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  • David Carson, As A Graphic Designer Started By Creating Visuals... - 966 words
    David Carson, as a graphic designer started by creating visuals for Transworld Skateboarding magazine, later his art could be seen in Transworld Snowboarding, Beach Culture, Surfer and finally Ray Gun that revealed Carsons vivid graphical language; he was able to connect to the audience using his unique code of color and shape, making print medium alive and fresh. Its his work in Ray Gun that made him renown; his works were highly praised in mainstream periodicals including New York and Newsweek. William Gibson in his book Out of Control, gives the following description of the designers work in Ray Gun, "The event horizon of futurity, as close as any windshield, its textures mapped in channe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carson, designer, graphic, graphic design, typography
  • Dr. Daniel Graybill - 1,318 words
    Dr. Daniel Graybill [ ] Chapter 7: Case Study for Depression Sally Jone was a 16-year-old African-American female referred to the adolescent unit of an inpatient psychiatric hospital. She was referred by her mother, Mrs. Jone, who had discovered her bleeding from her wrists in her bedroom. The amount of blood was not substantial, but Mrs. Jone had brought Sally to an emergency room anyway for treatment. The attending physician had said that Sally was not seriously injured but recommended that the teenager to be committed to an inpatient psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Given Sally's recent depressive behaviors, Mrs. Jone consented to a short-term commitment of her daughter. The next day, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sally, psychiatrist, physical education, emergency room, confirmed
  • Distinctive Features Of Socialism - 2,796 words
    Distinctive Features of Socialism For the last three centuries there has been many political theories and ideologies developed, which were aimed at changing the distribution of wealth and power in a society in a certain way. Socialism is a class of ideologies favoring an economic system in which all or most productive resources are the property of the government. Within this system, the production and distribution of goods and services are administered primarily by the government rather than by private enterprise, and any remaining private production and distribution is heavily regulated by the government rather than by market processes. Socialism aims at a social system based on public owne ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: socialism, great britain, socialist, communist manifesto, marx
  • Devoted To Student Movement In Barkley - 1,638 words
    Devoted to Student Movement in Barkley The Free Speech Movement started as a dispute over 26 feet of sidewalk and escalated into a pitched battle for control of the University of California at Berkeley. In the process, an entire school, students and faculty alike, was polarized into two camps fundamentally at odds with each other, both ideologically and in terms of rhetoric. The Free Speech Movement represented the adoption of civil rights protest techniques-pickets, sit-ins, and other non-violent methods-in a hitherto untested arena, the university. As it turned out, it was the opening salvo in a long, drawn-out battle, a tumult that would ultimately affect one out of every ten college and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: free speech, civil right, civil rights, administration, police officer
  • Don Quixote And The Ethical Self - 1,288 words
    Don Quixote and the Ethical Self By far, book Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra is the most famous and respected book in the Spanish literature. Originally Cervantes intended to present this work as a derision of the popular ballads, but it appeared that he also made a parody on the chivalry romances of the time. as a result of Cervantess ambitions, he created a book that became one of the most entertaining adventure stories of all time, presenting two most interesting characters of the fiction genreDon Quixote and Sancho Panza. By 1916, the year when Cervantes died, his book Don Quixote was already popular and well known both in French and in English. There is no doubt that Don Qu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: don quixote, quixote, cervantes, the knight, knight
  • Development Of Vietnam In The Last Three Decades part 1 - 3,883 words
    Development of Vietnam in the Last Three Decades The Vietnam War as we all know has devastation effects on the country and its people. Lives are forever changed because of it. All wars start out when two sides have differences and Vietnam was no different. It started because France and a Vietnam leader, Ho Chi Minh, had a difference in opinion about the type of government Vietnam should have. Vietnam wasnt as different as it was to Vietnam today. Before the war, the French conquered Vietnam for over 200 years with peace. During the war, there was chaos everywhere. As one soldier recalls, getting from base to base was already a challenge considering the fact that you had VCs hiding in bushes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vietnam, south vietnam, vietnam war, dinh diem, north vietnam
  • Development Of Vietnam In The Last Three Decades part 2 - 3,883 words
    ... prsidntial palac with tanks and Vit Cong flags. On Russian tank still sits on th grounds of th old palac today, a rmindr of that glorious day, which gts xplaind now as having bn about nationalism and indpndnc and driving out forign aggrssors. Part of th tragdy was that thos U.S. policymakrs who doggd th war, snt th poor and young into battl, nvr took th tim to undrstand what it was all about. Fiv minuts of Vitnams history could hav taught lssons which, if larnd, could hav savd millions of livs. Vitnam mans "popl from th south." Many cnturis ago th rgion was part of th Chins mpir. It brok away, but not bfor cnturis of Vitnams battls xhaustd thir nmy. Vitnams national hros wr thos who ld t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world bank, vietnam, communist party, bank, economy
  • Dantes Divine Comedy - 2,534 words
    Dantes Divine Comedy "The Divine Comedy" is an epic poem brimming with information and eloquent literary devices. (The word "comedy" is used here in its classical sense - to denote a story which begins in suspense and ends well.) The lengthy work combines Dante's vast knowledge of classical Latin writers (Virgil, Ovid, Cicero, Seneca ... ) and Greek philosophers (Plato and Aristotle) with his readings from the religious and theological classics of Catholicism (Augustine, Thomas Acquinas ... ). Some awareness of medieval symbolism and imagery can greatly enrich the modern reader's understanding and enjoyment of Dante's personal, visionary odyssey through the realms of the dead. For example, t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: divine comedy, dante, comedy, deadly sins, divine
  • Doctor Faustus - 1,142 words
    Doctor Faustus The play Doctor Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe, is a story that shows the many human flaws inside people, and how they affect not only life but also the afterlife. Choices are a huge part of the path of life and the direction we take. The consequences of or bad choices can lead to punishments unthinkable to most. The play definitely implies that individuals make their own choices; the thing is that sometimes those choices are bad ones. This is the case in the character of Doctor Faustus. Dr. Faustus' main character flaw was his impulsiveness due to his selfish and greedy demeanor. This is something that affected him repeatedly throughout the play. It is shown in his quick dec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: faustus, doctor faustus, devil, benvolio, eternity

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