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Example research essay topic: Coronary Heart Disease World Health Organization - 2,243 words

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... to make the vessels stronger. But the number of calories must depend on the amount of the physical activity. These fats may be either burnt or gone to the tissues of the body. It is necessary in order to avoid the CHD to minimize the amount of animal fats in the ration, not to eat fried foods. Nerve and psychological factors are also important means of causing the CHD.

And thus good emotional background and lack of stresses is an excellent preventive measure in terms of the CHD and other cardiovascular diseases. All this touches the relations at work and in the family. It is so easy to be glad to what we have and to be angry at what we dont have, but most of us are always trying to catch the dream. Happy people almost never become ill, and especially with cardiovascular diseases. The World Health Organization has called the XX century the age of holistic heart diseases. And the reason is that our organism and heart have not changed since ancient times, but our way of life is now drastically different from the one our ancestors led.

There are many evidences that CHD is the main problem of health in many developed countries. All the research and movements in terms of CHD were related to the angina management. There have been developed some good methods for investigation of the angina. Among them are coronary angiography and exercise tests. The 2005 year has seen further improvement in the providing services for patients with heart diseases.

The death rate has fallen by 27 % since 1996 because many developed countries made this problem the top propriety of their state health policy. The coronary heart disease is mainly preventive, that means that it is very important to take the preventive measures which will considerably reduce its level among people of all ages. The European Union spends 169 billion for preventive measures and curing of heart diseases. This sum was spent for these aims in 2003. So each citizen of the European Union has received 230 for his heart problems. The highest expenditures were in Britain.

And now experts state that these expenditures grow and dont tend to decrease. A number of the scientists of the Oxford University have carried out a research concerning the influence of heart diseases on the economy of different countries. The scientists have gathered the data of different economic departments, in terms of the heart diseases influence on the work of patients, and those who take care for them. They have also investigated the influence of heart diseases on the death-rate of the able-bodied population. According to their results, the coronary heart disease makes up one third of all the holistic heart diseases and thus takes 47 % of all medical expenditures. 12 % of all health budget of a state is spent at patients with heart diseases. 57 % of the hospitals budgets are spent at such patients, among which 27 % are made up by medicines. Heart diseases have become the major reason of death among people in the world.

The main reason to my mind lies in constant stresses through which we go every day. We go through stresses at work and at home, and even the simplest traffic jam is able to cause heart attack for some individuals. Plus we have absolutely forgotten about the way we have to eat. And nutrition is everything for our organism. We dont devote time (or rather we dont have time) for cooking, and due to this fact we eat fast food, which is killing for our vascular system, and the whole organism.

It is clearly seen, that the rates of death from heart attacks can be significantly decreased first of all through delivering correct information to the population as for the reasons and preventive measures of coronary heart disease and other heart illnesses. (Taylor, 1987) It is also known that the rate of death in the USA started to fall during the past years, because of the right state policy in terms of health. Of course, this fight with heart diseases is very expensive, but it should be understood that nowadays these diseases hit not only people older than 75, but also younger people, who make up the labor force of the country. So the care for their health is economically beneficial for the country. Heart diseases touch all layers of population, no matter if the person is rich or poor. And it often happens that people dont understand the danger of such diseases. And it also happens that an individual dont even know that he at the risk until a heart attack happens to him.

No matter for how long it will be said that smoking is harmful for heart, it is not always that people quit this harmful habit even when the disease in its last stage. Heart attacks and heart diseases make people change their lifestyles. They first of all start to think about their health, and their relatives and friends also change their behavior towards such people, for now they are not allowed huge emotional and physical loads. They have to avoid eating salt, fats, drinking coffee and strong tea.

They need to lead active way of life, taking into account the limitations their doctors give them. (Blackwood, 1990) Different states and countries develop their own programs for the fight with this kind of diseases. And due to this fact it was possible to decrease the level of heart attacks among population. But this concerns only the developed countries. In the developing ones people still are exposed to these illnesses. The reason is that developing countries cannot afford such expenditures, and their health systems are not so perfect.

