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... ght give some players a hard time? This mission is fairly easy if you just remember two words: autore mode. With your turrets turned on in this mode you should be able to take out a lot of ships at a very high frequency. Just target the nearest enemy and engage.

Once the job is done, go for some bonus points. No other ships will arrive in the area any more, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Just make sure you have your shields recharged to a reasonable level before you jump to the Rebel base, because 4 more Sup/F are waiting for you there. Once they are taken out of commission, dock with the base...

Mission Souvenir: Black Sun Insignia Mission 2: Reconnaissance of Imperial Convoy (25) Destroy 100 % of MOB XTS-A [ 2 x] 2 Imperial Victory Star Destroyers II Once the convoy arrives, 2 T/A will be launched. You have 2 options: you use your charged laser power to take them out or you leave them alone and you use the power to recharge your Anyway, once they are destroyed (if you decide to take them on) you should start inspecting the convoy. Set the laser recharge level to 0, that way you can inspect the convoy at the nice speed of 150. Normally, you shouldn't experience any more trouble. You might take a bit of fire while you are heading back to the hyper buoy, but nothing serious if you do Mission 3: Mining Colony Under Siege: Rescue Aeron (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport (250) Destroy 100 % of T/B Zeta group [ 2 x] (250) Destroy 100 % of T/F Alpha group [ 2 x] Imperial Victory Star Destroyer II Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Getting Aeron off the base without dying. I wonder if any tips would help here, because a part of this mission has to do with luck.

Anyway, I'll tell you how I managed to get through, but I can't guarantee it works for First of all, put your laser turret on defensive mode. That way it will target incoming fighters, but also incoming torpedoes. Now divert all laser power to the engines (maintain shields). Once the TIE's engage, don't hang around too long, just head straight for the base, the defensive laser fire might even kill a few.

By the time you arrive at the base, you should have a bit of time to dock, without being annoyed by enemy fire. Once you started the docking procedure make sure you set the recharge levels of the shields and the lasers at full! In the meantime you can also switch back to your rear gun turret (press G once) and target any incoming fighters. Remember, it's more important to target the closest fighter that has targeted you, than it is to target the closest enemy in general (which might be engaging some X-Wings). Try to shoot them out of the sky as quickly as possible, because more are inbound.

Keep on fighting them off until Aeron has boarded the ship. With a bit of luck, you " ll still have your shields at a reasonable percentage (more than 100 %). Divert all the laser energy to your engines and maintain your shields. Remember to put the turret back in defensive mode. It will provide cover while you are heading for the hyper buoy. With some fancy flying and a bit of luck you " ll be hampering home in no time.

Mission Souvenir: Picture of Aeron Mission 4: Capture the Freighter Suprosa YT- 2400 Outrider: Arrive at Kothlis (250) Destroy 100 % of T/B Data group [ 2 x] (250) Destroy 100 % of GUN Tau group No big obstacles in this mission, maybe the INT gives some people a headache. This is one of those slow paced missions again, because of the Y-WING (you might have noticed that I'm not so fond of flying an Y-WING). Disabling the MOB shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure you stop firing in time, since your wing mates will continue to fire at the MOB for a while and that might destroy it. Once you made the jump, head for the interdictory. This is your responsibility!

Your wing mates do little or nothing. Link your ion cannons and laser weapons and make attack runs with intervals in between them to recharge your shields. I usually attack the weapons systems on an interdictory, that way I will encounter fewer defensive laser fire in later attack runs and I do the damage I need to do. If you happen to be attacked by a GUN or T/F, take them out first, then proceed with the INT. Once it's shields are down, it " ll make a Mission 5: Abandon Rebel Base at Kothlis SHU Fey " la's Pride: complete mission (250) Destroy 100 % of ATR Talon group (1000) Destroy 100 % of Imperial Starfighters Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Keeping the CRV Razor alive and well.

I must say that the Rebellion has a lack of brain cells from time to time. If I had to lead this mission, I would let the SHU land on the Liberty in the first place and head out of there (without all the base transfer nonsense). Now you " ve got to defend the CRV also, The key to succes in this mission is to take out the ATR's in time. They pose the biggest threat to the CRV and must be taken out immediatly. Once this job is done, return to your dogfights with the TIE's. Make sure the CRV keeps clear of T/B fire.

