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Example research essay topic: Nature Of Man Lord Of The Flies - 1,174 words

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Through his writing in the book Lord of the Flies, William Golding's view on nature is not as in the plant and tree kind of nature, but on the nature of man at a young age of life. Golding is trying to portray what instincts and desires are like at an early time in a man's life when there are no adults around to help shape those feelings to fit-in with the main stream society that people live in everyday. The nature of man is any and all of the instincts and desires of a person or animal. Instincts are a very important part of the nature of man because instincts are things that people react to, things that have grown into a person from repeated experiences and then get passed on to future generations as something they would do like a habit that can't be changed. An instinct is an inborn tendency to believe in a way characteristic of a species, in this case humans. When Ralph meets Piggy and they figure out that there are no adults on the island with them, Ralph calls a meeting with the conch that he and Piggy find on the beach by the platform.

He knows there needs to be order among the boys, so he suggests there be a chief among them. He is elected chief by a majority of the boys, and by what Ralph's already been taught, gives the boys tasks so that there will be plenty of food, shelters will be built, and they will have a place where things will be half-way sanitary to get rid of waste. Since the littles are not really old enough to understand things very well so they just play, explore, and rely on the bigger children to provide for them. Piggy's instinct is to stay back and out of the way while putting his input in on things but not volunteering to actually do the work and using asthma as his excuse.

Simon is curious about his surroundings and wants to find out what's here on the island. He is unafraid of the island and does not believe A desire is suggesting a longing for something lacked or needed. All through the novel there are places where Ralph dreams of his home and garden back in Great Britain. He dreams of his mother calling him for afternoon tea. He remembers an odd house on a block that stands apart from the rest. These dreams that Ralph is having are suggesting that he has a very strong desire to get off the island and be comforted in the arms of home.

Another example of his longing to leave is when he sees the smoke of a ship and realizes they will not know they are on the island and stop because the fire has gone out. He then screams very loud in fury and desperation of hope that's been lost. Keeping the fire going on the mountain is a symbol of the desire to go back home. By continuously putting firewood on the pile and creating smoke it signifies that just maybe a ship passing along will see the smoke and stop at the island to rescue the boys from themselves and the beast that is always lurking in the shadows. Piggy just wanted a friend, someone he could talk to and whom would listen and respect his thoughts without telling him to setup in the middle of a sentence. Piggy also wanted to feel needed, like his ideas were important and should be taken seriously.

He mainly wanted Ralph to be this person that he was looking for. Ralph would halfway be nice to him and actually take him into consideration sometimes and keep him protected against Jack and his gang of hunters. This is the reason why Piggy clung to Ralph whenever he was around. Simon's desire is to just be left to his own thoughts and to help out whenever he can. He is the only one that stayed to help Ralph build the rest of the shelters, he picks fruit for the littles, is willing to go back through the jungle alone to tell Piggy a message, and confront the beast face to face. All Jack really wants to do is hunt for pigs and the beast and kill them.

It seems to be his main obsession throughout the novel. Jack would also like to be leader and is jealous that the children chose Ralph to be chief over him. In killing the pigs he is trying to prove that he is of worth and a much better leader because he provides meat for everybody to eat. Drive is another nature of man. It is not predominant over instinct and desire but it is still linked to the nature of man. Drive is to force into or from a state or act.

Whenever people don't feel that they are getting the credit that they feel they deserve for whatever deed they have done, sometimes that makes them do rash things. An example of drive is when Jack breaks Piggy's glasses so that Piggy could only see out of one eye. Jack was so happy when he killed his first pig that when Ralph did not act the way Jack was hoping, he was driven mad for a moment and grabbed Piggy's glasses and hurled them at a rock where one of the lenses smashed Appetite is the least characteristic in the nature of man. Appetite could mean to crave food, but in this instance it goes beyond it's simple meaning.

In this case it means desire to satisfy some craving of the body. The littles had a craving for pleasure and food. Piggy had an appetite to be needed and accepted as a person in the boys society. Jack had to kill a pig. He saw no other way. He had a need to drain the blood and then eat the creature he had slain.

Ralph just wanted to get along and hold things together until a ship would come, see their smoke on the Nature can mean many different things such as the natural scenery, including the plants and animals that are a part of it; affectionate and kindly feeling; the state of man unredeemed by grace; or the sum total of all things in time and space, meaning the entire physical universe. Golding meant none of these definitions to be nature in his book. He only wanted one specific type of nature and that was the nature of man. All of the detail he put in to the characters about how they reacted to one another, to the beast, and to the unknown hope of being rescued linked to this one basic characteristic of man. Also because he wanted to fit the nature of man into society to see of they would fit together in a world of nothing but children stuck on a deserted island with no rules and regulations coming from the adults. Bibliography: Lord of the Flies

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Research essay sample on Nature Of Man Lord Of The Flies

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