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  • Urban Problems And Solutions - 1,292 words
    Urban Problems and Solutions Urbanization is one of the global trends that is followed by almost all of the states and nations through out the globe. This trend brings up many environmental and other issues that concern with life of societies living in urban areas. There are many positive and negative affects that follow the trend of urbanization and in this report we are going to talk about problems and possible ways of solutions faced by American cities. In particular we are going to talk about general problems faced by American urban areas such as transportation and environmental hazards, as well as we are going to get some deep insights into particular urban problems of Washington City a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: state legislature, state government, local government, urban problems, public housing
  • United States And The Twentieth Century - 792 words
    United States and the Twentieth Century The two main dilemmas of democracy are following: 1) If people are equal, why there is no even a slightest practical proof of it, throughout the history? 2) The assumption of people's equality contradicts the most basic laws of natural selection, upon which modern biology is based. Therefore, we can talk of equality, as rather highly abstract concept, which has nothing to do with the realities of everyday life. In United States, we are witnessing left-wing political powers trying to enforce the equality, by the mean of affirmative action. While proclaiming that their ideals are peace and tolerance, they automatically apply the label of racist to anyone ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: united state, united states, twentieth century, new york, animal farm
  • Us Constitution And Paradox Of Democracy - 717 words
    US Constitution and Paradox of Democracy It is a matter of fact that the federal government of the United States of American was created by the Constitution of 1789. The federal government is called so because it was formed by the constitution among thirteen states. It is known that the states agreed to form central authority and submit themselves to it. It means that thirteen separate states formed one nation with the only one Constitution. It is a common knowledge that the Preamble to constitution mentions six main purposes for which the new government of the United States of America was established. (Kehen 1996)These purposes forms have to form perfect union, to provide domestic tranquili ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: democracy, united state, united states, founding father, paradox
  • U.s Airlines Industry: Porter's Five Forces Model - 684 words
    U.S Airlines Industry: Porter's Five Forces Model Michael E. Porter is a professor of the Harvard Business School. He is an expert on competitive strategy and heavy duty consultant. Michael Porter is the author of Model for Industry Analysis. Porters Five Forces Model refers to the power in the industry and helps to predict the next attack that can destroy the business. According to Porter, industry is being influenced by five forces. They are: Competitors: exit barriers, industry concentration, fixed costs/value added, industry growth, intermittent overcapacity, product differences, switching costs, brand identity, diversity of rivals, corporate stakes; Customers: Bargaining leverage, buye ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: forces model, airline, united airlines, substitute products, industry analysis
  • U.s.a Constitution - 1,998 words
    U.S.A Constitution The constitution of the USA is the oldest one among of the hand-written constitutions working now. It has been produced by convent, that was held in Philadelphia from May, 14 till September, 17, 1787. Interests of the social groups submitted in convent were reflected in it - slaveholders, ground aristocracy, bourgeoisie, in other words the layers of the population distinctly understanding the purposes and tasks of constitutional system created by them. The structure of convent cannot be named representative enough; from 74 delegates appointed in it only 55 participated in work, a number from them has left convent before its ending, and only 39 have put the signatures under ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human rights, amendment, supreme court, new york, amendments
  • U.s. History - 326 words
    U.S. History The issue of relation between men and women has been a subject of great many psychological and sociological studies. It is the key factor that defines functioning human societies as whole, thats why the importance of this issue cannot be underestimated. The given articles of Gloria Steinem, Katha Pollitt and response letters to them, try to answer question whether therere a biological reasons for womens institutionalized inferiority. Gloria Steinem argues that therere no such reasons. Knowing that the best kind of defense is an attack, she pushes it even further, suggesting that women are superior to men in many respects: Women survived Nazi concentration camps better, keep coo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u.s. history, men and women, pollitt, gender, feminist
  • Ukraine Is A Country Situated In The Geographical Center Of... - 1,044 words
    Ukraine is a country situated in the geographical center of Europe, with great fertile soil and a great potential, but at all that it is still unknown. While taking my interview, I got to know that when a student from Ukraine came to Great Britain and was asked to tell British students about his country, he asked, if they knew what it was. The class kept silence, one student said that it ought to be a street in London and the other said: Oh my God, Chernobyl! and it is a dreadful stereotype this country is known for its ancient customs and traditions, melodic language and many-many other things ordinary people do not see and do no know. While interviewing Vasya, a representative of the Ukrai ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ukrainian, ukraine, lifestyle, situated, holiday
  • U.s. Foreign Policy And Aid To Nepal In The Cold... - 2,819 words
    U.S. Foreign Policy and Aid to Nepal in the Cold War Period: Implications for Future Direction U.S. Foreign Policy and Aid to Nepal in the Cold War Period: Implications for Future Direction Table of Contents Introduction The U.S. Interest in Nepal The Motivations for Aid The U.S. Aid and its Foreign Policy Objectives U.S. Aid and the Politico-Economic Objectives An Evaluation of The Aid Impact The Future Direction of the U.S. Aid Conclusion Bibliography Introduction Foreign aid is basically a diplomatic instrument. The United States was the first country to employ aid systematically in order to achieve its major foreign policy goals in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: united states, united state, foreign policy, nepal, south asia
  • Use Of Statistical Information - 768 words
    Use of Statistical Information Critical cares main goal is to give the care of best quality to the patients and by doing so to achieve the best possible results. This part of health care, critical care is, just as other branches of health care, in great need for effective statistic gathering tools. Due to proper statistics and received information, better results of curing can be achieved. This information also provides the insight on the results that the care will bring, not regarding the fact of the quality of critical care, meaning people who come from the same area and share similar traits are more likely to have similar outcomes of diseases. The statistical information that is gathered ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: critical care, statistical information, statistical, health care, health information
  • Use Of The Various Principles Of Design - 591 words
