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X-WING ALLIANCE - Mission Guide (version 1. 15) Written by Tim Ways (April 23 th - May 5 th, 1999) E-mail: The author is also the webmaster of The Cheat Empire: web Where you can always find the latest cheats & walkthroughs for PC Games. For the LATEST VERSION of this Guide, check his website! - Mission 1: Aeron's Lesson: Transport Operations - Mission 2: Emon's Lesson: Weapons - Mission 3: Aeron's Error: Data Recovery - Mission 4: Sticking it to the Viraxo's: Covert Delivery - Mission 5: Black Market Bacta: Cargo Transfer - Mission 6: Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Alliance - Mission 7: Nowhere to go? : Escape Imperial Attack - Mission 1: Deep Space Strike Evaluation - Mission 2: Starfighter Superiority Evaluation - Mission 2: Rescue Uncle Antan (Family mission) - Mission 3: Reconnaissance of Imperial Task Force - Mission 4: Rescue Echo Base Prisoners - Mission 5: Recover Imperial Probe (Family mission) - Mission 6: Stop Resupply of ISD Corrupter - Mission 7: Destroy Imperial Sensor Net BATTLE 2: Secret Weapons of the Empire - Mission 1: Flight Staff Transfer - Mission 2: Ensnare Imperial Prototypes - Mission 3: Kill K'Army Viraxo (Family mission) - Mission 4: Raid Production Facility - Mission 6: Destroy Imperial Research Facility - Mission 1: Liberate Slave Convoy - Mission 2: Supply Rebels with Warheads (Family mission) - Mission 3: Recon Imperial Research Facility - Mission 4: Investigate Imperial Communications Array - Mission 5: Plant Listening Device (Family mission) - Mission 6: Rendezvous with defector - Mission 1: Shipment to Mining Colony (Family mission) - Mission 2: Reconnaissance of Imperial Convoy - Mission 3: Mining Colony Under Siege: Rescue Aeron (Family mission) - Mission 4: Capture the Freighter Suppose - Mission 5: Abandon Rebel Base at Kothlis - Mission 6: Protect Imperial Computer - Mission 1: Protect Alliance-Smuggler Meeting - Mission 2: Attack Imperial Convoy - Mission 3: Break Emon Out of Brig (Family mission) - Mission 4: Protect Smuggler Retreat - Mission 6: Recover Family Data Core (Family mission) - Mission 1: Meet with Both Delegation - Mission 2: Locate Mercenary Base (Family mission) - Mission 5: Steal Imperial Shuttle - Mission 7: Family Reunion (Family mission) - Mission 2: That Thing's Operational - Mission 4: Death Star Tunnel Run Looks like 1999 is going to be a great Star Wars year. Not only will the new movie be released soon, there are also a pile of Star Wars games to be released. X-Wing Alliance is one of these games and it does again: great atmosphere, improved graphics, stunning FMV sequences...

in short: a great game. This is a mission guide and it will give you an overview of the missions you have to fly, including a highlight on the specific difficulties of the missions and some tips. I'm not going to ramble about tactics and how to fly... that's something you " ll have to learn for yourself (or maybe you can use the force). If you are having some difficulties with the abbreviations I sometimes use in the opponents topic, I suggest you check out the reference section at the bottom of the guide! Note: I played the whole game (version 1. 0) at medium difficulty, so there might be some small differences between the descriptions I give here and the missions you play at easy or hard difficulty.

I also noticed that their might be differences in the gameplay as you install an upgrade (cfr. battle 7, mission 2). Also, keep in mind that the bonus points mentioned might defer too, but in general, I urge you to try to get as much bonus points as you possibly can (usually by destroying extra ships, a squadron of fighters, but also by rescuing certain ships). Version 1. 01 - First revision, corrections made where necessary Version 1. 02 - Addition made to Battle 7, mission 2; minor changes here and there Version 1. 10 - Addition problems destroying the power core Alternative way to complete Battle 6, mission 5; minor changes here and there Version 1. 11 - Minor addition to "problems destroying the power core" Version 1. 12 - Added bonus point for battle 5, mission 2 (Special thanks to Joo Saraiva) (november 13 th, 1999) Version 1. 13 - Minor correction for prologue, mission 1 (Special thanks to Jason Gordon) Version 1. 14 - Minor correction for prologue, mission 2 (Special thanks to Eden Tan) Version 1. 15 - Changed legal information This option is there for MP games but is also an excellent way to familiarize yourself with some of the crafts you " ll be flying and therefore a must-do for rookies.

