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Success means different things for different people Success is inspired by passion Personal experience of success Persistence a vehicle for reaching success Failure learning experience Success: dictionary definition Education and career Conclusion: faith, persistence and the value of desire Definition of Success What mak's a person successful? Dos mony, parts, or background grant success? Th definition of success vari's with ach person, but to m on of th most spatial definitions of a prson's success is th impact thy hav on othr popl. Most of us hold pr-concord notions of different socioeconomic backgrounds than our own.

Will popl ar truly impact by ths factors, som popl can overcome thm and rach success. Many people throughout history have prevailed over such obstacles as poverty, poor education, and poor parental guidance. For example, Abraham Lincoln had to struggle for a living and for learning, but he became a great leader and president. In my life, I have met many successful people, and have learned that success goes beyond having "good luck." I honestly believe that it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a total success doing something that you hate. I do not see the purpose of anybody working so hard to accomplish success when they don't have the passion in their "craft." You may end up with money, which equals a decent lifestyle, which may be potential happiness, but dedicating your time to a task that is of little of your interest, in the long run, I'm almost sure that you will regret living your life in that manner.

I believe it is vulgar to live your life working for the sole sake of wealth. That is a mistake many people commit. A friend of mine shared her father's story with me, which relates to my opinion that it is more "worthy" to be a failure at doing something you love than to succeed at something you hate. Her dad spent much of his time being a businessman, although his passion, the inspiration in his life was to compose. He loved to write songs, but he wanted to give his family a lifestyle that he didn't have as a child, and being a composer, he felt, wouldn't bring him enough to make his family happy.

Therefore, he became a businessman. He would spend his free time, the little that he had, writing songs. Later in life, he realized that he had done something wrong, and that caused him to feel that he had failed himself. Filling your niche and accomplishing the task is what makes a person successful, not on how much money he may earn. Ambition is the fuel that keeps our desire to succeed running.

Persistence is the vehicle you arrive to success with. It takes perseverance, because you cannot expect prosperity at your first attempt to acheive something, and you cannot live your life sitting there waiting for success to come to you, because it just won't happen. Your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear to fail. -Always. Desire is the key to motivation, and it is determination and commitment to a pursuit of any goal.

At the beginning of her career, Gisele Bundchen, a supermodel, got rejected many times before she even got a booking for any designer. Most agencies didn't want to contract her due to her her slightly large nose. Despite this, her persistence, and mainly, her desire to be an important part of the modeling industry (along with luck, of course), is what led her to become what she is now -- a successful and internationally known fashion model. Failure. One must learn to see failure as a teacher.

The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his / her successes. So, in my opinion, failure is success if we learn from it. A close friend of mine had an "attraction" for beauty pageants. In almost every pageant, she would get first-runner up. That is not necessarily failure, but that did not satisfy her. She wanted the title, not the second place.

Never knowing what it was that kept her from actually winning a pageant, she worked so hard in trying to improve her public speaking skills, and basically everything that made up having a decent on-stage personality. After several other first-runners up ranks, she finally got a title, and continued to participate in other contests, and earned other titles. Failure, to her, served as an experience to make her better. It was also an opportunity to begin again, with better results. Success is also failure without loss of enthusiasm; if there is no enthusiasm, there's no point in trying to accomplish.

If you have dream, if you have self-conviction, and if you " re ready to confront failure and shake its hand, then don't let anybody stop you... "Most people give up just when they " re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown. " Dictionary definition of success is the accomplishment of goals and objectives necessary to achieve a particular task, realize a particular dream or satisfy a particular need or want, for a particular period of time. Each person has his / her own definition of success.

In this essay, I would like to propose my definition for success and discuss the importance of having that understanding. My personal definition of success begins with knowing what is important to me and what my values are in life. I believe that in my life it is defined in terms of career, family and friends and health. These are the basis for creating my vision, and my goals. onside ring an education and a career as key factors of success, one will choose to pursue a degree from a college or a university. One wishing to be admitted to the university will have to take several tests.

It is doubtful that someone will be so lucky that knowing nothing, he could pass the test with a high score. A low score means failure, and that test taker will not likely be admitted. Therefore, in order to be successful, one should prepare for the tests and work hard, because a good education will provide him with a good job and an opportunity to accomplish some of his goals and dreams. In my lifetime, I have never met a person who could graduate from a college without working hard. Many people, including myself, believe that career and money is one of the major criteria for success. In my opinion, person who has established a goal to become someone in life will go very far.

It is important to complete college education and receive a diploma to underline your success. It is even more vital to get a prestigious job that person considers enjoyable and interesting. Also, the job has to offer financially suitable salary because money determines persons status in society and gives person financial freedom. For example, I am currently attending college and working two jobs, so I can one day have a degree and career. I cannot stress it enough that in our times education and career grants person a power to succeed in life. Generally, success requires faith, persistence and the value of desire.

In my case, once I knew what my values were, I was able to establish my personal definition of success. Family, friends, career and health are most important values that help me to establish the basis upon which I build my life. I believe that when a person is successful, he / she becomes a powerhouse of possibility, he / she creates his / her own opportunities, and life becomes a wonderful experience. Bibliography: Hartman Rector Jr. , "Success: A Journey or a Destination?" Ensign, July 1973, 57 Brian D. Biro, John R. Wooden, Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets to Effective Leadership.

Perigee; Reissue edition, 2001. Finley, William, Can you define success? New York, Random House, 1997.

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Research essay sample on Success Means Different Things For People

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