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Sam looked at his clone and realized that everything was over. This insufferable clone hed created was now controlling his whole life. His whole world was crumbling down in front of his eyes while he stood there feeling helpless. His clone was now in charge. This is the type of ending that science fiction movies about cloning usually end with.

Human cloning is usually looked at in a very adverse manner in spite of the huge advantages that it has. This negative attitude that cloning encounters is probably due to the novelty of this discovery. For, people usually become anxious when introduced to new things that can have drastic effects on their lives. Human cloning is a hot topic that is ensuing great controversy. The sensationalized news and media reports play a significant role in surrounding the issue of cloning with a disagreeable aura. Like in any other case Human Cloning has its supporters, who realize its huge benefits, and its opponents, who argue that it has dire negative consequences.

Thus, its important to discuss both the advantages and the disadvantages of Human Cloning before passing a judgment. To begin with, its essential to define Human Cloning and clarify what it really means. Human cloning involves taking a cell culture form a certain person. The cell then gets nurtured and manipulated into reproducing the individuals physical make-up. Once the cells begin to grow theyre placed in the womb of a surrogate mother and the clone begins to grow.

A human clone can be defined as a delayed identical twin of the original person. The clone would be carried and delivered after nine months by a human mother just like any other person. Moreover, the clone would require eighteen years to reach adulthood like everyone else. It is vital to note that the clone would be decades younger than the original person. Therefore, there is no danger of people confusing the clone twin and the original person. Moreover, as with identical twins, the clone and DNA donor would have different fingerprints.

A clone will not inherit any of the memories of the original person. So, a human clone isnt an exact copy of the original person, but rather a delayed, younger twin. The advantages of cloning are many and of great significance. One of these is that cloning might be a treatment for infertility. Infertility is usually caused by genetic defects or injuries to the reproductive organs. Many infertility treatments have been developed.

However, these treatments have proven to be highly inefficient and they cant help people whose reproductive systems have not been developed or have been removed. In addition to all that, these treatments tend to be painful, expensive, and unsuccessful. Human cloning, on the other hand, can offer infertile people higher chances of success. For, cloning doesnt require sperms or eggs. Any body cell would do. Cloning, therefore, might allow infertile people who cant produce viable sperms or eggs to have their own biological children.

Cloning can also be beneficial on the psychological scale as well. For, the treatment of infertility might help prevent clinical depression, divorce, or even suicide among infertile people (because infertility often leads to them. ). Moreover, scientists believe that they might be able to clone cells, tissues or whole organs. This might enable them to treat victims of heart attacks by cloning their healthy heart cells and then injecting them into the damaged areas. In addition, skin for burn victims, brain cells for the brain damaged, heart, lungs, livers, and kidneys could also be produced and thousands of lives can be saved.

Furthermore, the field of plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery will improve tremendously. Cosmetic surgeries and procedures like breast implants that involve the risk of getting immune diseases can become risk free. For, with cloning, doctors will be able to produce bone, fat, and connective tissues that match the patients tissues exactly. So, the danger caused of introducing foreign substances to the patients body, like silicone implants for instance, will be reduced or even totally wiped out. Victims of terrible accidents that deform the face could therefore have their features repaired with less agony. In addition, one of the first benefits that are expected to come from cloning is the ability of scientists or doctors to clone bone marrow to children or adults who suffer from Leukemia.

A cure for cancer might be found because we might be able to learn how to manipulate the cells and turn them on and off. Besides, we might be able to grow nerves or the spinal cord that have been injured and paralyzed people might be able to leave their wheelchairs and walk again. Nevertheless, cloning has its opponents who are raising objections against it and demanding the government to ban it completely. These objections vary in nature.

For, a number of opponents argue from a religious point of view, others from an ethical one, and some from a scientific standpoint. To begin with, the first objection raised is of an ethical nature. The objection is that the mere thought of cloning is rather repugnant and disgusting. For, creating another person with the same genetic code would violate human dignity and uniqueness.

This objection is invalid because millions of people dont have unique genetic codes i. e. identical twins. The only difference between the natural identical twins and the clone-twins is that the natural twins are of the same age, while the clone twin and the DNA donor are usually decades of age apart. So, are twins or even triplets repugnant and disgusting? Do twins violate human dignity and uniqueness?

Of course not! In fact, having a twin can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience. Another objection that is raised is that the technology hasnt been perfected and that it could lead to the death of the fetus or to the production of freaks or human monsters. This objection is a justification for further research and not for the prohibition of the technology. Besides, accidental death exists in every domain of the human life. Its ridiculous to ban a technological breakthrough just because it still hasnt been perfected.

Instead, this should be an incentive for further researches and experiments. Finally, the last opposition comes from a religious perspective. This opposition states that creating human beings is the privilege of God only and that scientists shouldnt try to play the role of God and interfere with nature. The aforementioned objection isnt quite logical because scientists arent trying to create the cell.

The wonder is already there. All that they are trying to do is to try to duplicate it. Besides, God gave us the means and the knowledge to try to improve our lives. So, why shouldnt we?

Technology is there to make our lives easier after all. To conclude, Cloning is like any other technology. It has its advantages and its drawbacks. The way we dispose of it is what will determine its aftermath. To ban a technology that might have such tremendous and wondrous benefits, based on allegations, is preposterous and unfair. The reasonable thing to do would be to regulate it by legislation in order to prevent its abuse.

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Research essay sample on Identical Twins Human Cloning

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