For the veterans among us: it's an excellent way to polish up your piloting skills (mine Furthermore, you can increase your pilot rating by flying either previous missions or quick Mission 1: Aeron's Lesson: Transport Operations Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport C/C Xi 1 delivered to Harlequin Station C/C Xi 2 delivered to Harlequin Station Coolant: Delivered to Azzameen Home Base Fuel Cells: Delivered to Azzameen Home Base 2 Viraxo PES (retreat when attacked) Mission Souvenir: Key to Harlequin Station Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport FRS Andresta: Leave Dunari's in one piece CORT Sabra: Leave Dunari's in one piece (100) Points for inspecting Boba Fett's Slave One Mission Souvenir: Drink Chit from Dunari's Casino Mission 3: Aeron's Error: Data Recovery Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport Cargo Area 1: All Containers Inspected Cargo Area 2: All Containers Inspected Cargo Area 3: All Containers Inspected Raider: Force Release of Stolen Cargo (50) Points per destroyed fighter (500) Points for destroying theft transports? Viraxo PES Enkidu (enters hyperspace when attacked) None really, maybe intercepting the CARG Raider in time? You don't have to repel the cargo raider, you can also kill him... which is much easier if you ask me. Make sure you first target and take out the Rz R/F's before heading toward the PES. They pose the greatest threat in this mission, but shouldn't give you a hard time.

Keep in mind that there is an error in the mission if you are playing version 1. 0. The game states that a mission objective is complete, when you only inspected 97 % of the cargo. Watch out for this, if you don't search the last container, you can't complete the mission! Mission Souvenir: Space Pirate Flag Mission 4: Sticking it to the Viraxo's: Covert Delivery -- -- Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport PREVENT: Corellian Transport Sabra: ID " ed by an Imperial craft (100) Destroy 100 % of CF VCF 085 (100) Destroy 100 % of CT/ 2 VCF 098 (300) Destroy 100 % of Star squadron Imperial Star Destroyer II (Avoid) Imperial TIE-Fighter Squadrons (Avoid) The PES Enkidu is the only threat worth mentioning (Rz R/F are taken out fairly easy) First take out the wave of Rzr/F fighters (about 4 ships), then take out the PES Enkidu followed by the remaining Rz R/F fighters (about 6 remaining).

Watch out if you are taking on the PES. If you can trail the PES it doesn't take much effort, but take care if you are coming head-on with it. It can do some serious damage if you don't watch out! Take out some extra cargo ships and containers to get bonus points or to reach your 25 % mark if you haven't taken out all the fighters.

Make sure you destroy the CORT Venue before you leave... the first time, I forgot to do Mission 5: Black Market Bacta: Cargo Transfer Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport (50) Destroy ZG/U Technician [ 3 x] You know that the pirates are going to double-cross you, so you might as well target one of the Clk/F ships. Once the double-cross is obvious, you can shoot him out of the air in a few seconds. Then go straight after the GSP, don't waste any time with the other ships. Once the GSP has been taken out, the Va sudra should be able to withstand all the other Note: Do not attack prematurely as this results in a mission failure. Mission Souvenir: Illegal Bottle of Zairana Ale Mission 6: Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Rebellion Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Rebel Hospital: At least 66 % evacuated CORT Ottawa: Escape Imperial Ambush FRS Adrasta: Escape Imperial Ambush Imperial Star Destroyer II (ISD) Hitting the 66 % mark can pose some difficulties for some players.