After the CRV has left the area, the mission is as good as done. The CRS Liberty shouldn't have such a hard Mission 6: Protect Imperial Computer CRS Independance: complete mission (250) Destroy 100 % of Imperial Starfighters Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Once you arrive at the CRV, take on the GUN's immediatly. While you are dog fighting with them, the ISDII Avenger should arrive and launch some TIE's. The ISDII can be taken out, but not before it has boarded the CRV, so concentrate your fire on the TIE's for now. Make sure the E-POD isn't destroyed and follow the other craft into hyperspace. The ISDII will follow and the SDS Executor will join the battle.

Engage the TIE's and in your spare time you can take down the ISDII. Handle it like you would handle any other ISD: take out both shield generators first and then shred it into little pieces. If you have difficulties completing this mission, I suggest flying the B-Wing instead of the X-Wing. It has greater fire power, a bigger torpedo / missile load and is an excellent dog- fighter. The ion cannons that are installed on this baby might also come in handy if you Mission 1: Protect Alliance-Smuggler Meeting I repeat: do not go head-to-head with the Z- 95, since it's an extremely weak craft. The success of this mission depends on your dog fighting skills.

If you do experience difficulties completing this mission, spend some more time in the combat simulator. PREV: Minimize the loss of civilian life (25) Inspect FRT Toburik Haulers [ 2 x] (25) Inspect CTRNS Toburik Haulers (25) Inspect Tie/T Toburik Haulers [ 2 x] (750) Captured 100 % of the Cargo 2 Xiytiar Transports and the rest of the convoy Frustrating mission, since you need to have a bit of luck. The mission itself isn't that hard, you can easily kill every opponent with your Y-Wing. The frustrating thing is that you seem to be the only one fighting. I once killed 7 of the Pry/F but the 8 th one managed to destroy another craft of the convoy. What are your Once you " ve stopped the Pry/F you will still experience the same frustration when engaging the T/I's.

Ok, so you can order your wing mates to engage your target, but they don't seem to listen. So, once again it's all up to you. The downward is that the Y-Wing isn't terribly fast and you can't be everywhere at the same time, so... let's hope you have some Mission 3: Break Even Out of Brig (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Search the containers for the bomb PREVENT: MUTR Deadman's Hand: Destroy Once you arrive at the first station, start taking out the T/F. They shouldn't be too much a problem. Once they are taken out, start inspecting the containers.

The bomb is in one of the Pr/Tk's, so check them out first! After you made the pick-up head for the base where Move in closer and drop the cargo between 1 and 1, 5 clicks from the base. Don't be alerted by the presence of the T/F's or G/P's, they won't attack until the bomb has exploded. Once the bomb explodes engage every craft that poses a threat to the MUTR. These will be the TIE's and the G/P's in the beginning and later on some GUN's.

You can take the SPC out in Most of your adversaries are a lot weaker than the Otana, so you shouldn't experience any problems. If you do, change your dog fighting tactics with the Otana. Mission Souvenir: Dunari's Casino Luxury Pass PREVENT: CAS Dunari's Rest: Destroy Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Escorting the shuttles and other transport craft of the personnel. First take out all the gun boats.

By the time you are finished with them, the TIE's should be well underway to intercept the escaping personnel, so head for the ones that pose the biggest threat to them. Once these threats have been eliminated, several more fighters will come your way. Just hold them off, in the meantime the B-Wings should have destroyed the STRKC. At a certain point the waves of fighters just come to a stop, that means that you " ve This a pathetic, difficult mission, you are heavily outnumbered (2 to 14 or something) and you have little time to protect a weak craft like a SHU. The key is not to engage every Pry/F until he's completely destroyed. You " ll have to engage multiple craft at once in order for them to break off their attack on the SHU (and to draw some of their attention towards you...

gulp! ). Also don't wander off, don't let any of the Pry/F lure you away from the SHU or you " ll have to restart the mission. Once the shuttle enters hyperspace, follow it. Once in the asteroid field, it " ll stop for a moment in order to disable a homing device.

The Harris will attack one last time. The best way to handle the situation is by drawing all of the attention to you, by attack the MUTR. This should give the shuttle a chance to flee. Mission 6: Recover Family Data Core (Family mission) -- Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Emkay must retrieve the Datacore Keeping the Andrasta or Emkay alive and even that is easy. Search for the dataport in one of the CN/K's and drop of Emkay. T-Wings should arrive shortly after you dropped him off.

Engage the T-W's at once. Take out as many targets as fast as you can, but be on the lookout for fighters which attack the FRS Andrasta or Emkay. Your own shields can take a beating, they can't! My experience with this mission learned me that most fighters go after the Andrasta, I haven't seen a single T-W go after Emkay.

