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Example research essay topic: Ran As Fast Began To Feel - 2,174 words

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I awoke. There was a crash on the main deck. I heard a loud crack from above. I ran up the stairs and what I saw shocked me. The small wooden boat was completely in flames! I slowly moved toward the sound being careful not to get caught in the flames.

The smoke was choking me. I could see an outline of a face across from me. It was Jaden, my best friend. He was completely surrounded by the bright orange flames. "Yeah, but the fire has me surrounded!" I hit the water with a crash.

I swam through the water around the boat that was covered in flames to find Jaden. "Yeah the flames were everywhere and I wasn't sure what to do. I was so scared. "I would have been to. You did a smart thing by jumping though. " Finally we were beside each other jumping the waves like we were walking on the moon. We seen a large board that would support our weight, so we swam over to it. When we got onto the board we started to circle the destroyed boat that was covered in flames. I began to feel my stomach move in circles because of all the smoke I was breathing in.

Everything started going dark and before I knew it I could not hold onto the board any longer. I do not know when I woke up. All I could feel was rugged sand all over my body and in my mouth. I seen land. We had washed ashore! Then I remembered what had happened last night.

Startled, I began to look for Jaden. There was no sign of him anywhere. Then I saw foot prints in the sand. I knew they were Jaden's because I had never in my life seen a guy with as small feet than Jaden's. The foot prints were going toward the trees ahead of me that lined the boundary of the seashore. I followed them to see him lying against a big old fat tree that looked as if it had been there for at least a thousand years.

I went around to confront him and ask him why he left me where I was. But then I discovered he was passed out. Blood ran across his face and down his sandy covered chest. I thought to my self maybe he hit a rock? A growl... was it a fresh hungry growl I herd?

Yes it was a growl! I quickly turned around to see a black panther staring into my baby blue eyes. I could tell he was ready to tear Jaden and I apart from piece to piece. I backed up slowly to Jaden's side. I whispered "Jaden, what should we do?"Ahhh... ummm...

I dunno but he sure looks hungry. "Okay, when I say go, lets run as fast as we possibly can. "Man... I dunno... I really don't think I can out run him. "Jaden you can! On three... one, two, three...

GOOO! ! ! !" We hurried but, it was like a kind of death run where you know your doomed. The panther was right behind us, it's claws tearing up our foot prints as we ran. One wrong move and we'd be lunch. The hungry panther ran us onto a cliff, we turned to face him while he slowly walked up to us. I looked into his eyes and I could see victory.

He knew he had won and he wanted us to know it. He moved his paws getting ready to pounce. Suddenly there was a great blast, that shook with tremendous force! I grabbed onto a small tree limb and Jaden grabbed my leg.

I looked up expecting to see the panthers evil eyes but, I saw nothing. Where was he? The shaking had pretty much stopped and I looked over the edge. The panther had fallen, he lay motionless on the rocky ground below.

Jaden quickly averted my attention to the sky. Smoke rose above the trees nearby and a thick smell of acid was in the air. The ground was breaking open and lava spilled from the insides of the island. It was burning with great speed, worst of all it was headed straight for Jaden and I! I ran as fast as I possibly could toward the beach. Jaden was ahead of me.

I ran as fast as I could but the pain was to intense, my hand was nothing more then than a bloody limb. I was slowing down as Jaden ran faster. Suddenly I found myself on the ground. A sharp pain ran across my side and down my leg.

I tired to move but I couldn't. I began to choke, I felt blood run down my face and onto the hot shaking ground. "Oh my god what the heck happened to you? Don't worry man I'll get ya outta here. " He ran up and grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder and carried me toward the shore. I almost passed out as the throbbing pain ran threw my body.

I forced myself to stay alert. He kept running as the wind blew hot heat across our bodies. It was getting hotter and the smoke of burning rain forest began to cover the island. Finally we reached the beach and Jaden placed me under a palm tree while he began to make a raft.

He gathered driftwood, vines and branches together. The heat was getting worse and the lava was getting closer. The crackling of fire could be herd, the same evil, laughing crackling of the flames that burned our boat. He finished using all the supplies from around us and the raft he had made had to do.

He carried it to the water and then carried me to it. He balanced it against the thundering waves as I dragged myself on it. I got on and then waited until the next wave passed before he jumped on. Without warning I was under water. Salt filled my throat as pain ripped through my body as I was tossed by the waves like a piece of seaweed. I felt a tug on my neck as Jaden drug me to toward the shore.