No tips really, just keep on fighting. If there's even 1 second that you are not fighting, you must be doing something wrong or you are being a real chicken. I suggest you stay clear of the ISD. Not because it will attack you or anything, it's because it launches the TIE's. If you have to make an escape in case of an emergency, it's best that you are not too close First take on the T/F, but make sure you take out the T/B once they are in range, since they pose the biggest threat to the other ships. After the T/B are disposed off, resume picking off the T/F's.

Retreat once you passed the 66 % mark. Mission Souvenir: Imperial TIE Debris Mission 7: Nowhere to go? : Escape Imperial Attack Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons There is one big tip for this mission: avoid combat as much as possible. Why? You will survive but your cargo won't and you need it to complete the mission. This includes the request to hold off the incoming T/F at Twin Sun Station.

The Sabra can leave without any scratch, even without your defence. At the Azzameen home base, let Aeron take out the Viraxo fighters and keep your distance from the Imperial fleet once it arrives. This might be a good time to load countermeasures for the first time, since you " ll probably get some torpedoes fired at you. Activating the turrets in defensive mode is also a big Mission Souvenir: Red Group recruitment poster, rebel outfit & helmet Mission 1: Deep Space Strike Evaluation Imperial Convoy: At least 25 % destroyed (50) Destroy Spray Blast boats [ 2 x] Not getting blown away by the escort of the convoy To destroy the cargo containers swiftly, it's best to destroy a few (8 - 12) of the containers (to do some blast damage to the space station) and then star shooting at the space station.

Once it explodes all of the remaining cargo containers will explode too, this will save you Fly straight in, hit the CRKC with some torpedoes or laser fire and fly back the way you came in. This way you " ll avoid the gun emplacements, which can do some serious damage to your slow manoeuvering Y-Wing. (If you used some torpedoes, return to the defiance to This is the hardest part. The A/S can do some serious damage and can blow your Y-Wing out of there in no time. I try to avoid them, if possible...

you can reach the 25 % mark without paying attention to the A/S. Mission 2: Starfighter Superiority Evaluation Craft: X-Wing (A-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing and Z- 95 Headhunter also selectable) VSD Market Fighter Wing: All withdrawn or destroyed (0) Destroy 100 % of Delta Squadron (0) Destroy 100 % of Eta Squadron Maybe 4 - 1 situations for some players? Don't ever fly head to head with any of your opponents. This causes too much shield loss/ damage to your fighter.

You can try it once, but it's better to do evasive maneuvers and pull back once you " ve passed them... that way you can get a clear shot from the rear and since we are dealing with TIE's here, we don't have to worry to much about hitting them 100 Also make sure you have at least that Pentium 200 they were talking about. I have a Pentium 133 and the framerate was dropping like hell once I got in the mass dog fight between the squadrons of X-Wings and TIE's. So if anybody whishes to buy a new computer for me so I can One more tip: don't listen to what they say during the mission. It will get you killed, just fly the way you usually fly your fighter craft.

Secondary objective: Determine contents None, but try to stay clear of the Strike Cruiser. It isn't deadly, but I wouldn't recommend doing some sight-seeing around that starship, unless you want the bonus points of First take out the TIE's, then start hitting the convoy. Don't waste any torpedoes on the STRKC, you can finish the mission without attacking it! Mission Souvenir: Tauntaun Splash-On Cologne Mission 2: Rescue Uncle Antan (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Transfer Uncle Antan to the And rasta (50) Inspect 100 % of CN/L Viraxo Designs [ 2 x] (50) Inspect 100 % of CN/J Viraxo Designs [ 2 x] (50) Inspect CNVYR Viraxo Freight [ 2 x] (75) Inspect 100 % of MOB Viraxo Technologies (75) Destroy 100 %of MOB Viraxo Technologies (100) Destroy 100 % of CN/L Viraxo Designs [ 2 x] (100) Destroy 100 % of CN/J Viraxo Designs [ 2 x] (500) Destroy PLT/ 5 Viraxo Industries 15 Planetary Fighters (in groups of 3) Victory Star Destroyer (Avoidable) Imperial TIE-Fighters (Avoidable) Withstanding enemy fire during the boarding procedure & reaching the hyperspace navigation Help Emon take out the planetary fighters.