Which is kind off weird since he has the weakest defence. The T-Wings aren't a match for the shielding and firepower of the Otana on top of that, they are the only fighters that " ll oppose you in this very easy mission. After you jump back to the liberty, remember to dock with the Andrasta to transfer the Mission Souvenir: Bothan Spent Honorary Membership The FRG Jericho must return to the Liberty (0) 100 % of MOB Vemmer has been boarded Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Keeping the FRG alive if you don't take out the M-CRV's in time. Let your wing mates attack both M-CRV while you take out the static defences.

Most of the statics don't pose a real threat as long as you aim for the turrets which are on top of the asteroid. Keep an eye on your wing mates' progress with the attack on the M-CRV's, so you can dispatch them to attack the second one. Once you " ve taken out the statics, concentrate on the Pry/F. Attack the base once the fighters don't pose a threat to you any more.

I suggest you aim for the laser turrets first, but don't use your torpedoes just yet. You should be able to disable the base without using them. In the meantime, the Imperial forces should have arrived, but don't worry too much about them just yet. Keep an eye on the shuttle that leaves the base. You should ID it and disable it as soon as possible, because some of the other fighters shoot at it with regular laser fire. If you are too late, there is a fair chance that the shuttle is Once all that is done, you should head for the ISDII, the TIE's won't give you a hard time and if they do, kill them.

Target the shield generators with your torpedoes and finish the job with some ion / laser fire. Once the shields are down, you shouldn't have any more troubles. Attack it with all you " ve got (remember to use your ion cannons in this situation too, you can disable an ISD II faster than you can destroy it). Once you are heading back home, you can take out the platform as well. Mission 1: Meet with Bothan Delegation DREAD Tal " cara: complete mission (750) Destroy 100 % of Mercenary Starfighters Nothing in particular, it's just that something always tends to go wrong the first few times. If you are on time for this, you are too late for that, ...

Once you entered the mission area, do a 90 turn, that's were the DREAD and his escorts will are. Once they launch the shuttle, store it in one of the target presets (eg. Shift-F 5). Engage the S/B's once they arrive. Before you can attack the S/B's themselves, try to take out a few of the torpedoes launched at the DREAD. It does take most of them out himself, but this will make the task at hand easier.

Because off the limited offensive capabilities of the A-Wing, you won't be able to take out many S/B's before you have to divert your attention to some incoming IRD's, which go after the shuttle. Once the M-CRV arrives, you should start heading for the shuttle, that way you can intercept the IRD's in time. In the meantime, you should let your wing mate attack the M-CRV, since his turbo lasers do a lot of damage to the FRG. Once the IRD's are taken out, head back toward the FRG and start attacking the M-CRV. This is not easy because of the specific weaknesses of the A-Wing. Evasive manoeuvering is essential and even then the task at hand is difficult.

Once the M-CRV has been taken out go and inspect the E-POD. Make sure the S/B doesn't pick it up, once it's inspected you should start defending the SHU Jade (the meeting should be over by now) but also the SHU Compassion. You should definetly be spending more time defending the Compassion's, since Mission 2: Locate Mercenary Base (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Fly to Mercenary Base for reconnaissance Return to the Liberty with coordinates (1000) Destroy 100 % of Mercenary Starfighters You should know the drill by now. Fly in and dock with the B/CRS and put your shields and laser at full recharge rates.

Once the Pry/F arrive you should go to the rear gun turret and attack them. Just do enough damage so the fighters will break of their attack, then switch to another target which is still firing at you! Once Aeron has downloaded the transport logs, head out of there with shields at maintenance level and lasers at an increased recharge rate. Now that you are in mid-air (each, space) you can easily take out Once you make the jump into hyperspace, you " ll arrive at an Imperial "target-practice." Put your lasers on defensive fire mode and start flying toward the ISD's in the back, because that's where the re-calculated nav buoy will appear.

Once you are back, dock with the platform... same story as above. There is one big advantage though. The IRD are much more fragile than the Pry/F, and therefore should be Now you can hyper to the mercenary base...

which once was the Azzameen home base. The mercenary Ird's shouldn't be too much of a problem. Remember that ships that are leaving the hangar, don't engage the enemy yet. That way, you can take out all the Ird's before they even managed to fire a single shot at you. Mission Souvenir: Mercenary Pilot's Jacket (800) Destroy 100 % of Mercenary Starfighters Maybe some other thay I may have missed Making sure the Otana doesn't get shot during the docking procedure.

