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  • Low Birth Weight Cerebral Palsy
    916 words
    There are many things to expect when a couple has a child. When a couple conceives a child they should know how much commitment is involved. There are the early morning feeds and cleanings, which can frustrate new parents. A person gives up privileges and most of their freedom when the child is born. Also, one of the parents has to stay home or figure out some way to watch and care for their child during the day. The parents make a commitment to the child to support and love that child. A child ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: genetic disorders, illegal drugs, birth defects, low birth weight, cerebral palsy
  • Kappa Alpha African Culture
    394 words
    Kappa Alpha Psi is one of the historically Black fraternities FIU has to offer here on campus. Founded when the school was first born into its existence, this organization of brotherhood upholds many of the principles and values their Black ancestors set forth many years ago. One such example would be that of pride and the celebration of their African heritage, not just from the American stand point but acknowledgment of the African ancestry of the world. When the African slaves of various count...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kappa alpha, celebration, heritage, african culture, good time
  • Brave New World Subliminal Messages
    680 words
    Aldous Huxley's Brave New World presents a portrait of a society which is apparently a perfect world. At first inspection, it seems perfect in many ways: it is care free, problem free and depression free. All aspects of the population are controlled: both as to number, social class, and mental ability. Even history is controlled and re-written to meet the needs of the party. Solidity must be maintained at all costs. In the new world which Huxley creates, if there were even a hint of anger, the w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: subliminal messages, huxley, brave, brave new world, controlled
  • Central Nervous System Side Effects
    1,454 words
    Twenty-five years ago, the great Athenian doctor Hippocrates believed that balance is health and that imbalance is the cause of all illness and pain. For more than three hundred years, this concept has been in disfavour. Now, clinical experiences with Phen/Fen suggest that Hippocrates was right. While both phentermine and fenfluramine have been available since the mid-seventies, patients were generally reluctant to use them because of the always present fear of addiction. During many instances w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clinical trials, side effects, central nervous system, blood pressure, weight loss
  • Digestive Juices Interesting Facts
    1,043 words
    Name and Functions The part I researched, which has only one name, is the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ that produces digestive juices necessary to break down food. It also produces insulin and glucagons. Insulin and glucagons are two hormones needed to break down sugar and to regulate our metabolism. The pancreas provides a lot of power to the body. For example, it allows you to eat many foods and allows your body to feed your cells the energy they need. It also allows you to exercise with...
    Free research essays on topics related to: inches long, beta cells, interesting facts, digestive juices, small intestine
  • Brave New World Society And Socio Economic Class
    1,070 words
    ter> Discuss how the society in Brave New World works to ensure that people do not change their socio-economic class. Through Brave New World, Huxley depicts a new, industrialized world, which is financially stable and has prevented poverty and self-destruction. Dictatorial governments are there to ensure stability and maintain perfection of the world. Therefore, just like under any other totalitarian government, social, mental and economic freedoms are abolished in order to retain soc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave new world, mustapha mond, socio economic, childs mind, social groups
  • Samuel Coleridge Kubla Khan And Materialism
    1,515 words
    Samuel T. Coleridge's Kubla Khan is a poem of two opposing ideas: materialism and imagination. In the poem, Coleridge presents imagination and emotion as the means to achieving pure pleasure and creating paradise. He does this by depicting two separate creations of a pleasure dome. One, made by Kubla Khan (a Chinese emperor in the 13 th century), was founded on materialistic greed and was created in physical reality, infecting an already present paradise in nature. This now contaminated paradise...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pleasure dome, kubla khan, demon lover, garden of eden, fell in love
  • Types Of Society Morgan Explains Chapter
    1,035 words
    ... as a touch of arousal. The male and female being close to each other with comforting touches often lead to mutual arousal. This act of the comfort moves these actions towards love. The only difference between them [the man and woman] was that he would get his behavioral reward even if the emotion was absent, while for hertha without this embellishment the whole performance seemed singularly pointless and unsatisfying (110). We are different from many other apes but our one strong difference ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: morgan, alpha male, larger, apes, ape
  • Liquid Hydrogen Natural Gas
    725 words
    Helium (Greek helios, "sun"), symbol He, inert, colorless, odorless gas element. In group 18 of the periodic table, helium is one of the noble gases. The atomic number of helium is 2. Pierre Janssen discovered helium in the spectrum of the corona of the sun during an eclipse in 1868. Shortly after it was identified as an element and named by the chemist Sir Edward Franklin and the British astronomer Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer. The gas was first isolated from terrestrial sources in 1895 by the Bri...