Make sure you take them out quickly enough, since Emon will hyper out when he has too much damage to his ship and you " ll need him later After you have taken out the planetary fighters (12 ships) you should board ( = Docking) the platform. Make sure your shields are strong enough to withstand enemy fire, since you have to wait for quite a while on top of the platform. 3 Planetary fighters will start to fire at you, Emon's cover should give you one less opponent... your shields have to hold off the other 2. After that, take out at least 2 of the 3 remaining ships.

Then rush to the buoy since you " ll have a squadron of TIE's following you and that's something you can miss after absorbing such a load of enemy fire. Mission Souvenir: Antan's Jar " Kai Duelling Swords Mission 3: Reconnaissance of Imperial Task Force Imperial Search Group: All Inspected Probe Group Oracle: 100 % destroyed Probe Group Diviner: 100 % destroyed Probe Group Seer: 100 % destroyed Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons You are heavily outnumbered and outgunned, so you can expect some heavy enemy fire. Keep doing evasive maneuvers at a high velocity (I use no laser charging / maintaining and The Star Destroyer should be the last ship to inspect, but before you do, take out some of the TIE's which are trailing you. This makes the job easier for your wing mate and therefore it will take longer before she's heavily damaged. During the dog fight with the TIE's you After you ID " ed all the craft the ISDII will launch some probes. Don't go straight after them, since they pass too close to the engine wash and you " ll get damaged if you do so.

Instead, take on some more TIE's. Once you " ve taken out all / the majority of them, go after the probes. Once you " ve taken them all out, it should be easy to use a missile lock in order to destroy them from a distance (otherwise you would be under fire and therefore you would not be able to fly straight for a long period of time). Once you get in close, use your laser to finish them off (don't forget to increase the recharge rate in time). Be sure you take out the probes fast enough. If you are too slow in destroying them, they will either escape or some groups might not be launched from the ISDII.

Once you " ve taken out all the probes, head on out of there. New squadrons of TIE's will be launched by now and they are not trailing you to have a nice, little chat with you. So, keep doing evasive maneuvers while you are heading for the buoy. Mission 4: Rescue Echo Base Prisoners PREVENT: ATR Storm Unit to be destroyed (100) Destroy 100 % of Pr/TK TGR 01 (100) Destroy 100 % of Pr/TK TGR 02 (100) Destroy 100 % of Pr/TK TGR 03 (100) Destroy 100 % of Pr/TK TGR 04 (150) Destroy 100 % of T/I Delta Group [ 2 x] (500) Destroy 100 % of Alpha Squadron (500) Destroy 100 % of Beta Squadron (500) Destroy 100 % of Eta Squadron Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadron Nebulon-B Class Frigate (avoidable) Just do your regular dog fight routines and you " ll be fine. Make sure the T/B don't get too close to the ATR, but normally you should be able to take Mission 5: Recover Imperial Probe (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Retrieve Probe Droid and bring it to Aeron (500) Pirate Craft 100 % Destroyed Let the MUTR release the probe without destroying it. Keeping the probe in one piece when you are being fired at with torpedoes.

Normally I wouldn't recommend this but take the R- 41 head-on. They do minimal damage (maybe a few % shield damage) and you can take them out in pairs with just one pass, if you fly If the MUTR has docked with the probe, make sure you attack it from above. Otherwise you At customs, fly straight for the buoy. Once the pirates arrive and start firing some torpedoes at you, activate the automatic turret targeting (by pressing the F-key).

This should take out the torpedoes in time. Make sure you always have enough laser power though, there's nothing more frustrating than a torpedo hitting you if you only have 1 more km to Mission Souvenir: Probe Droid Desk Toy Mission 6: Stop Resupply of ISD Corrupter Imperial Technicians: 100 % destroyed PREVENT: Do not allow any technicians to reach the Corrupter Some cargo vessels with laser defense MOB, CARG, CTRNS, CNVYR) Imperial Star Destroyer II Corrupter Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadron Watch out for enemy fire (especially the T/B at the end of the mission which launch Try to take out as many craft of the convoy as you possibly can BEFORE they make the hyper jump to the ISDII Corrupter. You can do this by destroying them, but also don't forget your ion cannons. You can disable your targets faster than you can destroy them, so it is Also make sure you have some torpedoes left once you do the hyper jump. Some of the bigger starships probably have escaped and in order to take them down easily, you " ll need the torpedoes (unless you want to shoot with your laser for 1 / 2 hour). Once the shuttles are launched, go immediatly after them.

