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... J. Banks, J. Brown, E.

Kimble, J. Sachsel stock quotes and other investor services. NASDAQ s decision to use App Manager to manage its web site was made with the intent of improving the reliability and performance of their Microsoft Windows NT servers. NASDAQ was in the market for a solution that could "proactively" manage its web site.

App Manager exceeded all of the stringent requirements NASDAQ had for monitoring their web site. Before selecting NetIQ and App Manager, NASDAQ decided to first monitor their web-based infrastructure with custom built fault monitoring solutions. But as the web grew in popularity, a more reliable and scaleable solution was needed. As the site grew and hits increased, App Manager's highly scaleable multi-tiered architecture could adapt with NASDAQ s rapid growth. Another reason for selecting App Manager, was its ability to store its performance and event information directly in a SQL Server database. This feature made it easy for NASDAQ personnel to extract key data for reporting and trend analysis purposes.

NASDAQ discovered another advantage in the fact that App Manager adheres to de-facto Microsoft standards such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as a scripting language. This ability gives NASDAQ a method of extending App Manager to meet specific management needs, without having to learn any proprietary technology. Harris Corporation is a communications, electronics and information systems company with more than 27, 000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company provides a wide range products and services for wireless and personal communications, digital television, healthcare records management, multimedia communications, automotive electronics, transportation communications, Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J. Brown, E.

Kimble, J. Sachsel office document management, and defense communications and information Harris is a leader in using innovative information technology and actively participates in trend-setting organizations such as Gartner Group's Best Practices Group for automated, "lights out" Microsoft Windows NT data center operation. The fully automated facility provides 24 x 7 computer services to 7, 000 on-line users working in 13 business divisions. Forty-four Compaq ProLiant Windows NT servers bring manageability, reliability and high performance to the clean-room operation.

To keep pace with growing IT needs, the center is designed and pre-wired to accommodate 110 Compaq solutions support a unique lights out operation. "There are no other-lights- out data facilities in the world that have all Windows NT servers in a fully automated center, " Bob Reynolds, senior group leader at Harris explained. "The servers operate in a dark room, without human intervention. All necessary management and troubleshooting functions are done remotely. The data center has no consoles, and the only time people enter is during regularly scheduled outages, which take place once or twice a month, and only for a couple of hours, or when atypical Streamlining and consolidating performance management functions in the new facility was a project priority. Harris selected NetIQ's App Manager to provide single-post monitoring of all Windows NT operating systems, Microsoft BackOffice services, application functions and server hardware components in the data center. NetIQ's management software is tightly integrated with Compaq Insight Manager.

Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J.

Sachsel "Compaq Insight Manager is integral to our operation, " says Reynolds. "We use it to feed NetIQ alerts, which then feed our HNM network management product. Insight Manager give us the appropriate alerts, so we know when something happens and can start corrective action immediately rather than wait until one of our internal customers notifies us that something is wrong. " Gary Dark, Project TNT Program Manager states, "Having these two products work seamlessly together was a clear win for Harris. " Dave Jensen, Director of Harris' Windows NT Corporate Data Center touts the efficient operation by stating, "Our backup capability is outside the room and we have a build and-repair area and certification center outside of it. This allows us to apply a strict set of rules and discipline to the server environment, which, in turn, allows us to provide the world's best service. " MicroStrategy is an international organization. It supplies DSS (decision support system) software and other associated services throughout the world. MicroStrategy combined Dell servers and storage solutions along with App Manager as a tool to manage their software system. This combination aided in enhancing system performance and dependability benefits, heightened productivity, and improved MicroStrategy has used Dell Open Manage for sometime now.

Open Manage is very useful when managing servers, especially Dell servers. Because MicroStrategy uses a distributed server network (worldwide), it needed a system not only to effectively manage their remote servers, but also to manage the entire infrastructure. They incorporated NetIQ s App Manager with Dell Open Manage. Using these two tools together allowed MicroStrategy to watch the performance and accessibility of the Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J. Brown, E.

Kimble, J. Sachsel programs in their system. App Manager uses an event driven communication that is automated. This allows the necessary parties to be notified, which allows for an expedient solution to the problem. App Manager works very well with Dell Open Manage.

Scripts are used to allow MicroStrategy to observe and manage their servers. One of the main reasons MicroStrategy adopted App Manager was to improve customer satisfaction with customers being any person who works for MicroStrategy. They now have the capability to issue internal Service Level Agreements to the whole organization. These agreements guarantee uptime and minimum response times. App Manager has allowed MicroStrategy to increase the reliability of their server infrastructure.

Without App Manager MicroStrategy would not be able to maintain the level of reliability they currently have, and systems reliability has a direct impact on Glaxo Wellcome (Glaxo) is headquartered in the UK. It is one of the world s largest pharmaceutical companies. Glaxo wanted to replace 17 of their global messaging systems with an operative alternative. They decided on an NT-based system employing MS Exchange Server.

They implemented an App Manager solution because it allowed them to combine the system management components in one place, which includes the management of Hewlett Packard Net Servers. It gave Glaxo the same monitoring capabilities mentioned in the MicroStrategy case. In this case App Manager was to work specifically with MS Exchange. The implementation of the Exchange servers and App Manager was a $ 28. 8 million dollar project. It covered seven different places in the UK and a number of Exchange servers Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J.

Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel all over the world. Now Glaxo has 50, 000 Exchange users, 15, 000 of which are based in the UK, the center of operations. App Manager allows Glaxo the power to effectively and economically manage their global network.

