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Example research essay topic: Point Of View Outcome Of The Story - 3,824 words

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... y talk of the good and the bad times, fears, and death; it makes everything else scared. But death itself only scares. If there were no death, all the other things would get tainted.

They tell each other not to go near the carnival. Will welcomes his dad to climb up to his window for fun, as his father did when he was a kid in the good old days. Will slept for exactly one hour, he remembered something; he looks out his window at Jims roof. He yelped, The lightening rod is gone. Will was afraid.

No, fear was a new electric power suit Jim must try to size. Will fears the carnival will send someone to find Jim, they would represent the storm. Jim was up in his house; the boys felt something and simultaneously popped their heads out their windows. At the same time to their amazement a hot air balloon was floating over. They looked at each other and agreed it was the witch. She would float over grasping the souls and life from the people beneath their roofs.

She left a silver slime ribbon mark across Jims roof, so the carnies could find him. The boys get the garden hose and wash it off. Jims mom thinks its raining and shuts some windows but she does not see the boys. The boys go back inside and Will brakes out his Boy Scout archery set, prepared to shoot down the balloon if it comes back. Knowing the witch could feel excitement, he felt proud of himself that he had washed her mark away, laughing, and doing a sort of victory dance.

The balloon turned and came back, he lured the witch after him as he ran to a deserted house with all his weapons. He climbed to the roof of the old house, thinking to himself, This is my house, and he took aim. But a massive cold dark shadow overtook him, knocking him back clutching to the chimney. The wind blew the balloon back as she came back for another pass at him. He taunts her with his fear, pain, and scheme. He knows the witch could not resist, he took aim, Closer!

he demanded. The balloon came back and hit the roof, Will stretched to fire, and the bow broke. Will being attacked by the witch threw the arrowhead and punctured the balloon. The balloon deflated and spun, zipping around in the sky taking the witch away from all of them. Will fell off the roof and into a tree badly injuring him. Nothing much else happened, all the rest of that night.

It was now Sunday and it rained and at the carnival grounds the carousel suddenly spammed to life. At nine-fifteen, Jim shuffled out into the Sunday weather, in raincoat and all. They head for miss Foley's house; they both had the same dream last night of a parade with a forty-foot coffin with the balloon inside, and everyone in black. They hear a little girl crying, Will goes over to Jims disappointment. The boys walk up to her, they dont know her but she says their names. The boys get scared and frightened and leave the girl.

The boys talk, they go back and Will confronts her. He says she is lost, he told her he will get help and that he knows whom she is, but he has to check first. She said, Wholl believe? The boys went to Miss Foley's house like instructed.

They look for her but cant find her. They hear the marry-go-round music and put two and two together, that the little girl is Miss Foley. They have to help her. They think about the dream, the carnival is going to parade through town, but its not a parade, its a search for the boys and Miss Foley. They could not find the little girl anywhere. Will called his dad to tell him that they wont be home.

They have to go hide from them, he did not specify any more. Jim and Will hid under the sidewalk grill of the cigar store as the parade went past. The boys stayed there because its the most obvious place the carnies would not look, directly under them. The parade stopped right in the middle where they were and a small boy noticed them under the grate.

The freaks were going threw the crowd handing out pamphlets and flyers, surly looking for the boys and Miss Foley. Mr. Halloway is in a coffee shop when one of the freaks enters. The little boy is trying to get his mother to look down at the grate. As the freaks are milling about, the dwarf is right above them and sees the boy looking down, the dwarf looks down at the grate as the mother halls the little boy off. Jim and Will press themselves against the concrete not to bee seen.

The dwarf was definitely the lightning rod salesman. The dwarf skipped off with some running children. Mr. Dark confronted Mr. Halloway who sad he was looking for two boys. Mr.

Halloway said, Who is not. He walked to the cigar the shop to get a smoke. The boys see him but dont call him. Mr. Dark confronts Mr.

Halloway and asks the boys names and presents a picture. Dark catches Mr. Halloway in a lie, Halloway catches Dark in a lie, and they depart each other. The witch is milling about while Wills dad distracts the witch's concentration by talking loudly and smoking a cigar. The carnies leave and Wills dad realizes the boys were under the grate; he talks to them but does not look. The dwarf went over to the illustrated man, Mr.

