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I. Introduction II. The definition of aphrodisiac and their forms III. Herbal aphrodisiacs IV. Food aphrodisiacs V.

Aphrodisiacs and human body parts VI. Conclusion - do the aphrodisiacs really exist? Aphrodisiac study review Fr centuries, men and when have actively such after intimacy and sensuality t share with ne anther. Through the desire t please nestle and nes partner, people continue t seek after drugs and techniques that may enhance their sex lives.

Bth natural and man-made substances have been fund t serve as aphrdisiac's. Aphrdisiac's, which are named after the Greek goddess f love and beauty, it seems, have been such after since beginning f time t enhance r stimulate sexual desire. In this quest fr sexual betterment nearly everything has been given this quality, frm plant extracts t grund testicles f animals. These aphrdisiac's are used as bth an enhancement f nes sex life and as an emotional turn n. However, not only physical substances can be called aphrodisiacs. According t Theresa Crenshaw, love, however yu define it, seems t be the best aphrodisiac f all.

In this paper I will try to understand what is it aphrodisiac, and whether it really does exist or not. An aphrodisiac can be fund in an endless number f frm's. Sexual aruba cme's frm physical, emotional, and even imaginable stimulation. A number f surveys have been conducted in re t research and study the sexual practices f ur humanity. The results f these researches she that females tended t lean mre toward their emotional side. When, especially, need t feel confident and emotionally secure in re t feel fully sexually abuse.

That can include romantic gestures and local dedicated as primary stimulation (Benokraitis 63). However, when it cme's t aphrdisiac's, they can be in any frm. My general consensus ver gender differences, in regards t physical stimulation, lies in either the definition f an aphrodisiac r in the definition f what turns them n. The men seem t assume that the definition refers mre t drug like substances than t sense stimulants. n the contrary, the when hardly mentioned any drugs (with the exception f red wine). When expanding the definition, t include bth sense and chemical substances in re t define an aphrodisiac, the males talked abut physical attributes while the females discussed mental and emotional characteristics.

In this day and age, everything is abut sex. Also all advertisements are linked t sex. Lack f self-esteem can be linked t sex. Sex is an important part f today life, nt because were trying fr anther baby bm, but because a physically satisfying, and pleasurable sex life is needed in re t keep the rest f ur lives in balance.

People spend thousands f dollars and shed t many tears as a result f failing sex lives; their actins are a reaction t all f the pressures placed n us by ur society, the media, and ur peers. As the result of all this, people begin to address anything that can help them solve their problems. For instance, many herbs and substances have been fund that have bth cured impotence and increased nes sexual capacity. Sme drugs, such as all and marijuana, have been fund t share the same sex-like qualities as aphrdisiac's. While the effects f these drugs lower inhibiting and influence sexual behavior, contrary t ur beliefs, drugs like these actually can decrease yur sexual capacity. T much f either f these drugs can have a series negative effects n sexual functioning.

Herbs that contain attributes, which enhance sexual aruba, have been fund amongst all cultures and thought different parts f the world. Each location contains different plant and animal life, providing a unique way f medicating. Particularly in Asian countries, there is a belief that the grund-up has f animals are powerful sexual stimulants. Sme f these animals include the rhinoceros and the reindeer. ther herbal tnic's include Damiana, Catuaba, and Marapuama. Though many ther herbal aphrdisiac's exist, these seem t be a few f the mst can and easily accessible.

Damiana, is a stimulant that support and nurses yur nervus system, and with giving the user lng-term energy. Bth men and when with lw limit r impotence have experienced improvements when taking this this. The herbal this has a regulatory effect n the pituitary gland, the master gland that cntrl's the production f many homes in the by. It can bring abut a wide ranging rebalancing f yur homes, which can be very effective fr creating the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and men pause. Catuaba is the mst famous f all the Brazilian botanicals.

It is a strong this and nervus system fortified. It is known fr its general capacity f giving strength and relieving fatigue. This herbal this is used specifically fr impotence, and als as an aphrodisiac. Marapuama has a rich tradition f use as a nerve this and a strong aphrodisiac.

