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One of the greatest film makers "With the exception of maybe a handful of people, no one has made an impact on the movie making world like George Lucas has. With hundred of hours of film with his mark out there, Lucas has amazed his audiences time and time again with expert story telling" (The Gods of Filmmaking). George Lucas has written, directed, and produced countless films, many of which are some of today's most highly regarded films by critics all over the world. "George Lucas's devotion to timeless storytelling and cutting-edge innovation has resulted in some of the most successful and beloved films of all time" (Inside Lucas Film). George Lucas is one of the greatest writers of his time, one of the best directors of his time, and has paved the way in visual and audio effects. George Lucas is widely believed to be one of the greatest writers of his time. He has written many movies that have won academy awards such as THX 1138, The Star Wars Trilogy, American Graffiti, and Indiana Jones.

George Lucas has not only written Movie he has also written a couple of TV series such as The Young Indiana Jones and a cartoon version of Star Wars. George Lucas has also written many Sci Fi short films and many Sci Fi books. George Lucas wrote the move Star Wars in the late 1970 's. "The film became and international success because of its creative special effects, appealing characters, and suspenseful story of good versus evil" (World Book 513). The original Star Wars garnered 8 Academy Awards for George Lucas. He did not stop at just making one Star Wars movie, George Lucas went on to make 2 sequels, both written by George Lucas, by 1983.

The first sequel he wrote was "The Empire Strikes Back" in 1980, which was nominated for a PEO award in 1981 and took the Academy award in 1980 for sound. In 1983 Lucas gave it another go by releasing "The Return of the Jedi" which did not win any awards but was nominated for best film in the 1984 PEO awards. In 1973 Lucas co-wrote American Graffiti with Gloria Katz. "The film was Lucas's homage to the memories of his own teenage years in Modesto, California, and remembered with vintage cars and dragsters; drive ins, an almost non-stop rock soundtrack, teenage activities, and characteristic hair and clothing style" (Greatest Films). In 1973 Lucas was nominated by the Academy for a Best Director award for American Graffiti, he was also nominated for a Best Original Screen play award, but he did not win either of the awards. In 1994 he did win a Nation U. S.

Film registry award and in 1998 he won a spot in the 100 Greatest American Movies. Indiana Jones one the greatest action films of it time was also written by George Lucas in 1981. "Co-written by George Lucas, Philip Kasdon, and Steven Spielberg, this ranks alongside the greatest flicks of all time spawn two sequels and a deluge of copycat efforts" (Move Gazette). "From literally the first minute until the very closing scene 'Raiders' is the ride of a lifetime" (Movie Gazette). Indiana Jones won the Academy awards for Best Art Direction, Best Editing, and Best sound in 1981. Indiana Jones has also made it into the 100 Greatest American movies and the Nations U.

S. film registry. Lucas has been called one of the greatest directors of all time since his first film. Lucas has directed movies such as THX 1138, American Graffiti, and Star Wars. "Lucas directed his first film THX 1138 in 1970.

The film was produced by American Zeotope and executive produced by Francis Cappola. " (George Lucas Bio). "Lucas spent ix months editing THX 1138 in the attic of his hill top home in suburban Mill Valley, working incessantly seven days a week with his wife, and Walter March who collaborated with Lucas on the final script and developed the eerie, cacophonous sound track. Downstairs there's a blowup doll of Eienstine, looking over a strip of film" (Kline 3). After editing THX 1138 he tried showing it to his executives, but they hated it they wanted him to change it into something they thought would sale and not the movie it was meant to be. "Lucas soon learned there's a vast difference between what a filmmaker sees in those frames and what business men want" (Kline 4). Lucas finally decided to produce the movie himself, after the release the movie won no awards but provided Lucas with enough money to make Lucas Films Ltd. The second movie Lucas directed for was one he also co-wrote called America Graffiti. "In " 1973, Lucas co-wrote, and directed American Graffiti.

The film won the Golden Globe, the New York Film Critic', and National society of Film Critic' awards, and garnered five Academy Award nominations" (George Lucas Bio). The direction of American Graffiti was taken from Lucas's teenage years when he would ride around on the strip with his buddies. In 1977 George Lucas released the first movie in the Epic Trilogy Star Wars. Lucas directed, wrote, and produced the Star Wars trilogy in conjunction with Lucas Films Ltd. The original release of Star Wars broke all the box office records in tickets sales. "Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, winning six (in technical categories); and winner of special Achievement award. George Lucas created Lucas Film to help him create the stunning visual affects that he needed in his movies. "Lucas expanded Lucas Film, of which he is chairman of the board to encompass a number of major divisions.

Industrial Lights & Magic (ILM) has continued to grow, delivering visual effect for scores of films" (George Lucas Biography). He expanded Lucas Film to Skywalker Sound, and Lucas Entertainment also. ILM is the leader in creating new and stunning visual effects for movies. "ILM reached the limits of standard photochemical visual effects processes and began trailblazing the world of digital imagery" (George Lucas Biography). "In 1985, ILM developed the first digital creature - an animated stained glass knight in "Young Sherlock Holmes" and in 1988 debuted the "morphing effect" for "Willow" (George Lucas Biography). "ILM continues breaking new ground with the watery pseudo-pod in "The Abyss", the liquid metal killer in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", and the amazingly like dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park." The computer graphic research division of Lucas film was spun off in 1986 and became Pixar Animation Studios. The next division of Lucas Film is Skywalker sound which has been one of the leading developers in new ways to make exciting sound. "Skywalker Sound has applied its own perfection and devotion to the crafting of a films soundtrack and pas production editing" (George Lucas Biography). Skywalker Sound has worked with Dolby Digital Surround sound to create some of the highest quality sound to date. "Lucas Film post-production innovations, including the sound droid and the EditDriod, pioneered non-linear video editing and became the basis of the standard editing platforms used in films and television today" (George Lucas Biography). George Lucas also made a division of Lucas film to create video games bases on his movies and ideas.

The name of this division is Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. and it has produced some of the best video games to ever be created. "Lucas Film also includes Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. , A leading developer of home computer and console-based entertainment, and Lucas Licensing, which has expanded the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" brads into the best selling novels, toys and merchandise. Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. does not only make game it also creates novels, toys, clothes, board games, and etc.

based on Star Wars and other Lucas Film products. As you can see George Lucas is one of the greatest writers of his time, one of the best directors of his time, and has paved the way in visual and audio effects. He has created some of the greatest films of all time and is an innovator in creating new and exciting ideas. George Lucas has taken his success and expanded it to provide entertainment to people all over the world. He hasn't just settled for enough he's pushed the limits of his imagination and created things people never thought possible. Works Cited "American Graffiti." Greatest Films.

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George Lucas Interviews. New York: International Press, 2000 "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Movie Gazette. March 19, 2005. "Star Wars." Movie Gazette. March 19, 2005.

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