Once you arrive at the base, let your squadron take out the GPLT's, while you take on the fighters together with the X-Wings. Once that is done, let them engage the B/CRS, go and help them if you get the chance (but don't waste all your torpedoes on it). The ATR Storm should arrive right about now, so engage any fighter that poses a threat. After a while the M-CRV should arrive, let your squadron, except the Otana, attack it. Aeron needs to disarm the bomb on the base, so letting her engage the M-CRV is not such a good idea. After this job is done, engage the remaining fighters.

You must make sure that the Otana does not get hit by enemy fire during the docking procedure. If this happens, it will cancel the docking and start shooting at the base. Since the bomb won't be disarmed, you know you will lose the mission. Restart.

Mission Souvenir: Azzameen Family Crest INT Grappler: must be driven off (500) All Bothan's escape to Alliance territory Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Getting the Bothan's out of the region. Once you arrive, start Wing the convoy immediatly. Once that is done, head for the INT and engage it (don't worry too much about the TIE's, unless one of them is giving you a hard time). Once you " ve managed to destroy or drive off the INT, concentrate on the remaining TIE's, especially the T/B are a big threat for the convoy. If you don't let any slip through, you should be able to complete this mission with relative ease. Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport Shuttle Tyderium must be located Shuttle Tyderium must be captured PREVENT: CORT Sabra from being ID'd.

Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons The first part of the mission is easy, just always target the closest enemy fighter / ship and avoid it. After you have jumped into hyperspace, fly around the station to determine the location of the SHU. Now dock with the space colony (and bump into a ship or 2). Once the SHU has been captured, call for reinforcements. There are a lot of TIE's out there and you can't handle them all by yourself. You must make sure that the T/B don't destroy the SHU.

After that's done, you shouldn't experience any more troubles. - Alternative method of completing the mission - Instead of docking with the station, pick up the shuttle (like you pick up cargo) then fly out of the station at full speed (dumping all shields and laser power)... that way you can stay clear of the bombers. Once you are in range of the jump point, drop the shuttle and continue to fly forward at full speed. Once you are about 20 km away from the station turn around (but fly AROUND the bombers or you " ll be ID " ed). Then dock with the station (in order to complete the mission objective) while you are docked, recharge cannons and shields to full.

Once that is done, head out of there (again at full speed, dumping all energy to the engines). With some fancy flying you should easily make it to the jump point. Defiance Task Group: Arrive at Sullust Independence Task Group: Arrive at Sullust PREVENT: Defiance Task Group: Any destroyed PREVENT: Independence Task Group: Any destroyed Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons 2 Imperial Victory Star Destroyers II Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons The key to this mission is taking out all craft carrying warheads. This means: T/B and GUNs. Concentrate all your fire on them. The first part of the mission, defending the Defiance, is pretty easy.

You have some fighter resistance, but all the T/B are easy to take out. Once the GUNs arrive, take them out as well. Around this time, the CRS Defiance should be hampering out of there. Once it's Reload you warheads on the CRS Liberty and continue the mission. This is the more difficult part of the mission. The Independence is already in pretty bad shape and under heavy attack.

The problem is that you can't concentrate on the T/B (not even with your missiles), if you do, you " ll get shot down by incoming T/F and T/I. Once the first wave of fighters has passed, things get a little easier. You can take out the T/B from a certain range from the CRS, before the pose a threat. The downward is that on one point or another you " ll get fighters behind you, leaving you with a difficult choice: should I continue my pursuit / interception of the T/B, securing the safety of the CRS or should I engage my attackers and leave the T/B on an intercept course with the Independence? Even I can't answer that one...

it's a difficult choice. Remember that you can fly in for repairs and reloads, but you have little time in between the waves, so make sure you don't compromise the mission by doing so. Mission 7: Family Reunion (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons I guess it's pretty obvious we " re dealing with a trap here. Once you are on the Kessel station the ISD II should arrive and launch some TIE's. All you have to do is go through your regular dog fighting routines until Dunari arrives. Once he arrives, head for the nav buoy, putting your laser turret on defensive mode (or you can keep it in autore mode, as Once you made the jump, you " ll be in an asteroid field with some LAS/BAT's.

The ISD II will continue pursuit, so you " ll get some more TIE's after you (incl. T/A's). Just dump all your laser power to the engines and head for the buoy. The pursuing TIE's and the LAS/BAT aren't This is the last family mission in X-Wing Alliance, which is a shame actually.

