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Discrimination Policies and Recommendation Discrimination (from Latin word discriminate to make difference or to distinguish between) is an action based on prejudices that results to unfair treatment of people. The examples of discrimination include ethnic, racial sexual, religious, employment, age-related, weight, height-related and disability discrimination. Discrimination is prohibited under the Title VII and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. No wonder that business companies make all efforts in order to eliminate employment and workplace discrimination. Lets examine two companies, American Honda Corporation and Hewlett Packard Corporation, taking into account their non-discrimination policies.

American Honda Corporation and Hewlett Packard are committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment. Hewlett Packard stands for diversity, inclusion and nondiscrimination. As HPs employee, I confirm the companys awareness that diverse work force is conductive to the companys realization of its full potential. Diversity and atmosphere of equal opportunities where every individual is able to develop his talents brings new creative ideas to the company and are crucial to HPs success. HP derives benefit from innovations and creativity brought by people who belong to different cultures, and have different perspectives and experiences. The management of HP considers that a well-managed, diverse work force expands HPs base of knowledge, skills and cross-cultural understanding, which in turn, enables [the company] to understand, relate and respond to [companys] diverse and changing customers throughout the world, connecting them to the power of technology (HP Nondiscrimination Policy 2007).

HPs philosophy concerning inclusion and diversity are as follows: A diverse workforce is perceived as competitive advantage able to differentiate HP from other companies. This aspect is very important to win new customers, communities, marketplaces and workplaces all over the world; Flexible work environment with no discrimination motivates workers to bend every effort to the companys success; A diverse and high-achieving workforce with no discrimination helps the company to provide customers with better service; Policy of non-discrimination contributes to the companys success and effectiveness; Finally, mutual respect, dignity and trust are the cornerstones that coin HPs actions and behaviors. HPs non-discrimination policy is built upon the preceding philosophy. According to it, HP prohibits discrimination against any applicant for employment or an employee because of his / her creed, race, religion, gender, color, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, covered veteran status or disability. Hps policy complies to all applicable state, federal, national and local laws concerning equal opportunity and non-discrimination: The Civil rights Act of 1964 and Executive Order # 11478 prohibit color, race and national origin discrimination; The Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibit sex and gender discrimination; The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 prohibits age discrimination; The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects employees from physical and mental disability discrimination; The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits religious discrimination; Finally, military status discrimination prohibition is stated in the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. Besides, Hewlett Packard Corporation focuses much attention on its diversity.

The management of the company claims that each step in the process of creating an inclusive and diverse work environment is very important. According to them, these steps together create a diversity chain upon which [the company builds their] winning global workforce and workplace (The diversity value chain 2007). This chain of diversity illustrates HPs steps on the process of creative a diverse work environment with no discrimination. The cornerstone of Non-Discrimination policy was providing employees with equal employment opportunities by establishing a workplace free of discrimination. In 1980 s the company focused much attention on affirmative action in order to make EEO a reality for all employees.

In 1990 s the company gave special concern to the issue of work force diversity and continued its non-discrimination policy in order to put the differences to work in the marketplace, workplace and community. Being an employee of American Honda Corporation, I can confirm that Honda also can serve an illustrative model of company that protects its employees from unlawful intentional and unintentional discrimination. Similar to HPs policy, American Hondas Non-Discrimination Policy complies with all basic law prohibiting discrimination. Among general laws, American Hondas commitment to diversity is reflected both in beliefs and in Hondas outgoing actions: Hondas Affirmative Action Policy The company assures that it will: Recruit, hire, and promote for all jobs classifications despite of creed, race, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, health status (i.

e. physical or mental disability, medical condition, etc. ), disability, status of Vietnam Era veteran, etc. Make decisions concerning employment paying attention exceptionally to a candidates qualifications and skills as well as interest in the position being filled (Policies 2007); Make decisions concerning career promotion solely upon the employees qualifications despite of race, color, ethnicity, age, religion, etc. Guarantee that all work force actions like benefits, compensations, transfers, company-sponsored trainings, staff reductions, tuition assistance, education, social and recreation programs will be held with despite of creed, race, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, health status (i. e. physical or mental disability, medical condition, etc. ), disability, status of Vietnam Era veteran, etc.

Hondas Equal Employment Opportunity Statement Honda implements policy of Equal Employment Opportunities for all its employees irrespectively of creed, race, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, health status, and other protected group status, to mention a few. Hondas Non-Discrimination Policy Statement Similar to Hewlett Packard, Honda Corporation does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination that violates its Non-Discrimination Policy. As well as HP, the policy prohibits any unwelcome conduct that will be based on employees race, color, age, sex, health status, etc. Honda Corporation recognizes and pays special attention to gender discrimination.

American Honda recognizes that women and men have equal rights in applying for a job or working as AHs employees. However, quantity of women occupying leading positions is low and some companies have practice of paying higher salaries to men occupying the same jobs. In order to protect women against unlawful discrimination American Honda consistently keeps up with non-discrimination policy by gender factor. Hondas attitude to diversity is strongly supported by the Hondas corporate philosophy coined out by its founders more than 40 years ago. The principle of Respect for the Individual lays in the basis of Hondas corporate philosophy. This principle consists of three main components: trust, initiative and dignity (Diversity 2007).

Now, what concerns Hondas attitude to the workplace, companys philosophy claims: Equality among colleagues is expressed in recognizing and respecting individual differences in each other, treating each other fairly and creating equal opportunity for everyone (Diversity 2007). Besides, the respect for the individual evolves not only the companys associates but shapes Hondas relationship within the communities where the company operates. The efforts of no-discrimination and diversity are not limited to philosophy but reflected in companys undertakings, as far as Hondas founders claimed that action without philosophy is a lethal weapon; philosophy without action is worthless (Diversity 2007). In support of these words Honda has a diverse dealer body, a diverse work force, and a diverse team of suppliers.

All of them joint efforts to build strong community. In order to provide the employees with equal opportunities and to protect them from unlawful discrimination, Honda Corporation developed special corporate diversity programs: The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge. This program (HCASC), founded in 1989, annually gathers top students from 64 of the nations Historically Black Colleges and Universities for several days of intense academic competition, culminating in one HBCU winning the title of National Champion (Honda Campus All-Star Challenge 2007). The Honda Battle of the Bands.

It is one of the first national programs aimed to showcase the musicianship, pageantry and showmanship of many of the dynamic Historically Black College and Universities' (HBCU) marching bands (Honda Campus All-Star Challenge 2007). Recommendation Both companies have non-discrimination policy and implement it properly. However, some recommendations can be formulated. Each company should formulate more detailed policy prohibiting discrimination in occupation and employment. Such policy should be applied by means of collective agreements and legislative measures between the employee and employer complying with federal laws and regulations. The policy should contain directives concerning direct and indirect discrimination and ways of reaction.

The recommended policy should be applied to all members of organization and should affect the terms and conditions of occupation and employment. It should contain procedures for formal and informal resolutions of complaints and procedural rules for hearing. Finally, we can coin three main aspects of proposed activity. Firstly, as far as companies already have non-discrimination policies, they are recommended to shape them, and to focus attention on consulting, information and experience sharing concerning discrimination issues. Secondly, it is recommended to intensify actions in spheres where the company feels they have significant gaps. Thirdly, well-directed efforts are necessary in order to strengthen the potential of employees and employers for effective problem solving concerning discrimination issues.

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Research essay sample on Hewlett Packard Mental Disability

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