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  • Draculas Strengths Vs Weaknesses - 1,288 words
    1. Speaks of history as if he was there 2. Legend in the story states that "un-dead" will go on for eternity 3. Dracula himself states "Time is on my side." B. Blood gives him strength and restored vitality 1. Dracula looks younger after consuming blood 2. Renfield explains what Dracula is doing to Mina C. Ability to heal injuries much faster that normal men 1. Throws himself through a window and emerges unhurt 2. This explains the difficulty involved with killing a vampire 1. Harker describes handshake as an "iron grip" 2. Seward's journal shows that Renfield exhibits great physical strength 3. Bars of a wolf's cage are found bent, probably Dracula 4. It is found that Dracula can actually h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bram stoker's dracula, weaknesses, main character, bram stoker, sustenance
  • Dr - 469 words
    y outset, it is clear that the hawk is in control. The poem begins assertively with the pronoun I. The hawk is so secure in his position that he is able to announce the fact that he is resting, inaction, with his eyes closed. There is no falsifying dream - he has nothing to hide - between his hooked head and hooked feet. The repetition of hooked puts the reader on guard - it sounds slightly sinister. This idea is confirmed when the hawk goes on to say that his dreams are single-minded: he rehearses perfect kills. He is portrayed almost like a military dictator. The irony in the statement My manners are tearing off heads is intentional: the hawk actually seems proud of the fact that he does n ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sylvia plath, last year, worlds apart, proud
  • Dracule - 1,724 words
    Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Evil often triumphs, but never conquers. The two quotations from above explain that evil never conquers because good always overcomes it. A good example of this is the book Dracula by Bram Stoker because the author expresses the nature of good vs. evil. Dracula wants to come to London because he wants to turn everyone into vampires. The basic background of the book Dracula is when Jonathan Harker, a realtor who is sent to Transylvania to complete a transaction with Dracula so he can come to England. What Harker does not know is that Dracula has a plan for world domination. Well, while Harker is on a train to Transylvania he enters the eas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bram stoker, heart attack, count dracula, adventure, cont
  • Dolls House - 992 words
    A play serves as the author's tool for critiquing society. One rarely encounters the ability to transcend accepted social beliefs. The play reflects controversial issues that the audience can relate to because they interact in the same situations every day. As late nineteenth century playwright, Henrick Ibsen points out the flaws of mankind and also provides an answer to the controversy. Unknowingly the heroine solves the problem at the end of the play and indirectly sends a message to the audience on how to solve their own problems. Henrik Ibsen provides a unique analysis on the issues that his culture never thought as being wrong. In the play A Doll's House, Ibsen tackles women's rights as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: a doll's house, dolls house, house ibsen, societal issues, women's rights
  • Dubliners - 1,450 words
    ... e fun and celebrate."18 This just about shows how they started off the party. Joyce then writes, "They drank, however: it was Bohemian. They drank Ireland, England, France, Hungary, the United States of America. Jimmy mad a speech, a long speech, Villona saying Hear! hear! whenever there was a pause. There was a great clapping of hands when he sat down. It must have been a good speech."19 In this sequence of passages it seems as if the characters move from childhood to adulthood in an instance. They are starting to get drunk. One reason being they drank to six different countries. The other that they were already drinking on top of that. The freedom that this proposes is the freedom of a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dubliners, turning point, book of revelation, united states, adolescence
  • Description Of A Bum - 498 words
    When most people think of big cities, they imagine gigantic structures climbing into the bright blue sky, or millions and millions of people scampering around like little ants trying to get food in for the winter. What they dont think about, however, are the lower-class people, men and women who live on the cold, cracked sidewalks in the shadows of those gigantic buildings. There is a section of every big city called the slums. In this place, the smell of rotten garbage fills the misty, stagnated air. Everywhere you look, you see moldy cardboard boxes and old blankets people threw away. Grimy clothes and old, empty liquor bottles are scattered everywhere. Newspapers, with coffee stains and d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lower class, men and women, watering, inhabitants
  • Deep Woods - 707 words
    Dusk has fallen, and now its just starting to penetrate the canopy of the forest. The trees seem t be dancing to the music of the evening breeze and the gentle rustle of leafs compliment the overall atmosphere. The songs of birds have been totally replaced by an orchestra of crickets and other insects, and I seem to be their sole audience. My eyes peer into the gloo horn/page2.htmlm trying to make out what lies ahead, without much success. Soon I realize that I have to let my other senses take over in order continue on. I tread onto what seems to be a sea of moss that covers a large portion of the forest f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carried away, upstream, forming, dawn
