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Example research essay topic: Yahweh Command Their Believers Command Their Believers Allah - 1,363 words

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Introduction: Allah of the Koran and Yahweh (Jehovah) of the Torah are the main deities of the two worlds popular religions Islam and Judaism. The fact that the two religions were created in close geographic proximity led to the unification of certain traditions and principles as well as enmity of the two religions and deities. Some scholars claim that Allah and Jehovah are the same while others state that they are completely different. In the following essay I am going to speak about the similarities as well as differences between Allah and Jehovah, present various findings on the given matter and express my personal comments on the two supreme gods.

Allah-Yahweh similarities. First of all Judaism, and Islam possess a lot of common literary heritage with each religion coming that Allah (or Islam) or Yahweh (of Judaism) walked with Abraham, and spoken with Moses and other believers. In Judaism, and Islam, both Yahweh, and Allah claim to be the only true god with other gods being but pagan, thus each god promulgate monotheism. Both Allah and Yahweh state that the truth can be found in only one book (Koran or Torah), making it holy. Another thing about Allah and Yahweh that is held similar is the fact that both Allah and Yahweh command their believers to listen to the prophets, with Yahweh ordering the believers to listen to the Old Testament prophets, Allah comments to listen to the prophets of the old, new testaments as well as to Muhammad, who was the last prophet sent to earth by Allah (Pence, 2002). Both gods claim that they sent angels to guard over people, both gods state that they will return to Earth to judge people, as well as promise to the believers the revelation on the last day.

The fact that both gods demand their worshipers to pray to them, read the literature (Torah or Q " an) and learn the divine words from other people or books is also a remarkable similarity between the two gods in my personal opinion. Allah and Yahweh, both consider that there should be one place where a believer can worship. Allah commanded the believers to attend Mosque, while Yahweh ordered to attend the synagogue (Pence, 2002). I also would like to note that Allah and Yahweh, both teach their worshipers follow morality as expressed in the holy book, as well as demand one day from the week to be dedicated exclusively to prayer and worship. Allah chose Friday, while Yahweh chose Sabbath or Saturday (Bonfire, 2001). Both Allah and Yahweh command their believers to wage war against the infidels and unbelievers and consider the infidel even those who support the presence of other religions besides either Islam (for Allah followers) or Judaism (for Yahweh followers).

Both Allah and Yahweh demand the followers to dedicate certain feasts to them as well as fasting. Yahweh called the day Yom Kippur, while Allah chose a day of Ramadan (Pence, 2002). Differences: It should be noted though that Allah and Yahweh despite numerous similarities also possess certain distinctions. First of all it should be noted that Allah accepts Jesus as a great teacher who knew the will of God, yet was not his son. Yahweh on the other hand tells their followers that Jesus in Christianity but a false prophet, and that real Jesus has not come to earth as a human yet (Bonfire, 2001). Another drastic difference in Allah and Yahweh is that the latter demands animal sacrifice and animal blood atonement from humans, while Allah completely abandons this sacrificial system.

Another area of difference is the residence of the two gods. Allah stated that his place and therefore the faith center is the city of Mecca, while Yahweh claims that the center of the worlds faith is Jerusalem. Another distinction is that Yahweh tells his worshipers that they should prey for their enemies and it is Yahweh's job to pour fire on the enemies, while Allah does not oppose the aggressiveness of the holy warriors of Islam against the enemies. Allah tells that the believers should conquer the infidels (Pence, 2002).

Another important aspect of differences between two gods is that Yahweh said that he would send his son who would silently come to the earth as a prophet, while Allah sent his prophet Muhammad to raid the infidels and kill the false prophets (Breen, 2001). Anther fact that should be noted is that Allah demand blind uncompromising submission to his will, while Yahweh gives his believers free choice whether to follow him or not. Allah stresses strong religious devotion to the faith (namely five pillars of faith), focusing on prayer and moral commitment. Quran as well as religious leaders of Allah are the most holy things for Allah followers on this earth. Allah also demanded a lot of ceremonial cleanliness and holiness from his believers. Unlike Yahweh, Allah welcomed the hospitality in his believers as well as appreciation of the guests who visit the Muslims (Bonfire, 2001).

Conclusion: In conclusion I would like to say that Yahweh on the other hand invariably criticizes the sociological and political practice of Islam, or the interpretation of Islam and the Quran by various radical fundamentalist sects, and transfer these to Islam as a whole. Yahweh has the followers as widely divided over the interpretation of their Holy Scriptures and is Allah. Yahweh when acting through people has been just as oppressive through its checkered history as has Allah. Judaic fundamentalism is as legalistic, oppressive, and harsh as are some Muslim fundamentalists. The followers of Allah should remember that Islam is a varied and divisive as is Judaism. Believers in Yahweh should remember that they have a past as stained and questionable in regard to practice as does Islam.

Christians have problems with the very foundation of Islam by Muhammad, and the divine origins of the Quran. The Quran contradicts itself in many references to old Testament events and also is at variance with the Old and New Testaments. Yahweh rejects the Shahada h, or Confession of Islam, "There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. "At the same time Allah and its monotheism rejects the divinity of Yahweh, which is The Pillar of Faith for the Jews. Yahweh rejects claims that Muhammad is the Prophet of God, implying that all prophecy is culminated or fulfilled in Muhammad, and that the revelations to Muhammad supersede those made by Moses or Abraham as well as other prophets. I personally believe that there is no true concept of grace and atonement in Islam, all is subject to the arbitrary choice or will of God. Although the Quran maintains that Allah is merciful, this mercy is expressed only in regard to Muslims, not to Jews and Christians.

Another great difference between Allah and Yahweh is whatever notion there is of salvation there is in Islam, it is based on works, not grace. Islam is a religion that subjugates women more than any other world religion; women have no place in the practice of Islam. Although not all sons of Allah are radical fundamental extremists, Islam with its views of extreme submission to the will of Allah, does provide or become a fertile breeding ground for radical extremism which is not the case with the sons of Yahweh. And the final difference is that since Islam is not simply a religion, but a fusion of religion (will of Allah, its appointed emir and state, Muslims do not understand the Western separation of Religion and State, be it based on the teachings of Yahweh or of any other religion that is prevalent in the East. It is for this reason in whichever nations Muslims are in the majority, that nation tends to be theocratic (authoritarian), and basic concept of democracy (rule of the people) is absent, thus limiting all the possible human freedoms for the sake of the rule appointed by Allah. Bibliography: Thomas Pence, The world religions Almanac, McGraw Hill, 2002.

Richard Bonfire, The role of Allah in history, Penguin Books, 2001. Michael Breen, The Jewish religious legacy, NY Random House, 2001. George Price, The history of religious thought, Prentice Hall, 2002.

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Research essay sample on Yahweh Command Their Believers Command Their Believers Allah

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