One extra mission would have been nice (pay-back time for dear uncle Asian). Imperial Starfighters: First wave destroyed PREVENT: CRS Independence: Destroy PREVENT: FRG Redemption: Destroy Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Again, all you have to do is some dog fighting. That's something you " ll have to do for yourself. Basically, all you have to do is target the closest enemy craft and start shooting at it (make sure you use the laser turret, it's there for something).

Keep in mind that there is a time limit on this mission! SSD Executor: Bridge tower knocked out PREVENT: CRS Independence: Destroy Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Don't mind the TIE's too much, but don't neglect them either. Attack them if they attack you, otherwise keep focused on the shield generators of the SSD. Order all your wing mates to attack the shield generators too. Once they are knocked out, the SSD will go down! Keep in mind that there is a time limit on this mission!

Note: If you are playing version 2. 01 you could have difficulties completing the mission because the Independance gets shot down every time, try playing a different version of the game. If you play with version 1. 0 (the version I played), you won't experience this Death Star fighter screen: cleared Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons Reaching the rally time might be a problem The first time I played this mission, I didn't reach the rally point. So the time limit is the real problem in this mission. I suggest you concentrate your fire on the TIE's.

The ISD II will be taken out eventually by Y-Wings, they don't need your help. Don't forget to report the energy from the lasers & shields to the engines if you have to engage an enemy which is further away or need to reach the rally point and you don't have much time left. Keep in mind that there is a time limit on this mission! Flying through the Death Star will give you a headache for sure! The fighters which are trailing you aren't really the problem. It's the flying itself that poses the problem.

Lot's of obstacles which can be hard to dodge or destroyed in time. This mission will have to be played over... and over... and over again.

It may be a good tactic to destroy a lot of the obstacles on the primary escape route BEFORE you enter the reaction core. That way, you " ll have less difficulties escaping in time. Once you reach the reactor, shoot 2 missiles at the power regulator (just for fun) and head back the way you came in... this will give you some slack while escaping. Some people mailed me that they have difficulties taking out the core, well I find that strange. I had to play the mission several times and I had quite a lot of difficulties, but I was always able to destroy the core without any troubles.

This little tip from should solve the question: What part is the reactor When you enter the reactor area, you need to press the ", " (comma) key to target the reactor. You will know that you have done it right when the word "Reactor" appears in the CMD at the bottom of the screen. Fire two missiles (one doesn't always do the trick) and GET This was sent to me by Michael (Huntsman) (): There is a bug it seems in that, BUT time does not seem to be to major. I found that the problem was if I had a solid lock with torpedoes before firing they hit the reactor half way up on it, and there is does not seem to damage it.

However if I dumb fire them at the base that worked fine. Odd, might be a bug, but if you fire when you get the tone for torpedo lock it does not do ANY damage. It goes down to 75 % when wedge hits it... As long as you dumb fire at the base where the blue core of it is up Also take caution if you want to take out the super laser lens. There will still be laser rays in the shaft. If it hits you, you are dead.

Once the reactor is out, you should head out at a high speed (+ 80 - 85 or something), otherwise you " ll be destroyed by the explosion of the Death Star. Also make sure you head out the right way! I once took a wrong turn, deviating from the primary escape route. I ended up in a black void space...

and I could see the lenses of the death star weapon, but there was no way out. I was able to keep on flying... probably an error of some sort. This section includes all the starfighter's, starships, mines, containers, ... you will encounter in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. The abbreviations are the same as displayed on your HUD's CMD during gameplay.

