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... ut with fellow artists in the area, which would exemplify the fact that he was not in a depression or some sort of downward spiral. One of Picasso's most famous pieces from this time was Old Man and a Guitar, which was done with a dismal blue haze and very dull colors. The painting was of an old man hunched over playing a guitar. Since the painting had the blue haze over it seemed very dismal and one got a sense of pain and anguish through the old man.

With wrinkles, bare feet, and tattered clothes it was almost hard not to feel some sort of emotion from this painting. Picasso's blue period lasted almost four years and ended in 1904, which gave way to a totally new style from Picasso. As the blue period ended, a renaissance of Picasso's passion came about. Pablo transferred into a new form of his life, in dramatic fashion, which is entitled the rose period. This was a radical change from his past four years of life, in which he painted very dismal pictures, and seemed to be in a depressive state. For some reason or another Picasso started to paint in a new form of different colors and much brighter tones.

The tones helped convey the idea of happiness and an idea of being very much alive. Pablo also changed his direction with subjects he was painting. He was now choosing to paint clowns, acrobats and circus themes in general, instead of a dismal old man playing a guitar. The images he was now painting also helped convey the idea of happiness and youthfulness, which was not present only two years ago. Whether Picasso came out of a depression that he was in, or if he just decided to paint new scenes, it is certain that something happened in his life.

For someone to go through such a transformation is remarkable, no matter what reason. Even though this period of time in Picasso's life only lasted a little over a year, it was a dramatic step towards what the world now remembers of Pablo's works. In direct correlation with Picasso's rose period is the invention of his most famous art form, cubism. Even though Picasso did thousands of different works, it is his cubism pieces that are most remembered. Picasso is widely thought to be the inventor of cubism art, but this is actually not a true statement. Picasso was one of the founders, but he was not the sole founder of the concept.

That distinction goes to a man by the name of Georges Braque, who was actually for the most part, a good friend of Pablo Picasso's. Together they were the creators of the new art form called cubism. The idea of cubism is to take an object and then separate it, and then put it back together. The idea is one that is hard to explain, but is easily identifiable when seen in person. Paintings done in the cubist form have a very distinct look, with a very uneasy appeal too most. It is very hard to look at a cubist work, and believe that it is the greatest thing that has ever been done.

The idea behind cubism is not to impress by beauty, but to impress by skill and abstraction. Artists, of this day and age, would all agree that the cubist form is the hardest to master and to even make look like what it was supposed to. Picasso took pride in his ability to master this art form, and was quick to point out his skill through multiple paintings in this form. One of Picasso's most famous cubist paintings was one that was also one of the most controversial.

It was entitled Guernica, which was the name of a town that was bombed by the Nazi regime. This artwork was one of the most famous anti-war propaganda, which clearly degraded the idea of war and senseless killing. It is a truly moving piece that has a lot of meaning and passion behind it. Picasso had a strong feeling about what he was trying to portray in his painting, which was one of senseless murder. Picasso was truly a man of a good character, and possessed the power to convey his message through his art. He displayed his passion in this painting and proved his love for human life.

If this was any insight into the mind of Picasso then it proves that he was truly a great man. Any man that is willing to paint a picture that would be seen world wide and publicly denounce the Nazis, is truly passionate about what he is doing. He did not fear the repercussions that could come from such a public display. It is in the opinion of most that Picasso was truly a great man, just for this painting by its self. Finally, Picasso was a man of many different talents, in which he exemplified through numerous different art works. In 1930 he pioneered another art form with a friend of his, Julio Gonzalez, which was wrought iron sculpture.

A concept that used iron for sculpture and was the first of its kind. Also, Pablo was very skilled at graphic illustrations, which he did numerous works with in the early thirties. Later in his life he decided to do free variations of old master pieces. In this style he would take old master pieces, by the greatest painters ever, and interpret them into his own style. He was taking some of the greatest pieces in art history and turning them into Picasso's. Picasso was obviously more than a painter, and proved it with a fifty foot sculpture he donated to the Chicago Civic Center in the 1960 s.

Picasso was a man of a wide variety of talents and could easily be considered a Renaissance man, with his talent and technique. Picasso was one of the greatest artists ever, and was obviously an extraordinary man. He ranged from different styles of paintings, to very different styles of art. Picasso was an inventor of two different art forms, with the inventions of cubism and wrought iron sculpture. Picasso had his hand in everything he possibly could and excelled at everything he touched. Another great attribute to this great man was his life span, which spanned through two centuries, and also went through two world wars.

Picasso is one of the greatest painters of all times and should be given credit for a lot more than he is Bibliography:

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