Dark. Then Mr. Dark moves swiftly over to the great looking down at it. Mr. Tetley the cigar shop owner came over to him and asked how much money he lost down the drain. Its seven oclock, Charles Halloway is in the library reading away.

Mental illness is setting in on him, the pages, the dust of the old, are speaking to him. He recalls that this has been the longest day of his life, recalling all the events he has taken part in. he is looking up Occult Iconography into the history of circuses, carnivals, shadow shows, puppet menagerie, to minstrel stiff-walking sorcerers and their Fantoccini. At nine he read Demons possessed, torment of the damned to the spell of mirrors, to witches Sabbath, and pacts with daemons. He questions all he has seen and read and refers to Shakespeare, By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.

At the library at 7: 45 will and Jim lay sprawled in the grass behind some bushes. The boys want to go inside the library, because Wills dad is in there. They question weather the carnies have changed him. Before they knew it they were frantically bounding toward the library door. Dad opened the door and they hurried threw the corridors of the library.

They boys had hid in all sorts of places, garages, and churches Wills dad asks them to tell him everything from the beginning. The boys tell him everything from the lighting rod salesman to miss Foley and her Mr. Cooger nephew. Wills dad pointed to some old newspapers from October 1888 - 1846 - 1860 - 1910, all with J. C.

Cooger and G. M. Dark presenting their carnival. He said they come once every 20 - 30 - 40 years so that people forget them. Wills dad believes everything the boys tell him. Will feels that fighting the carnival is hopeless.

His father said, NO. There was fear within Mr. Dark; Charles saw that when they had talked. They must use fear to their advantage and not let evil win over them. They believe in their research the carnival feeds on them, moves in on them when they are ripe.

Mr. Halloway says theyll prevail because they have common cause on their side. He makes comparisons to life to explain all this to the boys, he says you cant get something for nothing, but you can get something for something. The boys asked where all this started. Wills dad sad probably with one man walking across Europe jingling his ankle bells stuffing himself with other peoples pain and unhappiness. Hopping on the marry-go-round and living forever.

Wills dad know this, he feels it right down to his bone, he can taste the evil, blowing the dust off old books, and watching white moth wings float to the table below. They believe the creatures at the carnival live off the souls of others, a live and raving soul, and one that can sleep at night. The souls that are eager and young, they feed off their soul fires and eternal damnation. Jim questions is the carnival death, Mr.

Halloway said, No, it only uses it. They turn people younger and cut them off from there former lives, because no one listens to them, and the carnival gives you what you want, a change of life and scenery, for one thing, guilt. They carnival gets at people using greed and the lust for things. They start to work on a plan, and then someone opens the library door. Its Mr. Dark he has come looking for the two boys, he has been to their houses and no one was there so he came to the library to look for Mr.

Halloway and the boys. Mr. Halloway and Mr. Dark exchange voiced opinions on one another and Dark threatens Halloway.

As the boys slip away into the dark. Mr. Dark mocks the bible, He tries to temp Halloway to a deal, but he declines. Dark walks away out of the room; he calls for the boys, walking through the library hunting for them.

The boys had burred themselves deep in the library, while dark had brought some of his friends searching for the boys. His friends the tattoos and illustrations covering him, giving off shapes and making him appear inhuman in form. Moving through isles of books he goes searching for the boys. Dark gets closer as he taunts and entices the boys, hearing their thoughts, he knocks over books and tells Will that he put his mother on the carousel and aged her one hundred years, and verbally attacking him to make him sob, therefore revealing where he is.

Dark continues to knock over books off the shelves. He begins to climb atop the bookshelves, at the top he found Will and Jim sprawled out amongst the books on the shelves. Dark pulls the boys off the shelves in a falling kicking heap, Wills dad appears and hits Dark, and then Dark crushes Mr. Halloway's hand and knocks him to the floor. Knocking more books off the shelves, Dark drops the boys and grabs them by the hair.

Then they see the boys mothers are not old, just the same as they had left them. The boys call to them but the do not hear them, even Dark is surprised that they do not see them all standing in a window. Dark decides to get the boys mothers. They get outside where the rest of the carnies are. The witch casts a spell preventing the boys from speaking, she does the same to their ears and eyes. The boys are walked down the stairs by the carnies with Dark in fallow.

