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Example research essay topic: Is Society Against Interracial Relationships And Marriage - 1,249 words

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Interracial relationships have long been a key issue in societies since the beginning of time. Many people find the mixing of races disgusting and immoral. The question is, should they? In my opinion the answer is no, however, this paper is not about my opinions, but about how others, who are supposed Christians view this very same topic. America was founded to be a nation where everyone would have the freedom to do what he or she believed was right. However, it has notably been one of the countries in the world that has the biggest problems with race mixing.

Fortunately, today this controversy over interracial relationships in general has seemed to die down. Unfortunately, these seemingly racists beliefs have not disappeared from our society altogether. It would be my opinion that the majority of people who have problems with multicultural people, as well as the mixing of the races, are opposed because of ignorance. They do not understand other cultures and nationalities and therefore, in part, fear them. Either way, the goal of this paper is to find out how a small sample of todays Christian society will view interracial relationships, dating, as well as marriage.

Literature Review As Americans struggle with racially charged issues from affirmative action to record-breaking immigration, high school students have started a quiet revolution that could signal a shift in the way the nation will come to look at race. According to a new USA Today/Gallup poll of teen-agers across the country, fifty-seven percent of teens who go out on dates say they " ve been out with someone of another race or ethnic group. Not just interracial dating has seen a rise, but also interracial marriages. There were nearly 1. 3 million married interracial couples in 1994, the Census Bureau reported, four times the numbers in 1970. In most cases, many of the teens polled in this survey said that their parents were not a major obstacle in this issue. Sixty-four percent of teens say their parents don't mind that they date interracial, or wouldn't mind if they did.

Almost three / fourths of black, white or Hispanic students polled agreed that interracial dating was not a big issue at their schools (Peterson). Unfortunately, the majority of society still has problems with interracial dating. People who date and socialize with people of different racial groups frequently experience negative reactions. Many students cope with it by learning to accept the challenges of interracial dating. Some students say interracial dating requires more work than other relationships because society still considers it straying from traditional values. It is sad to think that for many, interracial dating is still considered taboo (Findley).

The next article discussed puts some emphasis on how the psychologist should react when working with interracial couples. To be successful in working with the interracial couple population, psychologists must recognize their own feelings about racism in order to make sure that they do not project their prejudices onto the couple. Couples come for therapy with the hopes of resolving issues in their relationship, not because they are racially mixed. Psychologists lacking cultural sensitivity do a disservice to their clients. They must be aware of their own preconceived notions about interracial couples. In order to counsel mixed-race couples, one needs a broader cultural orientation, outside of their own class and cultural group.

It is important that the practitioner understand the couples' differing communication styles so that the counselor can use that understanding to help the couple communicate better (Burnette). While analyzing the following article, it became apparent that there is a correlation between monetary success fulness and level of education in interracial marriages. It would seem that the statistical data shows that those in interracial marriages are marginally more successful than couples that are both black. At lower income levels, the ratio of both-black marriages to mixed race marriages is heavily skewed towards both-black couples, each notch up on the income ladder brings the two figures into closer alignment, until at the highest income level they are nearly even. A similar phenomenon is apparent for educational attainment. At the "non high school graduate" level, there are more than four times as many both-black couples as mixed race couples.

However, with each step up the educational ladder, the figures get closer (Bender). After examining these articles focusing on the differing aspects of interracial relationships, only one conclusion is clear. That is to say that everyone sees the interracial phenomenon differently. It seems as though many are unsure of what they believe. It is possible that after examining the research that I have collected, we may encounter some correlation that may or may not shed some additional light on this pressing issue. Results/Findings After taking the time to scrutinize and analyze the data, as well as compile the statistical results of my findings, I was surprised at the outcome.

I conducted a similar survey last year to this one except that College-age Christians completed the survey. The results were almost complete opposite. The results of this year seem to be more optimistic about interracial relationships. Not only have teenager began to date more outside of their races but their also have been more interracial marriages. In 1994, there were nearly 1. 3 million married interracial couples. Since the 70 s, Interracial relationships have quadrupled in size.

Discussion and Suggestions for Further Research To what degree does todays society, especially todays Christian society, accept or shun interracial relationships, dating and marriage. Well to be totally honest, I was very astonished at some of the findings I analyzed from my experimental survey. Even more so, I also found some of the opinions expressed in some of the articles in my literature review, to express some deep seeded racial issues. Issues that are not thought to be prevalent in todays society. In my opinion, the reason that so much emphasis is put on the evils of interracial dating is because in reality, some people have troubles understanding it.

Many racists people have been trained that way from birth. They have been raised that way, and because these feelings are so deep seeded in their beliefs, they tend to have problems in seeing things in any other way. For this reason, I believe we as Christians, should attempt to inform those who have these deep seeded beliefs and try to allow them to see Gods truth. God has created all of us equal in His eyes and who are we to place boundaries on what God has deemed good.

In this paper, we have only taken a glimpse at the controversy consuming our country, in the debate over interracial relationships, dating and marriage. There is so much more discussion to do so much more information to pilfer through, so many more people to question, Christian or non-Christian especially outside of our college campus. I assure you that I have not written the definitive work on this topic and want to bring to the foreground that the fact of the matter is that there is still much research that needs to be conducted. For this reason, I am including a bibliography of sources for further research on this topic. This list will be in addition to my reference lists of the articles I personally used to write this paper. I hope that in the future, more experimentation can be done to better inform this country and this world in an attempt to lessen the hate and animosity while increasing the love.

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Research essay sample on Is Society Against Interracial Relationships And Marriage

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