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Free research essays on topics related to: alzheimers disease

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  • Alzheimers Disease - 652 words
    Alzheimers Disease is a brain disorder which gradually destroys the ability to reason, remember, imagine and learn. Its different from the mild forgetfulness normally found in older people. Over the course of the disease, people with Alzheimers no longer recognize themselves or much about the world around them. Depression, anxiety, and paranoia often accompany these symptoms. Although there is no cure, new treatments help lessen Alzheimers symptoms and slow its progression. Alzheimers is marked by abnormal clumps and knots in the brain cells. For reasons not fully understood, these abnormalities tangle and take over the brain tissue and effects the area of the brain associated with intellect ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alzheimers disease, personal hygiene, risk factor, spoken language, tasks
  • Alzheimers Disease - 575 words
    First off, I'd like to apologize for using Alzheimer's disease as my Internet article because you used it in the syllabus as your example. This topic is very important to me because I watched my grandmother rot in bed for eight years due to this disease. The Internet article(s) I have dealt with the latest treatments and helps of prevention for this incurable disease. The first article I have deals with estrogen. Studies show that women who take estrogen after menopause have an unexpectedly low incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Estrogen is a product produced by a female's body that boosts the production of acetylcholine, a key component that keeps away Alzheimer's disease. The greater the am ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alzheimer's disease, alzheimers disease, free radicals, nursing homes, brain
  • Alzheimers Disease - 1,882 words
    Alois Alzheimer was the first man to discover Alzheimers disease. Before this discovery, the illness was classified as insanity. There is now a more sensitive understanding of this disease. Alzheimers is a disease that slowly, but surely, causes one to lose his memory. Symptoms are simple like one not being able to remember where he placed his keys. Slowly he begins to forget names and telephone numbers until eventually most of his Forsyth and Ritzline claim that Alzheimers affects mainly middle-aged and older people, although there has been one case of a twenty-eight year old having this disease. Alzheimers affects women more than men. Forsyth and Ritzline state that this disease has affect ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alois alzheimer, alzheimers disease, national institute, effective treatment, losses
  • Alzheimers Disease - 1,197 words
    Alzheimers disease is relentlessly destroying the brains and lives of our nations older adults, robbing them of memory, the ability to reason, and affecting their emotions and behavior. Alzheimers disease is a degenerative disorder of the brain. The longer we live the greater the risk: one out of every two Americans aged 85 and older and one out of every 10 aged 65 and older are afflicted with the disease. It affects two groups of people: those with the disease and the loved ones who care for them. By the year 2050, an estimated 14 million Americans will be in its grip. (Medina xi, 2) Alzheimers disease (AD) is a progressive disease of the brain, which is characterized by a gradual loss of m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alois alzheimer, alzheimers disease, heart disease, nineteenth century, memory loss
  • Alzheimers Disease - 1,072 words
    ... ms, avoids people), poor judgment, makes bad decisions, takes longer with routine chores, and trouble handling money. (Cutler and Sramek 75) The Second Stage, or moderate dementia, lasts approximately 2 to 10 years after diagnosis. The second stage is usually the longest stage of the disease process. Symptoms of moderate dementia include: increasing memory loss with confusion, shorter attention span, problems recognizing close friends and family, repetitive statements and movements, restless (especially in late afternoon and at night), occasional muscle twitches/jerking, perceptual motor problems, difficulty organizing thoughts, cannot think logically, can not find right words (makes up ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alzheimers disease, disease process, united states, free radicals, durham
  • Mental Illness - 1,137 words
    The name of my book is Mental Illness by Gilda Berger. Mental illness is a disorder characterized by disturbances in a persons thoughts, emotions, or behavior. The term mental illness can refer to a wide variety of disorders, ranging from those that cause mild distress to those that severely impair a persons ability to function. Today, mental illness is considered to range from such ideas as eating disorders to personality disorders. Mental illnesses have been reported as far back as to 4000-5000 years ago. The reason scientists believe that mental illness has existed this long is due to anthropologists finding skulls with holes gashed in them. These skulls look very similar to skulls that h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mental disorder, mental illness, mental illnesses, mental retardation, alcohol syndrome
  • Nursing Homes Overcrowding - 1,338 words
    Pending approval from the General Assembly, the funding for older Illinoisans will receive nearly an eight percent increase in the fiscal year 2001 budget for the Illinois Department on Aging. The states portion of the overall spending is $234.9 million and funds the Departments Community Care program at $205 million. The program provides senior citizens with home care services, adult day services and custodial care. The eight percent increase is drastically needed according to Carol Aronson, spokesperson for the Shawnee Alliance for seniors. Senior programs are underpaid compared to the services of Department of Children and Family Services with a much lower rate of funds for seniors, even ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: home care, nursing, nursing home, nursing homes, overcrowding
