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Revolutionists are judged by their beliefs and not mine. Their ideas are the revolution, and their belief in them- the justification and proof thereof. In this case, I am revolutionary because I feel and believe so. I am enlightening at least someone (myself, if not others) by my ideas due to my personal belief and application of them. Revolution in and of itself is simply a mere spark, an idea that is relative to the great masses of people in one new way. The consequence following the revolution could be defined as the movement of the enlightenment, for the spark of ingenuity carries on the enlightenment of the people- the movement sweeping the land is a mere consequence of one's thought.

The followers are never the revolt, but the leader is the revolt. Did not Hitler revolt and the masses follow? The masses were enlightened as the revolution acted upon them, but the revolution itself, the spark, was Hitler's revolution. The beginning and the end were the ideas preserved in time, only revolutionary due to relativity.

The spark itself is the revolution- for it starts the period and begins the enlightenment. For when one individual is an individual- others have the naturally predisposed tendency to follow. When one match is lit, it is only a short time before the whole forest is set ablaze, and similarly, when one branch decides to stop burning, it is only a short time before the blazing forest is once again silent. Such is the way with a revolution. Just as easily as it is started- it is finished.

Just as quickly as gossip spreads, gossip dies. The fulfillment of the revolution is the enlightenment, and the remains of the enlightenment, tradition. Tradition then becomes the expectant womb of revolution. The dominion that a leader carries is unquestionable. When the speaker of the mound speaks, he demands the undivided attention of the unruly crowd. And so it is.

But when he stops, the crowd drifts back to its unorganized ways. All that can be concluded from this is that revolutions only last as long as their leaders. As the leader falls, so do the beliefs in him, and so the general faith is undermined. Anything that continues to stand after the leader falls has become tradition, and will then be broken in good time by someone else's revolution. The sole idea of revolution is self-sufficiency.

Revolution without individuality and with conformity is no longer a revolution, for the absence of strength undermines the plan's integrity. Revolution without strength is dead, and stagnant revolution is repulsive to the intellect. Once a revolution loses its strength, it is no longer, and will never be again in quite the same pretext. In this case, history does not repeat itself, but imitates itself through different eyes at a different angle. Individuality is needed not only to spark the enlightenment, but also to sustain it.

While the ingenuity of an idea is known as revolutionary, the strength in individuality tends to make that ingenuity commonplace- strengthening the revolution at its roots- maturing it, so to speak, into a historic movement to be studied again and again. Thus, the key ingredient in sustaining the enlightenment is individuality. As a spark is fueled into a burning idea and is formulated in one's mind, there are primary necessities required to sustain that idea and platform it into a revolution. The idea in itself is key to the enlightenment, for the idea is the enlightenment. The idea must then find a way to relate to the audience, thereby involving it to some extent.

Once the ideas relate to the audience, they become followers and the ideas become beliefs. Did not Christ's followers believe in him and follow him, not just his ideas? Once the revolution relates, the people find a certain realism or truth in the common belief of the leader. Darwin never said, "I evolve. I progress through natural selection. " He stated it as a fact that "We evolve", and so we do.

Nonconformity alone is nave. As a fad, people that feel compelled to separate themselves from the mass of conformity in which they live are unprepared to realize the extent of what I have just said. Nonconformity builds upon awareness, strength, and self-reliance to become individuality. Many people have lived their lives as a nonconformists without realizing the importance of swimming upstream, and have accomplished nothing. Similarly, the strength and subsequent self-reliance that individuality demands becomes so much of the non-conformist.

He learns so much from himself and his independence. His independence is self-justifying, due to the nature of independence. This characteristic molds the non-conformist into an individual. The missing puzzle piece of the individual is confidence. One man can live by his own terms on his own, but that proves nothing. Nothing is changed.

In the midst of a red rose bed, one white rose might not feel comfortable with its difference, that is, its confidence is lost. In a crowd of contrast, the overwhelming conformity might defy one's confidence to be his pure self. Individuality without confidence is dispersed at one's will, but belief defies the conformist. An individual with confidence breeds a certain belief for what he stands, a contagious belief.