The info will be given to you in this way: Name (Abbreviation) Shield rating / Hull rating Asteroid Laser Battery (LAS BAT) 200 SBD / 95 RU Asteroid Warhead Launcher (W LNCHR) 200 SBD / 95 RU Gun Emplacement (GPLT) 80 SBD / 28 RU Homing Mine B (HM/ 2) 08 SBD / 02 RU Large Gun Emplacement (G/P) 80 SBD / 19 RU Large Gun/Warhead Emplacement (GW/P) 08 SBD / 02 RU Proximity Mine A (PM/ 1) 08 SBD / 02 RU Proximity Mine B (PM/ 2) 08 SBD / 02 RU Cargo Canister (C/C) 40 SBD / 16 RU Class A Container (CN/A) 120 SBD / 36 RU Class B Container (CN/B) 100 SBD / 36 RU Class C Container (CN/C) 160 SBD / 16 RU Class D Container (CN/D) 40 SBD / 28 RU Class E Container (CN/E) 56 SBD / 36 RU Class F Container (CN/F) 120 SBD / 36 RU Class G Container (CN/G) 120 SBD / 36 RU Class H Container (CN/H) 40 SBD / 36 RU Container Hangar (CN/Her) 200 SBD / 76 RU Class I Container (CN/I) 120 SBD / 36 RU Container Type J (CN/J) 120 SBD / 44 RU Container Type K (CN/K) 40 SBD / 16 RU Container Type L (CN/L) 40 SBD / 16 RU Pressure Tank (Pr/Tk) 80 SBD / 16 RU Astromech Droid (R 2 -D 2) 00 SBD / 02 RU Emkay (MK- 09) 00 SBD / 02 RU Zero-G Stormtrooper (ZG/S) 00 SBD / 02 RU Zero-G Utility (ZG/U) 00 SBD / 02 RU Bulk Freighter (FRT) 200 SBD / 140 RU Cargo Ferry (CARG) 160 SBD / 92 RU Cargo Freighter (CF) 320 SBD / 36 RU Cargo Tanker (CT) 320 SBD / 92 RU Container Transport (CTRNS) 320 SBD / 268 RU Freighter Type C (Frt/C) 232 SBD / 156 RU Freighter Type H (Frt/H) 248 SBD / 148 RU Freighter Type K (Frt/K) 240 SBD / 160 RU Mobquet Transport (MOB) 240 SBD / 160 RU Modified Action Transport (M/TRN) 220 SBD / 152 RU Modular Conveyor (CNVYR) 256 SBD / 152 RU Medium Transport (MTRNS) 240 SBD / 160 RU Star Galleon (STARG) 320 SBD / 228 RU Suprosa (MOB) 2240 SBD / 168 RU Xiytiar Transport (Tie/T) 256 SBD / 156 RU Mine Type A (Mn/T 1) 00 SBD / 01 RU Mine Type B (Mn/T 2) 00 SBD / 01 RU Mine Type C (Mn/T 3) 00 SBD / 01 RU Asteroid Mining Unit (AMU) 960 SBD / 60 RU Asteroid Hangar (R&D FC) 2560 SBD / 2272 RU Cargo Facility 1 (C/F 1) 1280 SBD / 752 RU Cargo Facility 2 (C/F 2) 2880 SBD / 1360 RU Dunari's Rest (CAS) 1600 SBD / 1360 RU Comm Relay (C/RLY) 1600 SBD / 752 RU Derilyn Platform (D/P) 1920 SBD / 1056 RU Deep Space Manufacturing Facility (FAC/A)... 1920 SBD / 1520 RU Azzameen Family Base (AZZ) 1920 SBD / 1664 RU Family Repair Yard (RY/ 2) 1600 SBD / 1904 RU Golan One (G/ 1) 3200 SBD / 1520 RU Golan Three (G/ 3) 8000 SBD / 3040 RU Golan Two (G/ 2) 6400 SBD / 2272 RU Imperial Research Center (IRC) 2560 SBD / 7616 RU Imperial Complex (FAC/ 2) 864 SBD / 800 RU Pirate Shipyard (SHPYD) 1024 SBD / 1168 RU XQ 1 Platform (PLT/ 1) 2560 SBD / 1216 RU XQ 2 Platform (PLT/ 2) 2560 SBD / 1216 RU XQ 3 Platform (PLT/ 3) 2560 SBD / 1216 RU XQ 4 Platform (PLT/ 4) 2560 SBD / 1216 RU XQ 5 Platform (PLT/ 5) 2560 SBD / 1216 RU XQ 6 Platform (PLT/ 6) 2560 SBD / 1216 RU Processing Plant (PP) 640 SBD / 368 RU Rebel Platform (BASE) 3200 SBD / 1824 RU Repair Yard (REPYD) 9600 SBD / 4560 RU Sensor Array (S/ARY) 1600 SBD / 752 RU Ship Yard (SHPYD) 9600 SBD / 4560 RU Space Colony 1 (SC/ 1) 1280 SBD / 752 RU Space Colony 2 (SC/ 2) 1120 SBD / 752 RU Space Colony 3 (SC/ 3) 1120 SBD / 1056 RU Type 1 Navigation Buoy (BUOY) 00 SBD / 02 RU Type 2 Navigation Buoy (BUOY) 00 SBD / 02 RU Hyperspace Navigation Buoy (BUOY) 00 SBD / 02 RU Probe Capsule (PROBE) 00 SBD / 02 RU Probe

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