  • Social Loss - 1,424 words
    What if your life was centralized around the plans and desires of another person? If every plan you made, every vacation you took was based upon someone elses wishes in conjunction with your own and what if that person was to die? What would you do? Could you survive emotionally as well as physically? These questions are asked about 800,000 time a year to the bereaved spouses who have just lost a loved one, it happens to people of all ages but some of the people it hits hardest are the elderly. In the social aspect of life women are superior they make most of the social contacts while engaged in the bonds of marriage. The annual incidence of spousal loss through death has been estimated to b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social life, social support, support groups, early stages, socially
  • Cloning - 1,283 words
    When one thinks of cloning, what comes to mind? Movies such as Multiplicity can give the layperson a much-distorted image of cloning. In this particular movie, actor Michael Keaton plays a father who cannot handle his crazily busy lifestyle. In an effort to be the perfect father, husband and employee, he has himself cloned easily at a nearby medical center. The three clones each have their own personality: one is sarcastic and bitter, one is sweet and sensitive and one is a half-wit but all are identical. This cloning process is false. At this time, scientists have cloned animals including Rhesus monkeys, mice and probably the biggest breakthrough: sheep. Cloning could mean hope for so many ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloning, human cloning, organ transplantation, small group, artificial
  • Cloning - 1,231 words
    Since the late seventies scientists have been cloning mammals using cells taken from embryos. In July 1996, medical history was made when a sheep named Dolly was cloned. The only thing that set Dolly the sheep apart from the other clones was that she was cloned from an adult sheep cell. Before Dolly was cloned, scientists thought adult cell cloning was impossible. A clone is defined as a group of genetically identical cells. The goals and purposes for cloning range from making copies of those that have deceased to better engineering the offspring in humans and animals. Cloning could also offer a means of curing diseases. Cloning has many benefits that could be used as an aid to the human rac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloning, human cloning, immune system, medical history, twin
  • Pschological Disorders - 1,174 words
    ... of cells from one region of the nervous system. The study used data from patients with Huntingtons disease and Parkinsons disease. It showed that cumulative theory was false. The mutant steady model, which explains nerve cell death inherited neurodegenerative diseases, shows that mutant genes are conferring a slight but definite increase in risk that the cell could suddenly undergo programmed cell death. This new theory means researchers will now try to aim at the factors that trigger the increased risk of neuronal death. Mutant genes cause neuronal death. Neurodegenerative diseases are mental disorders that alter the behavior of a person. Genes do not directly control behavior or other ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: antisocial personality disorder, disorders, personality disorder, alzheimers disease, amino acids
  • Elixirs For You Memory - 1,442 words
    The blitz is on for ginkgo and other herbal products, but are they panaceas or placebos? Recently, everywhere you turn, you see or hear about new herbal remedies used for improving ones memory and concentration. One more frequently discussed is Ginkgo Biloba. It is an herbal substance that offers hope for improving memory, concentration and brain functions. Ginkgo Biloba is a derivative of a leafy ornamental tree that originated in eastern China. It is said to increase blood flow to the brain, improving alertness and concentration (Drummond, September 13,1999). Although many people who are currently taking this medication swear by it, who really knows if it does improve brain functions or if ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: memory loss, time magazine, general public, chinese medicine, warrant
  • Should Stemcell Research Be Banned - 1,506 words
    Should Embryo Stem Cell Research Be Banned? This is one of the most controversial questions posed in the last century. The issue is simple. Should the federal government fund embryo stem cell research? The answer is extremely complex. At the heart of this controversy, is whether or not, it is morally ethical to use stem cells derived from human embryos to possibly discover the cure and treatment for many diseases such as Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Parkinsons disease, and Alzheimers, to name just a few. The discovery of human pluripotent stem cells, the most basic building blocks of the human body, is a major scientific breakthrough, the full value of which cannot be overstated, said Nobel Lau ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banned, cell research, embryonic stem cell research, medical research, human dignity
  • Ronald Reagan "the Great Communicator" - 1,937 words
