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Example research essay topic: Pride And Prejudice Parents And Children - 1,020 words

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A part of family structure is family dynamics, which together create a family unit. Family, by dictionary definition, means the parents and children alone; the children as distinguished from the parents. This reveals how the relationships within the family are important. It is the Parents and Children alone and how they interact that can exhibit a family tie. When a parent and child connect, it starts a thread in the bracelet of that certain family, and, depending on how many bonds there are in the family, shows how tightly woven that bracelet is.

The bonds hold the family together. The novel, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, illustrates a family in which the members tend to have small bonds with those that are similar to them. My family, on the other hand, demonstrates the opposite, where the differences bring members together to form more secured bonds. A weakness in a family is the difference between parents and it is the most tremendous feebleness when it comes to the point where everything that is being said has a second meaning. When the reader first opens the novel, he / she reads a dialogue between Mrs. Bennet and Mr.

Bennet. It is a typical dialogue for the Bennets. There is so much confutation that the reader knows from that point on that the Bennet's relationship is no "great" relationship. Since Mrs. Bennet is a phony, claustrophobic, sheltered woman, and Mr. Bennet is a funny, sarcastic, realistic man, the two tend to disagree a lot.

Mrs. Bennet believes she is perfectly sane and that the most important thing is to have her children married off well. Although, Mr. Bennet sees it as a huge joke and believes the girls should marry whom they want and should spend their time doing what they please. Even on the first page of the entire novel Mrs.

Bennet is over excited about Bingley's arrival; "OH! Single, my dear, to be sure! A single man of good fortune; four or five thousand and a year. What a fine thing for our girls!" Mr. Bennet, without a hesitation and in a sarcastic voice replies, "How so? How can it affect them?" (5) Since both Bennets are so different, they can not find a stable grasp from each other, so they look to their children.

Each has a close, bonding relationship with one of their daughters. Mr. Bennet has a very witty, full of sarcasm kinship with Ms. Elizabeth Bennet. They both are very down to earth and are very frank in all that they say.

For instance, during the scene where Mr. Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him and she replies with a no, Mr. Bennet states to both Mrs. Bennet and Ms.

Elizabeth, "An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day forward you will be a stranger to one of your parents- Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you if you do. " The reaction from Mrs. Bennet is different from Elizabeth. Ms. Elizabeth Bennet knows that the marriage would be a very convent marriage.

Although, she also knows it is not worth all the trouble to marry someone that is so false and boring, because if she were to, then she would be apathetic for the rest of her life. Mr. Bennet is making this an amusement for him because he believes Collins is a worthless, half-witted imbecile as well, and knows Elizabeth would never marry him, and so he agrees with her. In my family, our bonds tend to lean towards the member with which we have the most compatible personality, while having different characteristics as people. Each individual sees another for who they are, not what they could be. If a person were to look at Emily and me, they could see that we are totally different in personalities and in how we deal with situations, but we are inseparable.

We love to be in each other's company. Each of us knows we cannot change the other, yet we still do not mind the other's differences whether inside or out. Emily has blonde hair and loves to have books and markers around her; I have brown hair and love to have my computer and pens around me. Since Emily and I do not always see eye to eye on things, we can have some small disputes over small things. Nevertheless, looking at my family as a whole shows that for the most part my theory is true. My father best gets along with my sister, Anna, and they are both total opposites.

My father is a larger man and is hardworking. He dislikes animals because he is allergic to them, and loves food. My sister Anna loves dogs and cats and is a short, skinny, woman in her early twenties. She loves to lounge around and loves to work out, unlike my father. My mother, as well, gets along best with her complete opposite, my brother, Gene. Gene is a slow thinker and a non-Christian while my mother is strong in her beliefs and is a very educated southern speaker.

If you were to take a family and make it a puzzle, only certain pieces would fit together, and no two duplicates would be able to fit in the puzzle together. That is why, although we are all so different, we all complete my family's puzzle, bringing us closer together as a family and making us stronger as a whole. Some people in the world have relationships like those in Pride and Prejudice. Although, I have yet to meet someone in the Twentieth Century that does not believe family and love come first, and in Jane Austen's novel, this belief is non-existent. The novel illustrates that families in which the members tend to have more loosely tied bonds tend to have more inner problems and do not connect as a whole. Yet to my family, although we have those differences, in the end they all bring us back together to make what I call a wonderful and united family.


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Research essay sample on Pride And Prejudice Parents And Children

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