    Free research essays on topics related to: natural gas, liquid hydrogen, helium, hydrogen, liquid
  • Shocking Science Fiction Aldous Huxley Brave New World
    1,514 words
    The brilliant social satirist Aldous Huxley shocked the world in 1932 with the publication of his science fiction masterpiece Brave New World. The novel takes place in the cities of London and New Mexico during the year of 632 A. F. (After Ford). It is a future world of absolute stability and total sterility with one concern- happiness for all (Wright 84). In his foreword to the New Harper edition of Brave New World, Huxley states its theme as "the advancement of science as it affects human indi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: science and technology, classic notes, advancement of science, aldous huxley, brave new world
  • Fraternities And Sororities Make A Difference
    1,174 words
    The Civil War was over 130 years ago, and racial issues still stand even though it has been so long. It amazes me that discrimination and racism carries on today, especially among such younger generations such as college students. One would think that the younger generations would be more aware and more understanding of racial issues. After all it is these younger generations which were raised knowing that discrimination is wrong and everyone is equal no matter what their race or sex. Everywhere...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african american, younger generations, make a difference, racial discrimination, fraternities and sororities
  • Brave New World Huxley Creates
    628 words
    Brave New World: The Perfect World? Aldous Huxley's Brave New World presents a portrait of a society which is superficially a perfect world. At first inspection, it seems perfect in many ways: it is carefree, problem free and depression free. All aspects of the population are controlled: number, social class, and intellectual ability are all carefully regulated. Even history is controlled and rewritten to meet the needs of the party. Stability must be maintained at all costs. In the new world wh...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, controlled, huxley creates, perfect world, brave new world
  • Things They Carried Story Is Told
    938 words
    The Things They Carried is written from the perspective of the author, Tim OBrien. The book is a compilation of his stories and experiences relating to the Vietnam War. It encompasses the events and lives of himself, the other members of his company, and the war as a whole. Tim OBrien, of no important rank, is a solider in the Alpha Company that heads out most operations of Nam. They are the first troop to stake out land, the first to raid the villages, the trailblazers through the minefields. T...
    Free research essays on topics related to: war story, story is told, things they carried, obrien, tim obrien
  • Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Elastic Fibers
    541 words
    Emphysema There is a disease in the world today which is responsible for 2. 0 million American deaths. This disease ranks 9 th among chronic conditions that contribute to activity limitations. This is Emphysema. Emphysema is a condition where there is an over-inflation of alveoli or air sacs. Over the years it the numbers of deaths have been raising. This is due to the increase number of smokers today. This paper will give an analysis about Emphysema, the causes, symptoms, and treatment. Emphyse...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alpha 1 antitrypsin, emphysema, elastic fibers, lungs, deadly disease
  • Short Term Memory Evidence That Marijuana
    1,148 words
    The Benefits Of Marijuana Are you sick of hearing your girlfriend nagging you about letting go of your pot pastime? Have you been hearing a lot of negative things about the use of marijuana lately? Would you like to know what the real deal is behind the use of this infamous drug? Then read on because youre in for a surprise. One of the saddest things in North America is the lack of clinical trials on marijuana use. Many other countries in the world have already performed such tests in order to d...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evidence that marijuana, smoking marijuana, chronic marijuana, short term memory, smoked marijuana
  • Talk About The War Alpha Company Chapter
    245 words
    September 15, 1967 Characters- Peewee -Gates Richie Perry-main character, soldier Judy Duncan-nurse Lt. Wilson Kenny-Perrys brother Jenkins-soldier Johnson-soldier Lt. Carrol- Perrys Lt. Sg. Simpson- Sg. Of Perrys squad Captain Stewart Chapter 1 - Perry on flight to Vietnam. Meet Judy, they talk about the war. Meet Peewee who talks about killing Vietcong. Get to Vietnam go through the first day. Talk about the war. Chapter 2 - Perry/Peewee talk about why they are in the war. Talk about the count...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jenkins, perry, vietnam, soldier, perrys
  • Fatty Acids Saturated Fat
    706 words
    Calling fat one of lifes essentials may seem like a bold statement. Health professionals have recommended cutting back on fat for years, cautioning the public about the health risks associated with high-fat eating patterns. However, some types of fats have health benefits, while other fats when eaten in excess have adverse effects. Fat facts: Eating excess amounts of certain fats, notably saturated fat, can increase risk of chronic disease. Unsaturated fats have important functions in the body t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: saturated fat, heart disease, essential fatty, fat intake, fatty acids
  • Kappa Alpha Florida State
    1,392 words
    Florida State, First Impression When I decided to come to Florida State, surprisingly enough it wasnt for the parties. I was actually excited about coming here and studying (dont ask me why). Every other school I looked at I judged them according to how much of a party school they were and what the girls looked like. Then I end up at the # 1 party school with a 5: 1 ratio of girls to guys. In fact when I came here I wasnt even planning on rushing a Fraternity. When I got here though it was a who...
    Free research essays on topics related to: meet people, campus, kappa alpha, fraternities, florida state
  • Dna Molecules Nitrogenous Bases
    1,277 words
    Francis Crick. A name were all familiar with for his work with DNA. In keeping with the spirit of the architectonic, Crick has branched out beyond his original field of study. Crick has done some amazing work in other fields since his famous work with Watson in the 50 s. Most recently, Crick has begun to address the current hot topic in science: consciousness. Though Crick may or may not make earth-shattering observations in his book, The Astonishing Hypothesis, he at least makes a concise, coge...
    Free research essays on topics related to: protein synthesis, molecular biology, base pairs, nitrogenous bases, dna molecules
  • Null Hypothesis N 1
    581 words
    A nutritional scientist was trying to get a new herbal supplement approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Her belief is that the herbal supplement can improve endurance in humans. The scientist took 30 mice and split them into 15 groups of two mice. The two mice in each group are of the same species, have same diet patterns, and same size. One of the mice in each group was selected randomly and given the herbal supplement while the other mice was not given the supplement. The scientist rec...
    Free research essays on topics related to: n 1, mice, endurance, null hypothesis, supplement

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