    ... career had started to die down in the late 1950s. In 1953 he moved into television as a host and frequent performer for the General Electric Theatre. He eventually went from host and program supervisor of GE Theatre to actually producing and claiming stakes in the TV show itself and at one point Reagan was earning about $125,000 a year (equivalent to $600,000 today). In politics Ronald Reagan started out as a Democrat supporting Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal but he gradually became more of a conservative and eventually became Republican. He was dubbed The Great Communicator for his ability to express ideas and emotions in an almost personal manner, even during his public spe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: president reagan, president ronald, president ronald reagan, reagan, ronald, ronald reagan
  • Age And Life - 428 words
    Aging is a natural process that occurs during all stages of life. The majority of Americans would rather stay young than age to late adulthood. Americans have a belief that youth equals health and energy. There is no way to becoming young again, but there are many ways to control age and stay healthy. As people develop and learn more, they also get older. People age to progress further in development. For example, in late adulthood, people look back at their life and review their accomplishments and disappointments. Late adulthood shows a growth in wisdom. Each stage of living has their own attributes to look at, and a persons age is one way to know what stage they would be in. As said befor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: happy life, social security, food pyramid, natural process, availability
  • How Safe Are Mobile Phones? - 1,019 words
    Millions of people own a mobile phone these days, and ever since they have been around scientists question the fact of they are safe or not. Do they cause tumors, earaches, mercury poisoning? All these health risks are mentioned in every article I found. But nowhere could I find anything that was sure if mobiles did cause all of the above. This is where science fails us. The problem is that mobile phones are still too new to know the long-term effects on human. Mobile phones give of a radiation of radio frequency round 10MHz to 300Ghz. But so do other appliances. Why does mobiles especially get put in the picture of being hazardous? Soon it will be clear whether the radio frequency emissions ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mobile, mobile phone, multiple sclerosis, side effects, yahoo
  • Alzheimer's Disease And Dementia - 1,304 words
    Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Alzheimers disease is emerging to potentially become the largest medical problem facing the elderly in the 21st century. Right now, an estimated 4.5 million Americans are known to have the disease (Understanding Alz.). A poorly understood illness, Alzheimer's gradually steals away its victims mental and physical abilities, leaving them in a chronic out-of-mind state. It can last for an indefinite period, and as a result has a significant impact on all those close to the victim. The disease, by gradually taking away the mind and personality of the sufferer, leads to behaviors that can be extremely difficult to manage, and very frustrating to family and caregiv ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alzheimer's disease, alzheimers disease, dementia, hopkins university, side effects
  • Studying The Human Genome Project - 771 words
    The Human Genome Project is a 15-year international research program to find the estimated 80,000 human genes and determine the sequence of the three billion DNA building blocks that underlie all of human biology and its diversity. The purpose of The Human Genome Project will characterize the genomes of human and selected model organisms through complete mapping and sequencing of their DNA. It will also develop technologies for genomic analysis and examine the ethical, legal, and social implications of human genetics research. Finally it will train scientists who will be able to utilize the tools and resources developed through the HGP to pursue biological studies that will improve human hea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: genome, genome project, human biology, human body, human genetics, human genome, human health
  • Memory Enhancing Capability Of Ginkgo Biloba - 401 words
    The article was about a drug called Ginkgo Biloba that is supposed to help your short-term memory. It works by thinning your blood so that it can pass through your clogged or narrow bloodstream. On the test, they used 202 men and women with mild to moderately severe dementia caused by Alzheimers disease or stroke. On those taking ginkgo, only fifty percent showed improvements. Investigators are still not sure why ginkgo worked. They said it could have been something with the herbs antioxidant properties. As it referenced in the textbook, short-term memory retains information for thirty seconds or less on an average. The information that is retained usually converts into long-term memory or d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capability, enhancing, long term memory, long-term memory, memory loss, short-term memory
  • The Dangers And Reality Of Acid Rain - 1,066 words
    Acidity is measured using a pH scale, with the number 7 being neutral. A substance with a pH value of less than 7 is acidic, while one of a value greater than 7 is basic. A substance with a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than another with a pH of 7. Usually the pH of 5.6 has been used as the baseline in identifying acid rain, although there has been much debate over the acceptance of this value. Interestingly enough, a pH of 5.6 is the pH value of carbon dioxide in equilibrium with distilled water. Hence, acid ran is defined as any rainfall that has an acidity level beyond what is expected in non-polluted rainfall. In essence, any precipitation that has a pH value of less than 5.6 is consid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: acid, acid rain, rain, nitric oxide, general public

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