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All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike and yet it is the most precious thing we have. -Albert Einstein INTRODUCTION There are many things in this world that go unexplained. Not anymore, it was all aliens, everything you cant figure out like, Where does one sock go when I do the laundry? , and How do you get the caramel into the Caramilk bar? Aliens. Earth has been profoundly impacted by extraterrestrials in its short history. Everything from supplying life-giving chemicals and wiping out the dinosaurs with meteorites to influencing human culture and evolution. The whole world is filled with evidence of extraterrestrials, though it is usually denied and ignored by governments and academics.

This essay will provide a brief analysis of extraterrestrial events or evidence thereof the were especially significant. THE BEGINNING OF LIFE Evolutionary theory suggests that life on earth has been developing for millions of years into more and more complex organisms. These organisms evolved from inorganic molecules through the release of UV, heat and electrical energy in the atmosphere of early Earth. This theory was found to be valid by Stan Miller in 1953, who through a series of tests managed to create some hydrocarbons and amino acids out of chemicals that were present on earth 3. 5 billion years ago. These hydrocarbons and amino acids are very susceptible to oxidation and would not exist for very long in an oxygen based environment. Though there was very little oxygen in earths atmosphere at the time, the large amount of energy present would have easily electrolyzed some water and produced oxygen gas, which is bad for the amino acids.

A much more likely place for amino acids and hydrocarbons to develop would be in large dust clouds in space, such as the one that condensed to form our solar system. Evidence for this theory comes from the many carbonaceous chondrite meteorites recovered (these same life giving meteors have also led to many mass extinctions in earths history). A NASA research group examined one such meteorite in 1970 and found a higher concentration of amino acids and hydrocarbons than are present on earth today (Kvenvolden, K. , Lawless, J. , Print, K. , Peterson, E. , Flores, J. , Ponnamperuma, C. , Kaplan, I. R. , Moore, C. , 197).

In addition the amino acids had a higher concentration of L enantiomers than R-enantiomers, as is seen on earth (China, 1997). This seems to suggest that the basic chemicals for life were derived extra terrestrially. With these chemicals present they arranged themselves into an ordered pattern that was able to reproduce and eventually evolve into higher forms of life. But the probability of such a random occurrence is somewhere in the order of one in 10260 (Roberts, 1992). Just for comparison an estimate of the amount of atoms in the universe is 1078. It is just as likely that the chemicals for life came from space, an extraterrestrial source.

ANCIENT PEOPLE Ancient people, especially their massive structures and impressive grasp of mathematics and astronomy, have always intrigued human kind. For example, the Sumerians were aware of Pluto as early as 5000 bce, seven thousand years before it was discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh in 1930. The first written evidence of extraterrestrials was discovered in 1935 by Prof. Them Um Nui of the Academy of Prehistoric Research in Beijing who unearthed a stone disk in the cave region of the Brian Kara Ula Mountains near Tibet. This stone disk was buried along with a group of humans with frail bodies and disproportionally large skulls; At first they were assumed to be apes, Prof.

Um Nui what rumored to have said Who ever heard of apes burying each other? Eventually 716 disks were uncovered but the Chinese government would not let any more research be done until a Russian, Dr. Saitsew, examined them and wrote a paper in 1968. When the stone disks were examined, they discovered that a long spiral of hieroglyphics were written on them. In one place it says literally: The Dropa came down from the clouds with their air gliders. Ten times the men, women and children of the Khan hid in the caves until sunrise.

Then they understood the signs and saw that the Dropa came in peace this time. (Saitsew, 1968). The stone disks were dated to 10 000 bce to 12 000 bce, far older than even the pyramids. What even more amazing is that when the disks were tested with an oscillograph an oscillation rhythm was discovered, as if the disks were previously electrically charged (Saitsew, 1968). Humans were hunters and gatherers this far back in history. They were just beginning to develop agriculture and no form of writing from this time exist, other than a few miscellaneous artifacts. People did not have the technology to write, let alone cut disks from stone and charge them electrically.

The bodies found in this area were also not characteristic of the people living in this area. They were all under five feet tall with frail bones and abnormally large skulls (Saitsew, 1968). All these clues point to a class extraterrestrial encounter, flying ships, mysterious artifacts beyond human means at the time, and potential cross bred human bodies. A rectangular ziggurat was discovered in the late twentieth century and has been dated to over 8000 bce (Kimura, 1995). This ziggurat was found by sports divers 300 miles off the south coast of Japan in over 100 feet of water. It was first believed to be a natural phenomenon but a road around the structure as well as various similar structures in the area indicate that it was built.

This could be evidence of a new culture as there are no records of a people intelligent enough to have built such a monument 10, 000 years ago. " (Kimura, 1995). Humans were hunters and gatherers at this time, they did not have the skills required to build a structure such as this, nor did they have the population to support such a project. This mysterious artifact is typical of the pyramidal structures that are associated with alien encounters. Tiahuanacu is another massive stone structure with no explanation. It is situated at 12 500 feet above sea level in the Bolivian Andes and it was a seaport, although the nearest body of water, Lake Titicaca is fifteen miles away. The port region of Tiahuanacu called Puma Punku has long lines of yellow white calcareous deposits suggesting the level of the sea thousands of years ago (Leonard, 2001).

The valley is also filled with millions of fossilized sea shells and sea life is abundant in the salty Lake Titicaca. Some of the docks at Puma Punku were so vast that hundreds of ships could dock at them at one time (Leonard, 2001). A quarter mile north-east of the port area is the main city and ceremonial center. Some 40 000 people lived here at one time (Leonard, 2001).

There are four main structures including a step pyramid, Acapana, which is aligned perfectly with the four cardinal directions (Leonard, 2001). This pyramid had a complex hydraulic mechanism that pumped water from a tank on top of the structure to a canal that ran around the base, for what purpose no one knows (Leonard, 2001). The Gate of the Sun, another stone structure, is a massive arch carved from a single block of Andesite granite weighing over ten tons and decorated with ornate designs (Leonard, 2001). Among these designs are images of humans, condors, toxodons, and elephants. There are no other drawings of elephants on the South American continent but the Cuverionius, an elephantine creature, lived along with the toxodons in the Pleistocene era and became extinct 10 000 years ago. These structures have been dated between 1000 bce and 1000 ace by clay figures found at the site.

These clay figures do not have the same artistry and do not use the same style as the larger structures and statues... it is common for later arrivals to be awed by massive ruins (sometimes attributing their origin to supernatural beings, thus replicating the sacred images on their own pottery and textiles), (Leonard, 2001). Professor Posnansky used a different method to date the site. He found that the alignments in the Kalasasaya temple were slightly out of true, suggest...

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Research essay sample on 10 000 Years 000 Years Ago

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