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Entertainment in Milwaukee and its Effect on Urban Areas Summerfest. German Fest. The Great Circus Parade. Not just these, but, Neil Diamond, Aretha Franklin, Pearl Jam and many others. These are just a few of the exciting entertainment events that one can enjoy in the great city of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is a city that is known for its great festivals and its variety of entertainment spectacles. Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. Its population is 628, 088 and has a population density of 6, 543 persons per square mile. In 1995 the population growth of the was 1. 3 %. Milwaukee covers an area of 96 square miles.

Milwaukee began as a Native American trading post in 1674, and settlement began as early as 1835. The city was incorporated in 1848 and has been growing ever since. Economically, there are nearly 275, 000 people employed in Milwaukee, with an unemployment rate of 6. 2 % and a per capita income of $ 21, 797 (1995 World Almanac). Milwaukee is predominately dominated by the ethnics of Germany. Milwaukee is currently the largest German dominated city in the United States.

This settlement by German immigrants has led to great prosperity for the city of Milwaukee as shown by the boom in the beer industry. Pabst, Schlitz, Miller all are directly related to the influx of Germans into this area we call Milwaukee. The beer industry has built Milwaukee into a well-known city. The contributions the German immigrants made to this city have led to great events in the recent past and that will continue forever. One event, that just happened in May, was the visit by German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Kohls visit to Milwaukee embraced the entire city.

Chancellor Kohl and President Clinton met in Milwaukee and the German people celebrated as they do at German Fest. German Fest is a festival to recognize people of German descent and to celebrate just being German. This event takes place by the lakefront at the Summerfest grounds. German Fest is held in the end of July, and is known for its tuba playing contests, polka concerts, fireworks, cafes, and of course German food: bratwurst, sauerkraut, and lots of beer. German Fest is one of the most popular festivals in Wisconsin, and its entertainment is unparalleled. People from all over Wisconsin and the United States come to the German Fest, and for this, Milwaukee is glad to be the sponsor.

Another great entertainment event in the city of Milwaukee is the Great Circus Parade. This parade is held in July and is the largest circus parade in the world. The parade features circus wagons pulled by horses, with various exotic animals, clowns, acrobats, and many other fun circus characters. Thousands of people line the street for this parade and children from all over Wisconsin, adults too, have seen this spectacular parade and continue to revisit it each year. Just when you thought you had your fill of entertainment, the largest festival in the state of Wisconsin has not even been mentioned.

Summerfest. Summerfest is and eleven day celebration that starts in late June and goes through early July (this years dates were June 27 -July 7). Summerfest is famous for its variety of stage acts which range from rock to rap, alternative to jazz, and blues to classical. Summerfest is truly a concert and entertainment extravaganza for all ages. The event is also famous for its huge Fourth of July parade and its greafireworks display. Summerfest annually attracts over one million people.

This event is the biggest in Wisconsin, and seems to be getting more and more popular. One may wonder how these events affect the Milwaukee urban area. First of all, the events are held at the Milwaukee lakefront and the Great Circus Parade goes through downtown Milwaukee. This draws a lot of people into the city itself. Economically, the central business district is a thriving industry because of these events, especially the Great Circus Parade. The people line the streets to watch the parade and many decide to browse in the numerous shops and restaurants that dot the Milwaukee central business district.

Other events that draw people to the central business district are Summerfest and music concerts held at the Bradley Center. Although the Summerfest grounds are located at the waterfront, the hotels that people are in search of are generally located in downtown Milwaukee. There are hotels near the interstates outside the CBD, but the nicer hotels with their amenities and proximity to events make the downtown hotels more popular. With Summerfest drawing over one million people annually, Milwaukee becomes even busier than normal.

Its international airport, Mitchell Field, is busier than normal, along with its major highways and interstates. Milwaukee is fortunate because of its accessibility on the interstate from the north (I- 43), west (I- 94), southwest (I- 43), and south (I- 90, and I- 94). Milwaukee's urban system is very well appropriated, with the only real lacking notion of an urban transit system, except for the citys public buses. Transportation can cause a problem during these busy events, but as in all urban areas, this problem is ever present and the people using these systems have become somewhat immune to them.

The entertainment industry, especially in stadiums and arenas located in central business districts have literally rejuvenated many cities. For example, Camden Yards in Baltimore has blended its stadium into the downtown district and all around the stadium are stores and restaurants. Another good example is The Skydome in Toronto. This stadium is not only for sports but many concerts and conventions. Located in The Skydome itself is a hotel, restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe, and many stores.

The economic impact on urban areas that entertainment has provided is evident in these cities as well as in Milwaukee. For example, the Bradley Center is one of the newest arenas in the United States and supports not only hockey and basketball, but also music concerts, conventions, and expositions. This has led to much investment around the Bradley Center whether it be new bars and restaurants, or new or renovated hotels. The popularity of entertainment arenas located in the downtown area is so great that just in the last nine months huge debate was occurring as to where to construct the new Miller Park for the Brewers and other entertainment spectacles. Many businesses lobbied for the stadium to be built in the central business district, hoping it would boost the downtown economies, but the stadium commission decided to build the stadium next to County Stadium. This desire by business owners shows the impact that entertainment has on urban economic centers.

As a metropolitan area, Milwaukee if fairly small. It basically has all the things that major world cities have, but in some degree to a smaller scale. But with all of it s festivals and great entertainment options, Milwaukee's Summerfest and German Fest make Milwaukee one of the worlds fun time destinations. 367

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