The bigger ships of the convoy Mission 7: Destroy Imperial Sensor Net Control Station and Main Sensor Array: Destroyed PREVENT: ATR Group Cloak: 100 % destroyed (50) Destroy 100 % of Sat/ 2 Sat Array 01 (50) Destroy 100 % of Sat/ 2 Sat Array 02 (50) Destroy 100 % of Sat/ 2 Sat Array 03 (50) Destroy 100 % of Sat/ 2 Sat Array 04 4 Large Gun/Warhead Emplacements Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadron Take out the GW/P's first, they pose the biggest threat at the beginning of the mission since none of the TIE's have been launched at that time. After you finished them off, go Also don't forget to take out the shuttle. One of your commanders will warn you once it is launched. After that, pick of the remaining TIE's (if any). BATTLE 2: Secret Weapons of the Empire Staff rendezvous with the Liberty A-Wing Blue rendezvous with the Liberty (250) Destroy all enemy starfighter's. Imperial TIE-Experimental M 1 Squadrons A-Wing is not a good craft to start attacking an ETR Keeping at least 50 % of the convoy alive.

Do not engage the ETR, he " ll shred your A-Wing to pieces. About the T/e 1, just take them out with your regular dog fight routines. Make sure you always attack a TIE which is attacking the convoy, since you have to save at least 50 % of the convoy. There may be a few TIE's trailing you, but when they are attacking you, they aren't attacking the convoy! Take them out later on or once they really become an Mission 2: Ensnare Imperial Prototypes Capture one of each craft encountered Imperial TIE-Experimental M 2 Squadrons Imperial TIE-Experimental M 3 Squadrons Disabling the one of the ETR's is quite challenging with a weak ship like the Z- 95. First disable / destroy a few of the experimental TIE's.

You can destroy a few of them since you " ll only need one of each. I suggest that you keep your Ion Pulse warheads for the ETR. Once this is done, give your squadron the order to disable (not attack) one of the ETR's and help them doing this. Don't attack the ETR alone! The Z- 95 has mediocre shielding and hull ratings, so you " ll get shot down pretty easy if you try to do this, even if you have your shields at 200 %. Also keep in mind that most of your companions are low on Ion Pulse Warheads, so you are probably the one who has to disable it.

You " ll need a few warheads to accomplish this, so don't start firing them at long range, which enables the ETR to shoot them out of the sky. Once one of the ETR's is disabled, the mission is as good as finished. Let the heavy lifters pick up the ships while you destroy the remaining, disabled TIE's. Mission 3: Kill K'Army Viraxo (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Avoid being detained by the Authorities Escaping into hyperspace can pose a problem. The R- 41 are once again no match for your YT- 2000. Once they are blown out of the sky, inspect and shoot down the LT 3000 for a nice bonus.

Now it's time to head out of there, so start flying towards the hyper buoy. You " ll have to tangle a bit with 2 Mutr's and a couple of Z- 95, but keep in mind that you don't have to destroy them all in order to complete the mission. Take out the Z- 95 's, that way you " ll get the break you need in order to reach the buoy. If you feel up to it, you can also take out the MUTR, but keep in mind that gun boats might arrive at any given time.

