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Golding? s Foreshadowing: Looking At The Lord Of Golding? s Foreshadowing: Looking At The Lord Of The Flies Golding? s Foreshadowing: Looking At Chapter One Chapter one, which is the most important chapter of the novel the Lord of the Flies by William Gilding shows how many aspects of the novel, first mentioned briefly in the beginning of the novel are also found later on in it. When looking at the actions, attitudes, and setting, it is clearly evident that chapter one is a foreshadowing of the remainder of the novel. Many of the boy?

s actions in chapter one correspond to other events in the novel. It is apparent that Ralph walking on the beach shows a relationship when looking at his leadership capabilities. Ralph? tripped over a branch and came down with a crash? (pg. 3), shows that he cannot lead the community, as it too will crash, and evidently his community also?

came down with a crash? (pg. 3). Another way that chapter one foreshadows the remainder of the novel, is the way the boys undressed. Their style of undressing, shows their future nomadic attitude, and when Ralph? kicked off his shoes fiercely and ripped off each stocking? (pg. 4), he clearly identified that they would loose their civilized nature due to the nature of their actions. Ralph? s lack of the ability to grasp knowledge quickly is another action that portrays his poor intellect throughout the novel.

This is first seen in chapter one as Ralph is blowing the conch, but had difficulty producing noise, ? there came a rushing sound from its mouth but nothing? (pg. 17). Ralph can not easily create sound from the conch without a struggle. He also struggles in chapter four while building the huts. Ralph can not make the shelters and has much difficulty, which Golding describes the huts as? Two shelters were in position, but shaky.

This one was in ruin? (pg. ) 51. This clearly identifies Ralph? s struggle of learning and how he struggles to learn anything throughout the novel. When looking at the character actions, Ralph? s leadership and learning ability, and the nomadic actions of the boys, it is clearly evident that chapter one foreshadows the rest of the novel in this aspect. Chapter one also foreshadows the rest of the novel when looking at the attitude aspect of the boys on the island.

The boys display their tribal attitudes towards their clothing in chapter one and in other areas in the novel. Ralph, treats his clothes with little respect in chapter one and is depicted as? kicked off his stocking? and?

ripped off each stocking? . This lack of respect for clothing is also seen when Jack is hunting and describes him as? naked, except for a pair of tattered shorts? (pg. ) 52. The? tattered shorts? (pg. 52) proves that because of the lack of respect given the clothing in chapter one, the rest of the novel is portrayed in their nomadic attitudes, which have changed from the moment they arrived on the island and lasts until the very end.

The lack of respect for Piggy is also seen throughout the novel. Chapter one displays the cruel nature of the boys to Piggy which Golding describes when Jack says, ? ? Shut up, Fatty. ? Laughter arose? (pg. 17). This shows the little respect they have for each other in chapter and in particular Piggy.

Golding foreshadows this later on in the novel with Jack smacking Piggy and? mimicked the wine? by saying? ? Jus? you wait yah! ? ? , which also shows the little respect the boys have for Piggy and each other in the remaining of the novel. The attitudes of Jack?

s evil side and Ralph? s good side are predetermined in chapter one with the quote? there was a mildness about his mouth that proclaimed no devil? (pg). 5, which Golding uses to describe Ralph? s good natured attitude. Since Ralph and Jack are enemies, and Ralph? proclaimed no devil? (pg. 5), Jack must be the opposite of Ralph?

s good side, and be negative in his attitude. This is foreshadowed throughout the novel and is especially seen with the dispute over the priorities of the group. Jack? shouted in rage. ? (pg. 52) at Ralph and? they were both red in the face? (pg. 52), which shows that they could never get along from the beginning to the end. The lack of respect for their clothing, for each other and the display of separation between good and evil, which are all found in chapter one and in the remainder of the novel, prove that chapter one foreshadows the remainder of the novel when comparing the attitudes of the boys.

Foreshadowing can also be seen through Golding? s depiction of the setting. The setting of chapter one which foreshadows the remainder of the novel in many ways shows the tranquillity of the? shimmering water? (pg. 4).

This perfect? shimmering water? when comparing it to the boys, shows how they relate to the perfect society of the boys before they come to the island. The fall of their perfect society into the nomadic society is portrayed by? the ceaseless bulging passage of the deep sea waves. ? (pg. 120), which shows that the boys are in rough or chaotic times as depicted by the? deep sea waves? (pg. 120).

This proves the boys change from a perfect society to a nomadic tribe. Another aspect of the setting which is found in chapter one and foreshadows the rest of the novel is the conch. In chapter one the conch is depicted as the microphone for the boys and is symbolic for its ability to gather the boys, display power, and respect in their community. This method of parliament continues until the conch is destroyed with piggy. The destruction of the conch shows how their civilization falls and that the conch, which is found in chapter one, foreshadows the fall of their civilization with it? s destruction.

The words Golding describes a beautiful bird are deceiving in the quote? a vision of red and yello WWI th a witch like cry? (pg. 1), which portrays a beautiful bird, and is represented as before the encounter on the island, and then a which like cry, which is the after effect when they have changed mentally and physically. Before the boys landed on the island they were considered the pinnacle of their society, but when comparing the ending of this quote to the remainder of the novel, is tells of how the boys will change dramatically. The procession of a? which like cry? (pg. 1), foreshadows the change from a good? vision of red and yellow? (pg. 1) to a negative nomadic society.

This change is seen evidently when the boys first land on the island. Ralph? kicked his shoes off fiercely and ripped off each stocking? (pg. 4) which when compared shows the transformation of their perfect society to a tribal one and also foreshadows this change of the boys. In conclusion, Golding uses foreshadowing in chapter one to lead the readers to what he wants them to see in the future chapters. This foreshadowing compares the actions, attitudes, and setting in chapter one to the rest of the novel and helps readers identify and understand what Golding means when he refers to these aspects in later parts of the novel. This foreshadowing technique used by Golding in his writing gives readers the ability to predict and know more about certain events which leads to a better understanding of the novel.

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Research essay sample on Golding Ralph

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