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Example research essay topic: United States Government Annexation Of Texas - 1,007 words

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There were many events that led to the Mexican War. Its major culprit is the hostilities between the United States and Mexico. This contempt led to the provocation of the United States into a war with Mexico. President Polk s words to Congress suggest this, Mexico has shed American blood upon American soil.

War exists, and exists by the act of Mexico herself. The Mexican War was justified on the part of the United States. The main cause of the war is usually blamed on the annexation of Texas into the Union. This idea is much too shallow because the causes root deeper than that. There are minor causes that accumulated and led to the start of the war. One of the most obvious is the Annexation of Texas.

At the time Texas was an independent republic. The people have chosen to secede from Mexico and join the Union. Another cause is the problem with the claims against the Mexican Government by United States citizens for property damages a result of the frequent revolutions and instability of the period. Yet another is the desire of Americans to acquire California. They had feared the possibility of it falling into British or French rule. They did not want European neighbors.

This would be a threat to the welfare of United States. It can be considered as an act of protection and security. Finally, the poor foreign diplomacy between Mexico and the United States is last straw that broke the camel s back. The Mexican Government played a large role in the increased hostilities between the two nations. They were disgruntled about losing Texas and did not want it to be a part of the United States. As a result, they ceased diplomatic relations with the United States Government.

President Polk personally dispatched American envoy, John Slidell, to negotiate terms to maintain friendly relations. Slidell attempted to work a deal and agreed to cover all the U. S. citizens claims against their government.

The current leader, Jose Herrera, refused to receive Slidell because acceptance would imply friendly relations between the two nations, thus condoning the Annexation of Texas. This shows the stubbornness of the Mexican government. They did not have a healthy foreign diplomacy. This is the reason war occurred. One example is non-negotiable policy of the Mexican General Mariano Paredes.

He pledged to maintain the boundary line along the Sabine River, which separated Texas and Louisiana. The troops later took up the war cry; Exterminate to the Sabine these words were literally enforced as they brutally slaughtered Americans in their war campaign. The Mexican Government was also ignorant. They were cocky and believed in the superiority of their military. The army had a good Calvary, but the fact is their military was overrated.

It was larger and better trained than the United States, but it was not invincible. Every chain has its weak link. They also failed to realize that the United States government had an aqueduct production of goods and supplies. This necessity is important in war for it can decide victory or defeat. The first military hostilities began before Texas was even annexed into the Union. General Zachary Taylor was instructed to send troops into Texas as soon as the annexation was complete.

He positioned his troops at Fort Jesup in West Louisiana until he was authorized to send them to Corpus Christi, Texas. The General s instructions were as follows, As soon as the offer of annexation made to Texas by the Congress of the United States of America on March 1, 1845, should be accepted, Texas will be then regarded so far a part of the United States as to be entitled to defense and protection from foreign invasion and Indian incursion. He was also instructed that he should be prepared to move his troops on or near the River Grande. This is operation had just motives.

The United States was attempting to protect its new citizens, not preparing for war. During this time period there were no actions on the United States Government to increase the size of the military. The increase in military forces came only after war was declared. The American forces began preparing for war when the diplomatic relations between the nations ceased. General Mariano Paredes was stuck on his non-negotiable policy of maintaining the boundary along the Sabine River. When American Envoy John Slidell was sent home, President Polk issued General Taylor to march toward the Rio Grande and set-up a defensive position.

He had special instructions not to treat the Mexicans as enemies, but authorized him to take appropriate action should hostilities occur. General Taylor set up Fort Polk and Fort Brown along the defined border of the Rio Grande. The Mexicans threatened the Americans and told them to return to Corpus Christi. They attempted to entice the Americans by setting up snipers to pick off any American in sight.

Later, Mexican General Mariano Arista crossed the river and attacked the Americans. This news reached Washington and convinced Congress to declare war. On May 13, 1846, President Polk signed the bill, and the Mexican War officially began. After much fighting the Mexicans were defeated. On February 2, 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. It gave the United States California, New Mexico, and established a border along the Rio Grande.

In return, the United States paid Mexico $ 15 Million Dollars and agreed to settle all its citizen s claims against their government. The war was a result of many sparks that ignited into an inferno. There was resentment, ignorance, and brutal fighting that plagued the land before Americans even stepped foot on it. The Annexation occurred as a result of America s Expansionism Policy; though, it did not force the independent republic of Texas to join the Union. It did so by its own free will.

The war could have been avoided as numerous ones have been in the past with good relations, but the Mexican Government was not stable enough to have an official foreign policy.

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Research essay sample on United States Government Annexation Of Texas

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