I coughed and spit trying to trying to clear my throat of slat and sand. Jaden placed me on the raft and again he tired to get on. Once again I was thrown into the water as soon as the waves hit. I had no way to hold on, or to swim. With one arm and one leg I was in danger. We returned to the shore and I knew we were running out of time. "This is not gonna work, what can we do?" I asked I saw the panic in Jaden's eyes and I knew what I had to do.

With tear filled eyes I said, "Jaden leave without me. "I can't leave you here, there's no way I will do that" he stated. There was no way I would be able to stay on the raft and even if I did I knew I was close to dying. I asked him to put me under a tree so I was in the shade. As he put the raft in the water he didn't look back at me once.

I said goodbye to him but he didn't say it back. I was thinking to myself how could I let him leave me? But then I figured why should the both of us die. After Jaden left me I began to feel tears run down my cheeks. I really thought he would stay with me after all we had been through but, I guess I was wrong. It sure does tell me how great of a friend he really is.

All of sudden it got really hot. When I looked up I saw lava coming straight toward me. I had about five minutes to get out of the way of the lava. I struggled to stand up the pain was fierce but I got up. I felt like a baby trying to learn how to walk. "Hey you, get out of there, your gonna get burned by that lava heading toward ya. " Screamed a beautiful girl. I must have been in a daze by her looks because the next thing I knew she was right in front of me.

She looked at me with a confused look. "Yes I am" After I said that she gave me a really mean look. "It's ahh... ummmm m. " I couldn't answer, I was speechless, she was so hot! About 5 ' 4 beautiful brown hair to her shoulders. She looked a lot like the actress Katie Holmes.

I think what inspired me the most was her eyes and her smile. "Mitchell is your name I'm taking it?"Yeah Mitchell I'm sure. " She smiled and said "Hi Mitchell I'm Katie, mind if I call ya Mitch?"Ok Mitch think you can run cause that lava is getting just a little to close to me. I was in so much pain but looking at her made it all go away. So I took a step forward and fell flat on my face. I heard her laugh. She knelt down beside me and took my hand. "Looks like you can't run. " I didn't respond I just laid there. She squeezed my hand "come on I'll help ya, I can't let ya burn to death your already way to hot"Oh really?" I said.

She just smiled and helped me up a large hill. It felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. I leaned on her all the way up and that took the pain away. I was thinking to myself am I dead?

Jaden and I had looked all over for some kind of sign of life and found nothing. I didn't care about any of that I just wanted to know who she was and if she had a boyfriend. "Thanks you saved my life. "Your welcome, but what are you doing on this island?" she asked. "Long story, what are you doing here?"I'm on vacation here, what else would I be doing here?" I gave her a confused look. "Mitch you are in the Caribbeans just on the wrong side of the island. "I'm what... Jaden and I looked all over this island and we did not see any people. "Ok Mitch you are confusing me. "My friend Jaden and I got washed ashore here. Our boat caught on fire and blew up and then we ended up here. We looked around this whole island and we did not see any signs of life. "Well it's a big island, if you like I'll take you back to where I'm staying and we can get those burns looked at. "Um yeah, sure, whatever. " We walked for it must have been something like two hours. I was in so much pain being able to lean on her helped but it still hurt.

We reached the other side of the island. She was right, there were at least five hundred people. I could not understand how Jaden and I did not see this part of the island. "I'm staying there, " she pointed to a large hotel. "Whoa your staying there alone?" I questioned. "Mmm no I'm here with ten of my friends. "Oh that's cool" We went inside her room and I meet five of the girls she was staying with. They all seemed pretty nice. "You can take a shower if you want and then we can go downstairs and get those burns looked at. "All right that sounds good. " I took at least a half an hour shower the cool water felt so good.

It had been at least six days since I'd had one. When I got out we went downstairs and got my burns looked at. The lady was really nice she said it was nothing to worry about. She did wrap them up in ace bandage though and said to leave it on for a few days. As we were walking upstairs she asked "is your friend Jaden a girl or guy?"He's a guy"Oh that's cool, how come he left you alone on that island when the volcano was spitting out lava?"He just did I don't wanna go into it. "Ok... " I could tell by the look on her face that I was not making a good impression on her. "Mitch do you have a place to stay tonight?" she asked. "No I don't"Your welcome to stay with me and my friends tonight if you want. " She had the look on her face were she was like asking herself why am I doing this. "That would be great if you don't mind. Well I'm gonna walk around and find something to do.

I'll be back tonight room number 574 right?"Yeah, " she answered. "Thanks for everything Katie. " I walked out into the hall way. I stood there for...

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Research essay sample on Ran As Fast Began To Feel

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