Mission Souvenir: Ornamental Ship's Wheel PREVENT: ATR Storm Unit: Destroy (25) Inspect 100 % of CN/L Codec [ 4 x] (25) Inspect 100 % of Pr/Tk Nuro [ 4 x] (50) Destroy 100 % of Pr/Tk Nuro [ 4 x] (50) Destroy 100 % of CN/L Codec [ 4 x] (250) Destroy 100 % of T/D Shadow [ 2 x] Imperial TIE-Experimental M 1 Squadron Imperial TIE-Experimental M 3 Squadron Imperial TIE-Defenders (at the end of the mission) Some unharmful vessels like CN/Her, CN, Pr/Tk Take out the TIE's first, not the static defences. The TIE's reach you earlier than you can reach the gun emplacements. They pose the biggest threat and therefore should be targeted first. Take out the static defences once you have the opportunity to do so. Once the mission is complete, get out of there. TIE Defenders are bound to arrive / be launched shortly and they pose a serious threat to your X-Wing (unless you fancy a Imperial Starfighter's: All Destroyed Imperial Controller Craft: Destroyed Imperial TIE-Experimental M 3 Squadrons Imperial TIE-Experimental M 4 Squadrons Imperial TIE-Experimental M 5 Squadrons Keeping the CRS Liberty and yourself in one piece.

You are heavily outnumbered, making this the most challenging mission up till now. I had to replay this mission several times before I succeeded in all my mission goals. The biggest problem are the T/e 4 fighters assigned to the Beta squadron, since they are kamikaze fighters, which are always heading on a collision course with the CRS Liberty. Somebody should take them out, but not you. Assign your squadron to take them out, you can't possibly do it all by yourself. More importantly to take out, are the ETR's.

They should be your primary target. Also don't forget to call for backup. The more fighters that attack the ETR, the more efficient your attack will be. So, let your wingmate's assist you in between their trips to take out Don't forget the other TIE's though! Having a few of them behind you isn't very healthy. It's imperative that you back-up from the ETR attacks from time to time to take out the TIE's that are trailing you.

This guarantees not only the survival of the CRS Liberty, but Mission 6: Destroy Imperial Research Facility Imperial TIE-Experimental M 1 Squadrons Imperial TIE-Experimental M 2 Squadrons Imperial TIE-Experimental M 3 Squadrons The attack of TIE's combined with the platform defences? I found this mission to be fairly easy, I handled it like this: Fire 2 torpedoes at every hanger (4 in total), this should make it easy to destroy them with laser fire later on. Head straight for the hangers, should you be attacked by any TIE's, retaliate. If you take out the hangers, a significant number of experimental TIE's will not launch.

All you have to do after this is make sure you don't get shot down by any of the Take out the platform and the SRS Sardis... mission complete. Assault Trans Tango: Return to CRS Liberty PREVENT: ATR Tango: any from being destroyed (250) Destroy 100 % of Convoy Craft The Golan One platform is a big problem if you disable the L/C's too late. Make sure you only disable the L/C's with slaves on them. You have several L/C's with another cargo load and you don't want to waste your time disabling them.

It's very important that you disable them quickly, if they are disabled too late, they will be too close to the G/ 1. This is not a big problem for you but it is for the ATR's that have to Once you disabled all L/C's concentrate on not getting shot down by TIE's and you might try to take some of them out yourself, although the Y-Wing isn't really fit to do some serious Mission 2: Supply Rebels with Warheads (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport Azzameen ships: arrive at rendezvous PREVENT: Azzameen ships any destroyed (500) Destroy 100 % of Black Sun Fighters. 12 Viraxo Razor Fighters (in groups of 3) The Sup/F in the end pose the biggest problem. They are slow, but very sturdy and they can Forget about the Rzr/F at first, just put your turret on defensive fire and don't recharge your lasers. This will allow you to inspect all the containers at a high speed and the Rzr/F won't bother you while you are doing it. Once you inspected them all, start recharging your lasers and let the turret autore at your target. The fighters and the By the time you finish up with them, the Black Sun supply fighters will have arrived.

Attack them, but don't go head-to-head with them or it " ll cost you dearly. Like I already said: they are reasonably slow, but dangerous none the less. If you would happen to get into trouble with them, but you notice that most of the other Azzameen ships have already entered hyperspace, do the same. The convoy will probably make it and you " ll be safe too.

