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Example research essay topic: Pas De Calais Allied Forces - 1,198 words

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... he development of an extensive deception plan, which was named, accordingly, Bodyguard. Bodyguard had two major objectives; to confuse the Germans where and when the attack would take place and to cripple the German forces once the invasion began. It was the most complicated deception plan of the war, if not of all time. In 1941 the British broke the German Secret Service codes. These gave the British the name and identities of all the German agents, and were able to capture them.

Some of these agents were executed or imprisoned, but most were used against Germany. They successively turned these agents into double agents. Throughout the rest of the war these double agents would tell the Germans misleading information. The main part of the deception plan was to make the Germans believe that the invasion would happen in the area of Pas de Calais area. This worked like a charm because as early as October 1943 the German leader of the troops in France sent a major number of troops to defend that area.

So to keep the deception alive there was a false group of troops to make it look like that was where the allies were coming. The American troops stayed there until the month before the invasion. The allied forces had to make sure that the Germans continued to believe that the invasion site was still Pas de Calais. This happened because the allies caught another break the Germans had deciphered a lot of false information called ultra in the year prior to the attack. After all the planning on June 6, 1944 allied troops invaded Normandy via Omaha beach and Utah beach. It was almost a total surprise.

It was a mess once the troops began to land even thought he invasion was planned to go off perfectly. The troops on the boats were to far out and many men drowned, others were shot as the landing graft main hatch opened exposing all of the troops on board. The next problem was the smoke and heavy fire from the ground made the planes that were to drop the 81 st and the 102 nd airborne units were thrown off and paratroopers were dropped all over the place. Another problem was the fact that the ships didnt always drop the infantry troops where they needed either.

If the men made it out of the water they had to deal with an unusually fast tide that would come up and go out very fast. Then there were the mines; the beaches were covered with mines and traps. The Germans would actually try and hit the mines with their gun so that the mine would explode and in turn injure the men around. In war the best thing to do is to injure your enemy instead of kill them. This is done because an injured man needs one, two, maybe even three other men to assist him, where as a dead man can be just left alone. The men that day werent fighting the Nazis or for their country they were fighting for two reasons, their lives and the lives of their comrades.

In an awful war like WWII the troops begin to think why am I here, and is it worth it. This moral is especially high in a nasty battle like this one. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to continue to fight when you see hundreds of thousands of your fallen comrades on the beach. There were approximately 12, 000 allied losses that day.

Although it was a strong resistance from the German forces, the leaders of the Germans believed that it was just a diversion and the real invasion was still to come so instead of sending there biggest and strongest army to fight the allies Hitler kept them in the Pas de Calais area. If this hadnt happened the allied forces could have faced very disastrous consequences. Thanks to Bodyguard the Germans had no idea. Although this wasnt the only reason the attack as a success. Among other reasons was the weather; the Germans had maintained many weather stations in the Atlantic till the U-boats had been taken out. So the Germans became very uninformed f the weather patterns in the Atlantic.

The allied forces on the other hand were very knowledgeable of what was going on in the weather. Due to the strict landing requirements for the invasion it had to happen on June 5, 6, or the 7 th. The weather had to be good on one of those days or the attack would have to be postponed to the end of the month or even the next month. July was to late so it had to happen in June. There was a massive storm beginning June 4, which was sure to delay the invasion, but on the 5 th there was a break in the weather and General Patten of the United States ordered a go on the invasion.

The Germans had no idea there was a break in the weather all they knew is what they say which was awful gray and ugly skies. By them being so unknowledgeable of this it ended up being very fatal to the Germans. According to military efforts and ruling the invasion was a total success. They had taken the beach, which gave them presence on Europe again, but was it really that great of a success... D-Day really ended on August 27, 1944. By the evening of the 6 th the allied forces occupied an area approximately 50 miles long and 7 miles deep.

There were 155, 000 men storm the beaches at Normandy, and numbers as high as 10, 000 didnt come back. One day 10, 000 casualties, over 6, 000 being Americans, some would say that that is not a success but a total failure. The idea to a war is to win, that means death. That day the German forces lost up to 9, 000 men. Germany now was fighting a two front war. Russia was coming from the East and the rest for the allied forces were pushing in from the west.

Germany's former allies Italy had turned on them seeing that they had no chance of winning the war, especially after the allied forces had taken Normandy and began to push westward. Hitler and the rest of the German officials would not give up and continued to fight. In the final months of the war following D- day the allies lost approximately 200, 000 men including 36, 000 dead. The Germans however where really hurt that last month with losses totaling more than 300, 000 men. (Hunter, PG 127) In the final days of the war Hitler realized he was done for and in a bunker in Berlin he ended it all with a bullet to his head. Bibliography: Work Cited A. O.

L. Keyword D-Day, web October 03, 2000 De, Ronald ed. Voices of D-Day. Eisenhower for Leadership Studies, United States of America, 1994 Hunter, R. H. and Brown, T.

H. C. Battle Coast. Super Books Limited, Buckinghamshire, England, 1973 Simon and Shuster. The Longest Day. First Printing, New York, 1959

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Research essay sample on Pas De Calais Allied Forces

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