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In September 2000 the violence of Palestinians and the murderous response from Israel showed to the whole world all the farce of the "peace process" between Israel and the Palestine. The Palestinian Israeli peacemakers faced all uphill test to end the long simmering conflict by the end of 2000. A great number of analytics considered that the final resolution of more than one hundred year old Palestinian Israeli conflict in 2000 is the sign for success. But those, who were realists, could vividly see the great distance that divided both parties of the conflict. But that was a desperate attempt to stop the conflict and violence. The history of the Palestinian Israeli peace negotiations is almost as old, as the history of their was, which is more than a hundred years old. The late stage of the peace negotiation attempts began in 1991 and reached its apogee in February 2000.

There were lots of ambitious plans. But even before those negotiations for many analysts it was clear, that Arafat would doubtfully accept to resolve all of complex, sensitive and highly profound questions. There were a considerable number of essential questions, but the greatest issue was the land. The public opinion in Israel gradually approached the acceptance of the Palestinian State, but with some limitations to the sovereignty of Palestine. But the majority of Israeli politicians didnt approve the idea of full return to the year 1967 Israel state borders. But when Israel leaders and public opinion tended to compromise, the Palestinian consensus had not moved towards resolve: not one single Palestinian political leader has ever publicly suggested accepting less than the entirety of the West Bank and Gaza, including formerly Jordan-held Jerusalem.

But without any compromise here from Palestinians side there was no chance in agreement. With time the people all over the world got used to constant violence in that area. But they still hoped, that soon the violence would be over. But the major blast of violence, which started with new force after the Sjarons visit showed, that Muslims were insulted by this visit and all the frustration of Palestinians exploded. The visit of Sjaron to the Temple mount was just an excuse to launch the violence against everything what was considered Israeli. The Palestinian side received lots of promises of developing the peace process. And that seemed a grand step after years and years of mutual violence between Israel and the many Palestinian organizations.

But after a promising start of the positive developments and approaches toward the mutual goal the whole process was slowed down by the surrounding events. The Palestinians were allowed land, the right to establish the Palestinian Authority and to administer the Gaza under their control. But the double re-election of the Israeli government and several terrorist attacks put everything to a temporary halt. The delays continued and that undone all the progress. Every next agreement promised Palestine more land. But that both soon delayed land transfer new Israeli governments after both sides tried to frustrate the peace process by useless and senseless acts of terrorist aggression. Thus the progress towards peace was delayed, and here were added new problems: the final status of Jerusalem, the return of the Palestinians living in the Diaspora, the position of the Jewish settlements and the division of water in this water starved region. The delay, the inactiveness of Israeli government and economic problems in Palestine caused dissatisfaction and frustration among people.

The absence of any progress in comparison to all previous decades of conflict caused great violence. The demonstrations quickly turned violent to express the dissatisfaction and this is the only way to receive the attention of the Israeli government and the world community. As usual Israel closed, isolated, the territories under PA control and other Palestinian inhabited regions. The problem became even more serious, when several soldiers accidentally lost their road, unintentionally came to Ramallah and were lynched by angry mob without any interference, from the Palestinian police force. The Israeli government fiercely reacted against such actions. Were called armed forces and they struck against Palestinian villages. This was an attempt to show, that Israeli wont bear such attitude.

And the violence continued without taking into consideration any demands to stop it, now already from Israeli side. And that was natural, because Palestinians never actually obeyed any orders from Israel. Discussing the whole unsuccessful result of the conference it is important to mention, that there was much criticism of the whole process. Some politicians from around the world considered that the so-called "rush to peace" had nothing to do with real peace, but it was some masterful plan to clean the Barak Labor governments reputation, which was considered greatly corrupted. The so-called "peace process" has always had as its major objective to weaken Israel militarily through a series of "land for peace" compromises. Those annalists insisted, that that was meant to weaken the Israels grounds. They could slowly undermine Israeli capabilities and create a political advantage. After intense summit negotiations at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat agreed to a "statement of intent".

But neither Ehud Barak not Yasser Arafat signed the statement. US President Bill Clinton announce, that both sides decided to tale "immediate, concrete steps to end the violence. There are small chances that in future the both parties will achieve the mutual agreement and move towards decision of political, economic, religious and land misunderstanding. There is still dramatic gap between Palestine and Israel that question any soon long-termed success. As we know from the history, the road to peace is the long process of moving in a positive direction. But Israel and Palestine are bound to live close. Therefore, the mutual agreements should be made for both sides to exist. "The second step should be, as President Clinton announced, is really the resumption of the peace process," said Hassan Abdel Rahman, the Palestinian representative to the United States.

Rahman also said that the return to the peace process would show Palestinians "that their plight (and) their right to be an independent people" had been heard. The Israel and Palestine should finally divide the land in question and let each other live. And the problem with Palestinian fugitives should be solved. Otherwise the Muslim holy land might always remain the potential cause for the future conflicts. And without US the already made attempts would be a complete failure at all, the both parties would not even achieve what did. The land is essential.

Without division of the land and the decision of Jerusalem problem any peace is in question. The threats to regional stability are severe. The Israeli security forces reattribute any violence of the Palestinians. Israel wont be forced to accept a solution that is not acceptable. This cycle of violence cant continue forever and the key to resolve of the problem is time, though, for suffering people, who died already or will die because of the violence, it is in an extremely short supply. Bibliography: Remba, Gildon D.

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Research essay sample on In September 2000 The Violence Of Palestinians And The Murderous

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