As a chameleon adapts to his environment, he loses sight of the importance of belief. One might say that belief is part of individuality- but it is just the opposite- individuality is a part of belief, for we are all individuals, but only few of us have the audacity or confidence to have unshaken belief in ourselves. A confident salesman does not sell his product, but his belief and reliability of that product as he portrays it. As the salesman believes in his product, so does the buyer, which is the sole reason that he buys it. I don't contend that belief can ever be spelled out as can facts and objects. Belief is not substance to be seen or felt, it is a delicate blend of faith and confidence.

With the transference of belief, confidence is shown, and the faith understood. It is human nature to trust that which is deemed trustworthy, which is the sole idea behind the contagious belief. If I believe this paper to be a leaf, so will others, until an act proves otherwise. The only justification of this paper is that it is commonplace to believe it to be paper- and nothing has ever defied that. It is this independent defiance that sums up belief. Our confidence in the individual breeds our contagious belief, which then begins to comprehend the revolution itself.

One who believes in himself and his ideas may be self-reliant, but insubstantial. Originality plays an extremely important role in forming a belief into an idea. The nature of the word "idea" suggests a fresh alternative to the tradition, not some stale, regurgitated thought. When one thinks completely independent with originality, an idea is formed. History never quite repeats itself in the same way. Its imitations attempt to blend tradition with an original idea, something beautiful and monumental.

We must constantly be looking through different eyes, a different perspective, because that keeps us thinking in ideas, not traditions. When man landed on the moon, art was integrated, ideas were formed. With increased perspective comes increased voice and creativity. To see the world through someone else's eyes, to see the moon from the stars, to view the sunset through the mystic eyes of the moon, these are things that can only be dreamt of.

The imagination is possibly the only tool for invention and creativity. The eyes of imagination are limitless, and its ideas incomprehensible. If this life were a dream, we would only be more creative and less analytical as a race. The sun shines much farther than we see.

Our voice carries much farther than we ever hear. Our innovation and originality breeds incomprehensible ideas of philosophy, politics, art, beauty, and everything else ever thought of. This is the conception of revolution- an abstract that in and of itself is revolutionary and idealistic and beautiful and original and fresh and applicable and confident. Those who are taught their whole life learn nothing, gain nothing, and give nothing back in return. The human mind is an egg. You can tell it how to live, or you can help give it life, feed it, show it, and it will give back.

The memorization of facts will die with the mind memorizing, but the intellect who can reason and idealize and ferment in its own creativity is never unproductive. That is what breeds ideas and thoughts, instead of mere observations. The great complication in the translation of ideas is misunderstanding. Revolutionary ideas are only revolutionary to those who understand them. A misunderstood idea is a stagnant one, with its powers limited.

The relation of the idea to the idealist is one of relativity. When one thought relates to one mind, the mind is intrigued, and opened. As one's ideas receive public acceptance, a following is formed, but each man only follows what he interpreted to be the idea in the first place. If one relativity betrays another, then the whole idea is destroyed.

That is, I may be saying two congruent messages, but if the connotation of one relates to a particular person as different from the other message, the message as a whole is changed, and the idea is misinterpreted. Hitler's followers followed what they believed him to be saying- what they believed he stood for, but once the interpretation was contradicted, the disillusionment of the mass was evident. And thus the revolution ended, just as quickly as it sparked. When the revolutionary idea relates to the audience, the audience becomes a following, and the idea becomes their prized belief, something to live by, and die for. Revolution as a philosophy is the perfect balance of self-belief and the relation of that belief to the follower.

Just as one leaf withers and falls off a tree, so do the rest. Just as one bird chirps in the morning, so do the rest in response. Just as one twig is set on fire, the roaring forest is set ablaze, then burns out, and becomes history. Enlightenment is the pro sequence of revolution, and tradition is the remnants of enlightenment.

All that once was at hand joins the great melting pot of ideas to be reckoned with. All that is will one day just be tradition studied and imitated, to once again be broken. Just one spark, and the ashes reveal themselves. Bibliography:

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