  • Distinguishing Characteristics On The Writings Of Cheever And Joyce - 1,183 words
    Distinguishing Characteristics on the Writings of Cheever and Joyce James Joyce and John Cheever were two influential writers of the late 1800's and early 1900's. James Joyce was an Irish author that wrote various short stories, novels, and poems. In Dubliners, he is noted for his epiphanies and objective correlatives. John Cheever, is an American short-story writer and novelist whose work is known for his portrayals of the average middle-class American. His works include ironic comedies and the displaying of his imagination. Both writers are duly noted for their short stories. Their unique styles of writings are respectably different to a point. They are similar in the way they display thei ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cheever, distinguishing, james joyce, john cheever, joyce
  • Daniel Deronda By Eliot - 1,162 words
    Leonora Alcharisis Individualism in George Eliots Daniel Deronda Although Daniels mother is only in two chapters of George Eliots Daniel Deronda, she stands out as one of the novels most memorable, and shocking, characters. Leonora Alcharisi completely obliterates any preconceptions that Daniel, and the reader, had about what his mother might be like. The crux of why she is so shocking is that her character is bereft of any motherly qualities. Leonoras renouncing of the role that society values most in women, that of mother, is emblematic of her rejection of every design that society projected on her. Leonoras struggle with the society that doesnt value her because she is a Jewess is embodie ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: daniel, eliot, different situations, maternal instinct, rightful
  • Daniel Deronda By Eliot - 1,179 words
    ... side her community (Eliot 544). In giving up Daniel, Leonora made the ultimate break from any role society would have for her, and for a time her experience vindicated her decision. The different names that Leonora adopts throughout her life take on a great deal of significance in the examination of her struggle to break from society. Born with the name Charisi, that of her father, it represents the repressive culture in which she grew up. Upon becoming a singer she changes it to Alcharisi (Eliot 546). It is as Leonora Alcharisi that she most identifies herself. Her time as a singer was when she most fully achieved the freedom she always desired. Speaking of her past life, she tells Dani ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: daniel, eliot, george eliot, men and women, belief system
  • Doll House - 1,181 words
    Animal Imagery in Henrick Ibsen's A Doll House Animal imagery in Henrick Ibsen's play, The Doll House is a critical analyzing tool for the character development of Nora and Torvald Helmer the main characters in this play. The play is a three-act play that takes place in the Helmer residence, in "A room furnished comfortably and tastefully, but not extravagantly." (pg.3) It's the Christmas season at the residence as it's told early in the play. Torvald asks Nora what she would like for Christmas. Nora wishes for money, because, unknown to Torvald, she owes a large sum to Nils Krogstad for a promissory note loan he had given to her. The story goes on, and Torvald finds out about the note. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: doll, doll house, nils krogstad, torvald helmer, betrayal
  • Disillusionment - 1,244 words
    Jules de Gaultier stated, Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. I think the war against reality is the process of aging and imagination is our naivet that shields us from the frightening world. By imagining that situations will never be uncomfortable; girls will never experience heartbreak; men will always have jobs to support their families; and people will never become sick, we are setting our selves up for a slap in the face when, inevitably, we are forced to notice how the real world works. Disillusionment is the acceptance of truth and the understanding or reality. To be disillusioned, one becomes disappointed when his or her opinion or belief is found out to be fal ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: disillusionment, looking backward, snow white, real world, rider
  • Doctor Faustus The Aristotelian Hero - 1,143 words
    Heroes envelop the idea of a noble person who fights for the rights of the little people. He or she commits a deed that goes above and beyond the call. This type of hero exists in the modern thought, but there also exists another hero, an Aristotelian Hero. This tragic hero starts out in the nobility of society, yet he just like any other man. This hero has but one fault and that fault, hamartia, is a fatal error or flaw that in the end causes the downfall of the hero. This downfall leads to a catharsis that causes pity and terror in the audience. Doctor Faustus resembles most of Aristotles idea of a hero. He was man like the rest of us in that he was a regular man who was able to rise of a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aristotelian, doctor faustus, faustus, tragic hero, higher level
  • Dead End Marriage - 388 words