    Use of the various principles of design In this research I would like to choose the painting of the world famous and one of the most expensive artists Picasso, Woman with Stiletto. This painting is actually also called The Death of Marat. Marat was one of the historical figures during those times. So now let us try to apply the major principles of design in evaluating this masterpiece. Principles of design actually involve the manner in which artists and designers put together virtually everything they create. According to my mind this is not so easy to judge this painting in terms of design, because Picasso probably used his personal approach to these principles. Let us begin with the balan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: painting, scheme, dominance, artist, unity
  • Unequal Participation At The Polls - 2,706 words
    Unequal Participation at the Polls The electoral system we have now is Electoral College. The system is not new to United States and has deep history throughout the country. The system forces candidates for president to campaign throughout the country instead of ignoring smaller states and only seeking to dominate the popular vote in the larger states. Candidates are less inclined to offer deals to large population states at the expense of small population states in this way. Also one cannot forget that the U.S. is made of several states and each state has its own rights. As such, the elimination of the Electoral College system would dilute those rights by erasing state lines contrary to fou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: electoral college, majority rule, vote, representation, united states
  • Us History: Two Essays/two Pages - 1,721 words
    US history: two essays/two pages Section 1- (chosen #1) Before the beginning of the WWI, The United States of America nearly completed its transition from a predominantly agrarian society to a predominantly urban industrial nation. Immigration, urban growth, and the expansion of industrial capitalism proceeded apace. The number of Americans living in cities reached nearly 50 percent, fueled by the arrival of nearly 17 million immigrants, mostly from southern, central, and Eastern Europe. The Asian and Hispanic populations also increased. Despite the heightening of nationalistic fervor as the U.S. became a major world power, class, race, and regional differences continued to define the Americ ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: suffrage, united state, united states, vote, u.s. history
  • Urban Environmental Science - 705 words
    Urban Environmental Science A human being breathes 16 times a minute, 960 times an hour, almost 8.5 million times a year. With each breath, he or she inhales hundreds of airborne substances. The nature of these substances is partially formed by the human activity. For those who live in cities, many of those substances are pollutants that increases the risk of respiratory problems and cancer. Smog reduces lung capacity and decreases the body's ability to fight infection. Soot causes bronchitis, chronic lung disease and irritation of the eyes and throat, causing serious deseases like cancer. Even people who don't experience severe health problems from air pollution, suffer in some other ways. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: air pollution, pollution, environmental science, renewable energy, fossil fuel
  • Use Of American Indian Images In The Boy Scouts And Camp Fire Girls - 2,638 words
    Use of American Indian Images in the Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls Taking into consideration such organizational movements as the Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls, we may focus our attention on these organizations usage of American Indian images. Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls use American Indian images pretty often in various kinds of activities and specific to the organizations staff. One of the examples of the usage of American Indian Images can be seen at the badges that Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls have. In this research we are going to examine the various kinds of the usage of the images and have a closer look at the origins of the images and how they were integrated with the american ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: indian, american, camp, native american, native americans
  • Using Double Agents And Problems Connected With It part 1 - 4,075 words
    Using Double Agents and Problems Connected with It Intelligence means many things to different people. Social scientists associate eight interpretations to the expression. Statecraft, or more mundanely government, requires knowledge both in a general and in a particular sense. Intelligence in government usually has a more restricted meaning than just information and its collection, processing and use. It is related to international affairs, defense, national security and secrecy and it works through specialized institutions labeled intelligence. The book written by M. Herman, Intelligence Power in Peace and War, tries to analyze the intelligence system, the interaction of people in the intel ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, agent, british intelligence, world war ii, officer
  • Using Double Agents And Problems Connected With It part 2 - 4,075 words
    ... people who were guided by high ideals," says Kalugin. "Philby thought communism was the future of humanity. The Cambridge Five remained loyal to the very end, even when the system compromised itself. They didn't lose faith in the Soviet system. The Russian wife of infamous Cold War British 'double agent' Kim Philby reveals the details of what happened to the communist spy after he fled the West for Moscow. So this is the Russian woman the notorious British `double agent' Kim Philby was devoted to for the last two decades of his life. Now 67, Rufina Philby remains graceful and handsome. When she talks about the man she insists was the "perfect husband", it isn't hard to see how this woman ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, soviet union, british intelligence, soviet, agent
  • Underground Railroad - 1,462 words
    Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad wasn't really underground nor a railroad but, routes that the enslaved took to get to freedom. It was also nicknamed Liberty Line. Escape routes ranged from the North to the Western territories, Mexico, and even the Caribbean. Although no one really knows exactly when it was started, some reports of aid being given to the runaways in the early 1700's and ended promptly in 1856 due to the union's victory over the Confederacy. There were many people involved in these escapes through the Underground Railroad although, they all might not have been directly involved, they all helped out in one way or another. Abolitionists were people in favor of gett ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: underground railroad, railroad, underground, runaway, new york
  • United Kingdom Law. Case Analysis - 1,579 words
    United Kingdom Law. Case Analysis What happened in the case of Jeremy, a computer systems operator was highly inappropriate not only according to the British and international laws but also from the point of business ethics. Jeremys assistant Lucinda had violated the law two times when firing Jeremy without notice and discriminating against his old age. The assistant manager had also misrepresented the legal information regarding the dismissal program at the company and therefore also violated the employment law. In the following essay I am going to speak about the legal aspects of the case, present various findings and legal framework applicable to the case as well as express my personal op ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jeremy, employment law, employee, dismissal, employment laws

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