alter the way we process what are presented to us as 'facts' by our senses. So numerous are these factors, I reasoned, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: matrix, modern world, science fiction, supreme power, enslaved
  • Mad Cowboy - 1,200 words
    Even if animal testing produced the cure for Aids, wed be against it This rhetoric notion was stated by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and summarizes the fanatical doctrine animal rights activists preach to their followings. These activists preach a doctrine of hate calling for the end of all meat eating, wearing of fur, use of animals in experiments regardless if they are beneficial or not, and even push for the end of all pets as we know of it. Howard Lyman author of Mad Cowboy has not only aligns himself with this rambunctious group of man haters, but supports their nazi like doctrine in his book. On further review of mad cowboy one must dig deep to find any useful kno ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cowboy, bovine spongiform, dietetic association, bovine spongiform encephalopathy bse, lifestyle
  • Roosevelt's Response To The Great Depression - 1,544 words
    The Great Depression of the 1930s was a great blow to America especially after the seeming prosperity of the twenties. The depression was a result not of false prosperity in the twenties, although the distribution of wealth was very uneven the affluence was very real, but rather from a lack of economic and political maturity to address the problems either before 1929 or as a cure post 1929. The Great Depression is often seen as a result of the twenties when rather it was a failure of the thirties. If the necessary policies had been drawn up in the twenties there would have been widespread hatred for these policies by the wealthy ruling class. This would have made them impossible to implement ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: great depression, roosevelt's, franklin roosevelt, oxford university press, alphabet
  • Karl Marx - 1,176 words
    ... e Critique of Political Economy. Marx's "political isolation" ended when he joined the International Working Men's Association. Although he was neither the founder nor the leader of this organization, he "became its leading spirit" and as the corresponding secretary for Germany, he attended all meetings. Marx's distinction as a political figure really came in 1870 with the Paris Commune. He became an international figure and his name "became synonymous throughout Europe with the revolutionary spirit symbolized by the Paris Commune." An opposition to Marx developed under the leadership of a Russian revolutionist, Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin. Bakunin was a famed orator whose speeches one ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: karl, karl marx, marx, paris commune, mass production
  • Imperialism - 372 words
    Imperialism is the total domination of the political, economical, or cultural aspects or a nation. Imperial colonization has been occurring sense the beginning of time. An imperialistic nation would increase its importance and power by winning an empire. Some takeovers were forced by political rivalries. One nation might seize a territory to prevent a competitor from expanding into that region. Some nations would expand to boost their economic value, or personal wealth. Imperialism advances a countries politics, society, and economic value into a powerful money making country. The political aspect of imperialism progresses a country from being week into a strong fighting nation. For example, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: imperialism, latin america, economic value, politics society, economics
  • Report On Paraguay's National Economy - 420 words
    My report was done on the country of Paraguay. This is a very interesting yet different country then ours. It has many of the same features as the United States. One of them being its form of Government, it is listed as a Republic on paper but has all the same principals of a Democracy. Also there are many differences about this country as well. The first being their literacy rate, it is currently at 81% the lowest of the surrounding countries. The life expectancy for males is 65 and for females 69. Their population under 15 years old is a large 425 highest of surrounding countries. However, the population has been growing since 1990 at a rate of almost 3.5 %. In Comparison this country is a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economy, national economy, spanish language, united states, mountains
  • Personal Economic Sacrafice To Better Our Environment - 1,486 words
    Humans live in the midst of an ecological community. Although living in cities has caused many of us loose touch with the land and the other species that inhabit it, our actions still effect the environment, thus we should still consider ourselves a part of this community. Just as humans have a set of rules of how to act within their own human community and social sphere so should they have a set of rules on how to behave within the larger ecological community. Rules for our own society are based on morality, concepts of right and wrong, and behaviors that help maintain the safety of individuals living within the society. For the same reasons we should have rules on how to behave within our ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic value, public transportation, human life, human capital, pharmaceuticals

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