    In Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour, a wife takes the news of her husbands death quite differently than most wives. Some might find Mrs. Mallards rather joyous response to her husbands death confusing or shocking. But, having lived without love for her husband, Mrs. Mallard takes death as a window of opportunity for life. Mrs. Mallard knows that she will grieve at the funeral and will be capable of seeing beyond the bitter moment. Unlike those who have heard the same with the paralyzed inability to accept its significance, Mrs. Mallard hears the death of her husband knowing that the event brings something specialfreedom from the restraints of marriage. She will have years of life to herself ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: the story of an hour, writing process, story of an hour, possession, grieve
  • Dr Faustus - 700 words
    In Dr. Faustus, Christopher Marlowe has vividly drawn up the character of an intelligent, learned man tragically seduced by the lure of power greater than he was mortally meant to have. The character of Dr. Faustus is, in conception, an ideal of humanism, but Marlowe has taken him and shown him to be damned nonetheless, thus satirizing the ideals of Renaissance Humanism. M. H. Abram's A Glossary of Literary Terms defines Renaissance Humanism, stating that some of the key concepts of the philosophy centered around "the dignity and central position of human beings in the universe" as reasoning creatures, as well as downplaying the "animal' passions" of the individual. The mode of the thought a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dr. faustus, faustus, literary terms, renaissance humanism, greatness
  • Dantes Inferno - 951 words
    In his poem, the Inferno, Dante mentions many well know people. Dante mentions such people as Pope Anastasius, Alexander the great, Cleopatra, and many others. The poem is about Dante who has died, and upon reaching the afterlife, he was stopped short of heaven by three beasts. When Dante flees the beasts, Virgil appears. Virgil states that he is there to take Dante to heaven, but it will be a long trip through hell. Virgil tells Dante that the only way to heaven is to follow him. Dante follows, and the majority of the poem is a very descriptive narrative of what Dante sees and encounters. Throughout his journey, Dante sees and encounters people he had known or read about in life. These are ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dantes inferno, inferno, alexander the great, great leaders, penalty
  • Descriptive Essay - 443 words
    Person: He stands five foot five. His hair is blonde and brown. His eyes are brown as well. He listens to punk music, Nofx being his favorite band. He likes to go fishing in his grandmother's back yard, and hunt as well. He is nice to all who are nice to him. He never turns down a friend in need, even if he is in need as well. He is overweight, but it doesn't bring him down. He wears a necklace with his name on it, and a balled chain as well. He wears a chain bracelet around his wrist. He often wears JNCO jeans, because nothing else will do. He will rarely ever wear a shirt without a band on it. His hat is red, and bares the Millencollen symbol. His face is round and blushes easily. He likes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: descriptive, old english, noise, rarely
  • Disney Legends - 686 words
    Disney movies have always created various stories based upon legends. To name a few: Hercules, Pocahontas, and The Sword in the Stone. The characters in these movies have shown various characteristics that possess values that are thought of as great, even years after this these films have been released. Disney has not always shown all of the various eras of time in which legends were to have taken place. These have been shown in the Medieval, American Frontier, and even Ancient Greco-Roman time. Legends often reflect the beliefs and values of their culture. During the era of Medieval England, characters have shown bravery as in The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake, where Sir Launcelot fought al ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: disney, legends, steam engine, king arthur, trusting
  • Discrimination Of Sex - 600 words
    Discrimination is a word which can be applied to a multitude of life-learned situations; for it is arguably a part of human nature to discriminate. Whether it is the color of ones skin, judgement pertaining to the aesthetic value of ones countenance, or the type of jeans one wears, it is something that reasonably every human being has displayed or encountered. And according to a majority of the population, there is no better setting for discrimination than when pertaining to that of sex. Men and woman will undoubtedly be engaged in a timeless argument of which sex is better; which is more qualified for the job, which is more athletic, which is more responsible. The list of quarrels is appare ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: discrimination, human nature, music television, sex offenders, decency
  • Donconstructionthe Secret Sharer - 1,126 words
    Deconstruction is a post-structural school of philosophy and literary criticism that was developed by French philosopher Jacques Derrida. Although he is credited with its origins, he seems to have borrowed heavily from German philosophers, Friedrich Neitzsche and Martin Heidegger, who radically questioned the validity of basic philosophical concepts and Chinese philosopher, Lao Tse who embraced the harmony of opposites. In one of his short texts Tse wrote: Therefore having and not having arise together. Difficult and easy complement each other. Voices and sound harmonize each other. Therefore the sage goes about doing nothing, The ten thousand things rise and fall without cease, Many consid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: secret sharer, sharer, martin heidegger, black white, descriptive

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