The integration of the global messaging system has greatly increased efficiency. Support elements at Glaxo now have the capability to remotely make repairs. As a failsafe, App Manager s early detection facility will alert an engineer of a system problem. Glaxo also implemented internal Service Level Agreements much The BBC implemented what they call their Internal Digital Infrastructure (IDI) project, at the steep price of 70 million pounds. IDI includes email services with internal and external messaging via the Internet. There are thousands of messages per hour, so they needed something to make sure the messaging foundation could handle that amount of traffic.

The BBC chose App Manager. The BBC considers itself a pioneer in the digital broadcasting arena, that being their reasoning behind a sizable IT investment. The project entailed converting from Novell to NT and using a Win 95 desktop and Exchange/Outlook messaging system. App Manager was the tool of choice because of its integration possibilities, central management prowess with NT-based systems and sever programs to include Lotus Domino, performance optimization, and its automated problem detection.

Three networked NT servers were used to test App Manager while the prototype network was in final beta version, over a period of six days of continuous running. The BBC concluded that the system proved to be very stable and any minor technical issues were quickly addressed and cured in the final version. They began the actual Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J.

Sachsel implementation using some non-critical Exchange servers allowing them to train the IT staff, and implement at the desired rate. The BBC has approximately 50 Exchange servers, serving about 7, 500 users. The number of users increases at approximately The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) purchased App Manager licenses for every Exchange server on its classified network because it wanted to monitor how many messages were going inside and outside the agency, the number of massages per hour on each server, and identify high volume users. App Manager provided that information. DIA tested App Manager on operational systems. This allowed DIA to configure its Compaq ProLiant 6500 servers for their Exchange users and all of their data.

Operations managers started out using the basic monitoring tools in NT and Exchange. Shortly thereafter, they went to full implementation of App Manager. As the other organizations have stated, App Manager give them the flexibility and scalability to locally manage a widely distributed network. Relationship to the Service Profit Chain Increasing customer and job satisfaction by empowering employees to perform their duties using the best tools available is important to the Service Profit Chain. Heskett addresses this issue specifically in his final comments where he states that the means by which successful organizations ensure growth, high profit levels and future success is by increasing levels of customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty, and by enabling the continuance of outstanding service delivery. The business cases presented above are examples of organizations providing exactly those key factors Enterprise Network Management J.

Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel through the use of innovative technology to manage and improve their information Figure 2.

Heskett Service Profit Chain The improvement of information processing services provided by the IT department has a net effect on the entire enterprise. As service availability and performance improve, employees are better able to serve their clients. Employees who can better serve their customers, both internally and externally, become more satisfied with their performance. Frustrations that accompany network and application problems disappear. Organizations that provide for customer access to their computer networks increase the value of their products when information and services requested by their clients are dependably and efficiently delivered. With the overwhelming increase of e Businesses and eCommerce, an efficiently managed network leads to satisfied Both MicroStrategy and Glaxo Wellcome provide internal service level agreements to their in-house customers.

These agreements guarantee a certain Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel availability and functionality of the IT infrastructure. As employees come to depend upon a certain level of service from their information systems, they become more confident in their ability to perform the tasks assigned, and increase the level of their job satisfaction, as well as improving the quality of service to their customers.

As described in Heskett (1997), the level of customer loyalty, or intent to repurchase services, increases exponentially with respect to customer satisfaction. And customer loyalty is key to increasing the lifetime value of a service and increased profitability within a For Web based organizations, like NASDAQ above, and businesses that perform critical business functions using Internet technologies, the ability to monitor, analyze and improve the performance of public network hardware and software services is a key advantage. As the information and communication flows within the organization, delivering vital services to internal and external customers, the value of the service increases, correspondingly increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Revenues generated by this increased profitability are then pumped back into the IT infrastructure to further improve the system. Finally, in Heskett (1997) the USAA case is a good closing example of using information systems to empower employees and deliver the highest quality service possible.

Heskett (1997) states that USAA outpaces their competition in investing in information systems. This gives USAA s employees the ability to provide services to their clients resulting in some of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty levels in the industry. Additionally this accounts for increased levels of job satisfaction among USAA employees. Although USAA does not implement the specific software solution Enterprise Network Management J. Banks, J. Brown, E.

Kimble, J. Sachsel described in previous sections, it does demonstrate the strategic advantages to providing both internal and external customers with the best tools possible that will increase the value of services rendered. The advantage gained by using enterprise network management tools can be beneficial to an organization with substantial monetary and strategic investments in information technology. With the expansion of the Internet and the drive toward eBusiness / e Commerce, the ability to monitor and respond to complex internal and external customer demands is essential. As techniques and tools improve the delivery of services to the vital customer base, improvements in the quality and value of the services improves resulting in growth and profitability. As Heskett s Service Profit Chain shows, the success of a service organization is dependent on many factors relating to the value and quality of the services provided.

NetIQ s App Manager empowers information technology professionals, giving them the ability to increase levels of service, meet the ever-increasing internal demands for information and processing power, and provide external customers with around-the-clock satisfaction. As the business cases have shown, many large international corporations have not only invested in a system to improve internal processes, but have initiated their investments because of a need to serve their customers better than the competition. Strategically, this is a win-win situation, satisfying an organization s internal requirement to improve the service delivery system while, at the same time, providing customers reasons to remain loyal to a business dedicated to quality, value J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J.

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New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Bibliography: As 21 st century organizations depend more heavily on their information technology departments for critical business functions, management of IT resources becomes a serious strategic concern. New solutions for monitoring, allocating and troubleshooting IT resources are developed with enterprise-wide information systems in mind. One of these tools is NetIQ s App Manager.

The intent of the research is not to tout the benefits of any particular software package, but rather to describe the functionality of an all-encompassing solution to enterprise network management, and analyze the benefits similar software tools can provide to an organization. The following report will provide evidence that implementation of an enterprise network management solution is essential to improving critical business processes of organizations that depend on efficient operation of their computer systems.

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