Mission Souvenir: Alliance Civilian Battle Award Mission 3: Recon Imperial Research Facility (500) Destroy 100 % of Assault Gunboats Flying through the blast door of the IRC Sat? Just do what is told. First take out the satellites. While you are flying at them, you might want to target the research station and fire 4 torpedoes at it. Then take out the Sat with your laser. You " ll have some spare time at your hands now, use it to take out some gun boats and to reduce the shields of the IRC a little further.

Once your wingmate's are finished taking out the GPLT's, they fire there torpedoes at the station. Check how low the shields are and reduce them further to 0. Now target the hatch (IRC Sat component) and shoot it out with laser fire. (If you are bothered by some TIE's, just take them out) Now fly through it (make sure you fly in horizontally) and fire your 2 remaining torpedoes at the reactor. If necessary, finish it off with laser fire and get the hell out of the station through the blast door before the station explodes.

Mission 4: Investigate Imperial Communications Array -- All satellites must be inspected (400) Destroy 100 % of Imperial Starfighter's Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons First inspect the C/RLY comm center and the satellites. Once you have done this take out the mines and any of the remaining TIE's. Once you " ve done this, take out the CN/Her. After a while the ESC Halberd will arrive and it will launch T/F and T/I squadrons at first.

Try to take out as many as possible at this time, once the T/B are launched you should divert all your attention to them, since they pose the biggest threat to the M/CRV. You can try to take out the ESC afterwards, but that isn't advisable without the help of Mission 5: Plant Listening Device (Family mission) Craft: Corellian YT- 1300 Transport Escort Transport (hyper's out pretty fast) The ZG/S are a real pain in the @ss. They are small and therefore hard to hit. On top of that, they can pack quite a punch if you are not careful. First take out the 2 GUN's and the mines afterwards.

Once this easy task has been done (don't forget the autore option on this ship), start searching for a suitable Satellite After a while the A/S should arrive and launch some ZG/S'. The ones attacking you, should be left alone, since they do not endanger the mission directly. Concentrate on the ones that attack Aeron or Satellite- 6. After that's done, the mission shouldn't be that hard to Mission Souvenir: Satellite Ceiling Fan (250) Destroy 100 % of Imperial Starfighter's (250) Destroy PLT/ 6 Outpost DX- 11 a Other non-threatening ships like CTRNS, SHU Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons First attack the T/F's and then proceed with the PLT/ 6. Once the shuttles depart, go ID them at once! If you find the defector too late, he will hyper out of the area.

Once you are back at the frigate the ambush will be launched. Engage in the dog fights and keep an eye out on those T/B, who are the biggest threat to the FRG. Don't stare yourself blind on them either, you got to make sure you survive the attacks of the other TIE's, so divert your fire power to them (if necessary). The INT Restrainer should be taken out as quickly as possible. Reload your torpedoes on board of the CRS Liberty, if necessary. Once the INT has been destroyed, you can concentrate fully on the dog fights with the other TIE's.

The T/A should have launched by now too. They are harder to take out since they have shields. Storm Unit: Return with shuttle AA- 23 Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons The homing mines are hard to take out and are lethal at first contact. Head after the shuttle at full speed while firing 4 missiles at it, that way you " ll only need to hit it once with your laser in order to make it stop. The faster you can make it stop, the shorter the distance the ATR has to travel in order to seize it. At that point you should have 3 homing mines behind your tail.

Order your wing mate to take them out. You might want to give it a shot yourself, but it is difficult and dangerous, so watch out! Once you are clear of the homing mines, engage any fighter which poses a threat to the ATR (especially the T/B's and GUN's). Once the ATR is out of the area, increase your speed by turning off the laser recharge rate and head for the buoy. Mission 1: Shipment to Mining Colony (Family mission) -- - Craft: Corellian YT- 2000 Transport Rendezvous with Azzameen freighters Azzameen freighters arrive at Vergesso Asteroids Board Vergesso Base to drop off Aeron PREVENT: Azzameen freighters: any from being destroyed (50) Destroy 100 % of CN/I Chi [ 2 x] (50) Destroy 100 % of CN/E Pi [ 3 x] Black Sun Supa Fighter Squadrons The supa fighters mi...

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