This herb improve male sexual functioning and has the ability t stimulate elections mre frequently. A large variety f print and cauldrons have been conjured up thought years and cultures. The variety of sex-stimulating substances in many cultures of the world serves as another proof for aphrodisiac existence (Marshall 47). Also, we must remember that there are some aphrodisiac that are innate in humans, the ones that are generated by the human bodies. Back in the day, yur scent was yur aphrodisiac. That, we call that scent an dr, but despite ur efforts t cover up that dr, in many ways we still consider scent an aphrodisiac.

People use by ils, perfumes, detracts, and aftershaves n a consistent basis. These smells contribute t the attractiveness f a person. They serve as aphrdisiac's r anaphrodisiac. Every aphrodisiac has ne thing in can: it provides the user with a bit f confidence. Even if the pain des wrk, part f it bless within the mind. If ne thinks they are being synthetically stimulated, then ne may, as a result, become naturally turned n.

ne f the comply considered as best aphrodisiac is all. However, it is nt true; the main read people think that they have better sex when theyre drunk is because all less their inhibiting. Therefore, they are less afraid f making as ltd as they want t, r f being a bit aggressive in the heat f passin. It is usually these aspects f a sexual experience that make it mre r less eric. ther natural aphrdisiac's such as fds have als been fund t stimulate the limit.

free, fds that represent phallic symbols are known t stimulate the limit. Vegetables such as zucchini and cucumbers fit the bill. However ne f the researches has she that people are mre reactive t the can fd than t the extra fruits r substances. The study, conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch the director f Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in 1998 has she that baked cinnamon buns had the greatest effect n men. The study f when she they like the combinative smell f Gd & Plenty candy and cucumbers (Woods-Lavoie).

There are many different types f fds that serve as aphrdisiac's. Sme people are turned n when eating chocolate r coffee with realizing that it is the fd, which is exciting them. Wine and ther sensual beverages als serve as sexual stimulants. yates are said t have sme scintillating effects. Ginseng rt and ther herbs frm the garden serve as sexual stimulants as well. In fact, ne f the when frm recent survey with a very creative list f things that turn her n, including rosemary, thyme, garlic, and the clr f amber, the seductive send f the cell.

An interesting research conducted among the users of the Internet has discovered that some parts of the human body can serve as the aphrodisiac themselves. 95 % of studied web surfers responded that they find green eyes especially attractive. The reason is often not just the rarity of green eyes but their social perception. Many view green eyes as something very mysterious and even hypnotic. However, we cannot say for sure whether it is a true aphrodisiac or just a sexually appealing thing (Crump 42). There are such a vast variety f things that stimulate ur minds t think sex and stimulate ur bodies t feel ht; also anything could t heretically be labeled as an aphrodisiac. The definition f an aphrodisiac has been an n ging argument and discussion between anthrplgists and case study researchers fr years.

Des the definition include sense stimulation and emotional nurturing as an aphrodisiac? Des the term refer t anything ther than mind-altering substances? When faced with the question f naming a few aphrdisiac's, mst people had table defining the term while staying within their definitin's. Through careful bservatin and examination, I came t the conclusion that the aphrodisiac d exist, however, there is n ultimate solution t the question whether they truly wrk r nt.

I believe that in re t notice the activity f aphrodisiac, the person must be at least a little concerned abut his sexual life and behavior, and analyze the effect f all psychological, emotional and sense stimulants. Bibliography Benkraitis, Nice V. , and Jan J. Machines. Seeing ur selves. 6 th ed.

New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc, 2003. Crump, Andre. Green Eyes the Greenest Fields. San Francisco: TCB-Cafe Publishing, 2000. Marshall, Fiona. Natural Aphrodisiacs.

Toronto: VEGA Publishing, 2003. Woods-Lavoie, Patti. Heating Things Up. Issued Feb, 2001.

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