Heart diseases are characterized by one peculiarity: in case of the heart attack the medical help must be given immediately, and often this saves the lives of many patients. So, how to prevent sudden death? All of us, unfortunately, have appeared in situations when we get to know that our friend or relative, with whom we met yesterday, died of heart attack. And this could happen anywhere: at home, in the elevator, on his way home, etc. and prevention of such cases lies in prevention of coronary heart disease. One of the reasons is the wrong lipids exchange.

So, here we see that the nutrition must be light and balanced, with minimum hard food. It is necessary to eat more fruits, vegetables, and to turn the choice towards vegetable fats instead of the animal ones. As for the other forms of fighting with the CHD, it is of course the fight with smoking. Among every 5000 patients with heart diseases under 55 90 % are strong smokers. Why does smoking influence humans heart so negatively? The nicotine is harmful itself, but it also contains more than 100 poisons of different origin.

All people know about the destructive character of smoking, but still so many people get used to it. These poisons carry a dubious effect. On the one hand, they bring false satisfaction to the person, and on the other hand, they negatively act on the whole cardiovascular system. Most of people suffer from the sedentary life.

Japanese scientists have proved that in order for the person to be healthy, it is necessary to walk at least 1. 5 miles every day. Thus all muscles become de-trained and especially this concerns heart muscles. The tone of heart decreases and becomes susceptible for the pressure changes and the capriciousness of weather. There are about 30 factors of risk for the coronary heart disease, and one of the most important among them is again stresses about which we have just spoken. To cure the CHD is much more difficult than to prevent it. If there are people in your family who suffer from such diseases, it is crucial to pay special attention to your health and to start taking care for your health before you feel your heart aching.

The second half of the XX century was characterized by real epidemic of the CHD in the world. But unfortunately it should be pointed out, that in many countries health programs are directed not at preventing, but at curing such diseases. And probably it should be said that in the developed countries the high level of these diseases is mainly connected with rich nutrition, and in the developing ones with the high level of stresses connected with the fact that people are not satisfied by the level of their income and their way of life. The XX century has become the age of high economic growth for many countries, and this was for the first time in the history that people stopped eating whole grain, as it had been for centuries, changing it for food rich in salt and fats.

The fight with this disease must be complex and directed at all risk factors. Of course, there are many of them, but each should be taken into account. So, it is necessary now to summarize everything and make possible conclusions. So, according to the World Health Organization, holistic heart diseases, among which coronary heart disease takes the first place, is considered the most serious epidemic of the 20 th century. And there are whole state policies directed at fighting with this disease as it has become the main death reason among population.

The main risk factors of the holistic heart diseases are the following: - smoking - obesity - sedentary life - heredity - stresses -wrong nutrition According to the statistics men tend to acquire heart attack more often than women, but for women the risk of getting the CHD increases after menopause. Holistic heart diseases influence the lifestyle of those who suffer from it and those who surround these people. The CHD is not always ended by heart attack if properly treated. This is the disease which is easier to be prevented than cured. It is more important to pay attention to health if there are close relatives who suffer from heart diseases. In order to stop the increasing number of deaths from heart attacks there should be developed global policies, and though they need considerable budgets, but still it is more economical to spend money at prevention of the disease and making the population informed about the risk factors and the consequences.

Physical activity plays an important role in preventing any holistic heart diseases, as well as the balanced diet with minimum fats and absence of harmful habits as smoking or drinking. It is important to know that the idea of people becoming handicapped after heart attacks wrong. Life does not end. Despite the fact that the there is high percent of those who die during the first year after the heart attack, there are all chances for people to come back to normal life, though with some limitations, which are still moderate.

If there is nothing done to fight the problem of heart and stresses, holistic heart diseases are likely to become epidemic in the 21 st century as well. The attitude of the person towards life is very important to avoid any heart diseases. Positive mood and good emotions, with minimum stresses make people healthy. Of course, it can be said nowadays that health can be bought, and there exist the most modern medicines and means for giving the second life to a person. But it is even more important to remember that it is much easier and cheaper to lead the healthy way of life, than pay huge money for curing of the acquired diseases, and countries must help people to understand this fact through mass campaigns aimed at making the whole population healthier. Works cited (1) Baum, Andrew. (1983).

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Research essay sample on Coronary Heart Disease World Health Organization

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