Charles Halloway lying in a heap of pain, right as he had heard the carnies leave, he had heard a womans voice call for him, Old man, old man. Charles thought 54 years is not old. Charles starts to crawl and climb as the voice calls, I hear your breathing, old man I feel your hurt. Charles hollers, Oh, get on with it. The witch starts to slow his heart down, slower and slower. Charles is like, oh, ok, why not, come on, slower.

He looked up and saw the witch over him. He laughed and giggled. The witch jumped back, but continuing to slow his heart. Charles bolted out laughing, countering the witch by doing the unexpected. He was yelling and laughing at her. The witch was so shaken and distracted her spell began to counter on her.

Charles laughed at everything the witch did and took it as all a joke to strengthen the effects. The witch ran away from Charles. He stopped to think what he had just done to beat the witch. The boys are now being escorted into the street, the boys can see but cant see, they can speak and hear, but yet they cant speak and hear, as they go pass Mr. Tetleys. Dark talks about making Jim a partner if they cant save Cooger.

They all walk passed a police man Mr. Kolb. Machines, they are now at the mercy of Dark. Wills dad follows them, staying back as they maneuver through the crowds. They all sit in front of the mirror mazes. While Dark continues to conduct the shows and the witch limps in the back entrance.

Dark suggests the bullet trick where the witch is supposed to catch the bullet. She is not too happy about this and lets Dark have a peace of her mind while Dark is taking volunteers. Since there were no volunteers Dark was about to call the last act off, when Charles Halloway stepped forth. The crowd parted toward the stage. They shouted in Charles favor as he gets up on stage.

The witch was terrified, Dark was apprehensive, he made it a point to Charles about his left hand, he said it was fine and the crowed cheered him on. Dark threw the gun at him, he ducked and he caught it, to everyones surprise. The crowed roared. Charles called for a boy to help hold the gun; he called for Will, his son. Dark spun around as if he had been shot. The crowed assisted in Charles call for his son, Will appeared and climbed up on stage.

The witch was freaking, Dark had no idea what was going on and Wills dad asked for the bullet. He carved a crescent moon into the bullet, it was the usual wax bullet that would dissolve in a puff of smoke, but he thought to the witch and he made sure she heard him, I did not put a crescent on the bullet, I put my own smile, and its coming for you. He Fired. Every one inhaled, and exhaled. The crowd was screaming and milling about, shes fainted, -no she slipped, -shes shot! She was dead, but there was no wound.

Shock do you think. Charles thought it was the other bullet, that she had inhaled it. Dark is trying to say its all an act, shows over, calling for the lights. The boys snapped from their trance. Will and his father went to the maze to get Jim. Charles sees himself much older than he was standing there afraid.

Wills pockets were full of stuff and he brought forth 4 kitchen matches in the dark of the maze. Wills dad is entranced by the maze and uses up all the matches. When Will yelled at him, Charles snapped out of it. He let out the most god awful cry of freedom, if the witch were alive, she would have known that sound and died again. Jim at the back of the maze stopped, Mr.

Dark stopped, the dwarf froze, the skeleton turned, all had herd not the sound that Charles had made, but the sounds that followed. All the mirrors shattered. Charles Halloway in a sub-daemon church shook the images out of the mirrors. The last light went out in the carnival and the hope of finding Jim went with it.

The carousel started up ant they decide to head in that direction while the moon rises, giving them some light. Will and his dad ran and ran toward the carousel thinking about which way the music is playing. They see sparks and look for Jim. The freaks dare not stop them, for they fear for their lives. The calliope was going forwards and backwards, they dont know what Dark is up to. Will and his dad watch as they bring Mr.

Electro to the carousel, as they continue searching for Jim. All they find is an empty electric chair. There is a fine dust blowing in the wind, which is believed to be the remains of Mr. Cooger. The freaks flee into the shadows, and then Will and his dad see Jim. Will goes after Jim, as he sleepwalks onto the carousel and it starts up.

Will tries to grab him, Dark is nowhere in sight, Will attempts several times to get Jim down, his dad heads for the control box as Will is pulled onto the machine. Will pulls both of them off the carousel in a falling heap; Jim hits the ground motionless as Wills dad turns off the machine. They look over Jim when a boy comes running calling for help, saying Mr. Dark is after him. Wills dad says, Take me to him, the boy and Wills dad run off. Wills dad asked the boy some questions and when he failed to answer them, Wills dad grabs the boy.

He sees the tattoos and illustrations on the boy, its Mr. Dark. They get in a scuffle but Charles still has him in his grasp. The boy threatens him with his power. Charles says, Evil only has the power we give it, starve, starve, starve.

The candles in Mr. Dark's eyes blew out, hitting the ground he dropped to dust. For he would not help Jim. Charles stood over the bones of Mr.

Dark, watching as the illustrations and tattoos slowly faded away. The freaks did not know what to do. They all just stood around dumb struck at the sight. They went running about knocking off tent poles now free of Dark. Marauding freaks were dismantling the carnival. Now it was all over, But Miss Foley, Mr.

Crosetti, the lightning rod salesman, why dont they come back? Jim was cold as spaded earth. Will thought Jim was dead. Wills dad yelled at him not to cry because, thats what makes the night people stronger. They have to make some noise, hoot and holler. After some time Charles was able to get Will to loosen up.

They went wild, they made an awesome ruckus, singing songs, laughing at everything, and mocking death. They were hooting and going all out, laughing all the way. They sang and danced around Jims body. Being as illogical about situations as anyone can, denying and undermining the people of the nights strength. Jim awoke stripped from the powers of the people of the night, he was laughing and dancing with Will and his dad. They eventually wound down and looked around, the carnival was completely dead, and barren of anything that once was.

They head for home. Talking of future battles with evil. They decide to destroy the carousel, if they get back on, they would only come back later. Then they all simultaneously ran off toward the horizon, and strolled into town. A single paragraph summarizing the novel. This story is about the adventures of two boys growing up in an ever-changing environment.

The boys are neighbors and are best of friends; their names are Jim and Will. They are put through the many tests of trust, friendship and loyalty, when they are pushed through the adventures and intrigue and mystery of the carnival. They discover the true purpose of the carnival and what its doing to people. It is a soul hunting carnival and it has come to town to feed. When the boys attempt to defeat the carnival and learn as much as possible about it fail, Wills father steps in to help. Then the story turns into a father / son epic struggle against evil, meanwhile, confronting their differences, in the name of the good and the righteous.

They inevitably come out on top and defeat the evil that walked amongst them, completely disregarding all the causalities to the carnival prior to their intervention. Evil only has the power we give it. Charles Halloway This is indicative of the context in which Charles Halloway speaks. Wills dad would always have good catch phrases that would seize the moment.

Well thats indicative of an over the hill deranged person who lives in the local library, instead of going home like normal people. A person that has nothing else better to do than think of good metaphoric passages at times, strong phrases that would stop you dead. A person who is completely detached from the world around them as Wills dad was, until he joined in the epic quest to defeat evil. Where he became an attached deranged person, attached to his family, his son, the world around him, full of joy and victory, and happy go lucky liberal hoo ha. What generalizations do the novel make about life? No matter what you think, there is always something more to a situation than you believe.

Do they agree with your personal philosophy? Does your personal experience show them to be true or false? Specifically, what personal criticisms do you have about the authors work? The author is another liberal; we already got enough of them. The story started out good then it just got cheesy. Yes, in places, especially in the beginning.

Are there enough suspense, excitement, and interest to keep you reading? Are you concerned with the outcome of the story? No, Im not concerned about something I know is not real. Do you identify with the characters? Yes. I battle evil on computer games and war RPGs, roll playing games.

I do not identify with them personally though. Are you personally involved with their problems? No, because it is a little too much fantasy. Does the outcome fit your predictions? Yes, all liberal outcomes are predicable. Father and son come together to defeat evil side by side.

Nothing can defeat family bonding. Do you want to know what happens to the characters in the future? Is the outcome of the story logical? Its logical in an illogical state of mind. It is logical in a fictional book. Does the nature of the characters determine the outcome, or has the author relied on out side influences to determine the ending?

The author has relied on outside influences to determine the ending by using his beliefs to react upon the characters. Is the point of view consistent with the development of the novel? Would you have chosen another person through whom to tell this story? Does the point of view shift too often? Are you able to tell who is the narrator?

Yes, always, it is the author, it never changes. Bibliography:

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